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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Simple, necessary fun: By Stephanie

Going to the grocery store is something that I have to do and I have to do often.  If I didn't make it fun, my kids would drive me crazy while I am there because they are bored.  We mix it up by going to different stores each time.  I have found that Kroger is a very friendly grocery store for kids.  In particular, the store near the Summit shopping center is very good. It has mini-carts for the kids to push and of course, they give out cookies if you ask for one.  However, everytime I am there, it is very busy and that makes it more stressful when shopping with 2 little ones.  Recently, I went to the BIG Kroger on Shelbyville Rd in Middletown (behind Wicks).  It was GREAT.  It was very clean and spacious.  They did not have the mini-carts but they have the smaller adult carts and my son was just as happy pushing that one around. Next time though, I will bring his play cart from home for him to push.  Additionally, they have FREE little rides in the front of the store; a horse and a fire engine. My kids rode them before we shopped and after and it was a great incentive for good behavior.  They also had cookies to give to the kids and a nice Starbuck's for a mommy treat!

Other ways you can get your kids to cooperate is to make a game!  On Sunday, let the kids cut out coupons that you are not going to use and paste them to construction paper, Staple or bind them together somehow and let them carry them around and search for those items.  You can come prepared with some simple prize to give them when they are finished! I also use the grocery to teach numbers and letters because there are signs everywhere. In the car over, I tell him we are on a hunt for the letter "B" and "G" today.  All throughout the store I hear, "Look Mommy, there's a B, another B!"

Happy Shopping!

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