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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Peggy Baker Park in Crestwood

Peggy Baker Park in Crestwood is the home of the South Oldham Little League and a nice little park.  We went there this week to check it out and my kids had a great time.  The playground has a rubber mulch bottom and 2 playsets, swings and a merry go round.  This was just enough equipment to keep my preschoolers entertained, especially the merry go round since that isn't something they see at most parks.  The park is also next to a farm and the kids liked seeing the horses roam right next to them while they played.  There is also a covered picnic area really close to the playground and a basketball court.  The baseball fields are at the other end of the park, but definitely within walking distance.  I think we will return to this park with a soccer ball or a kite on a windy day because it has a lot of open space, more so than other parks. 

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