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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Old Chicago Pasta & Pizza....by Stephanie

Today I went with the ToodleDoos playgroup to have lunch at Old Chicago as the organizer of the group set up reservations for the kids to be able to make their own pizzas for $1.99!  The idea was a lot of fun, the food was actually really good and I used a coupon from the paper so it was very inexpensive for my kids and I to eat lunch.  However, I don't think that the restaurant knew what they were getting into!!  The playgroup organizer did make reservations but the workers seemed confused since they don't usually do the $1.99 deal during lunch.  Once they seated us and knew what the deal was, we ordered rather quickly but they were pretty slow in getting out the pizza materials and the taking them from us to put back in the oven. I think they were in toddler/preschooler shock and the waiting made the kids even more anxious!! I had to go and get someone to alert them that we were more than ready for them to fire up those pizzas!  I think they would do a better job if it was just one simple little family at a time.  After we were finished, the waitress did not ring up the orders correctly so the toddler madness continued as we waited.  We all survived with fully bellies of yummy food but it definitely tested my mommy skills!  I would recommend trying it out because the food was really good and my kids ate a ton. However, if you have a bunch of little kiddos with you,

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