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Friday, April 23, 2010

Kroger's Fest-A-Ville

Yesterday, I took my kids down to the waterfront to check out the Fest-a-Ville.  The weather was wonderful and we had a great time.  The entertainment offerings are limited but the food options are insane. Basically, the whole thing revolves around food, beer and music.  It's not a roaring crazy event, so don't think you can' take your kids there. We ate at a picnic table and listened to music. I was able to feed myself and the kids for $15, not too bad.  It was very calm and my kids enjoyed walking around and checking everything out.  For kids, they have 2 inflatables and a rock wall.  You have to purchase tickets. The inflatable slide is $1 and the bouncy house is $2.  I am not sure how much the rock wall is as we weren't going to try that out.  My kids were more interested in playing at the park, so we didn't do any of the inflatables.  You can easily walk to the adjacent playground for some fun after you check out the festival. I wouldn't plan on going in and out over and over because although they will let you out of the Fest-a-ville near the playground, they won't let you back in!   Parking was not an issue, I found a spot on the street right across from the park....but I was there before people started coming in for the balloon show. Still, when I was leaving, the parking lot directly across from the park was not full. 

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