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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Review of Anchorage Trail: By Stephanie

The days have been so lovely, why not go for a scenic walk?!  Hidden in Anchorage, there is a paved trail that is very shaded and beautiful. There are bridges, fences, lots of green, big benches and even a rock amphitheater. If you so choose, you can bring your dog....or horse! There are separate, more wooded cross country trails on which horses are allowed.  The paved path is 1 mile, but you would probably walk 2 miles total if you would like to get back to your car!  On that note, there is plenty of parking at the beginning of the trail.

My kids and dog really enjoyed the walk.  There are doggy clean up spots and trash for their.......business.  Early in the trail, there is an open area with a big tree that has a swing hanging.  My son was quite fond of the idea of swinging from the tree!

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