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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Schimpff's Confectionary in Jeffersonville....By: Stephanie

The clouds cleared and rain stopped so today, instead of trip to the grocery store, I took my kids over the river and visited Schimpff's Confectionery since the Jelly Belly Bus was making a stop there.  My kids were very excited about the prospect of playing a little game and getting to eat jelly beans.  When we got there, the place looked so neat and smelled sweet, but little did I know we were in for a sour suprise.

Outside, we spun the wheel for a jelly belly treat and the lady running that was so nice.  My kids got some pictures with the big Jelly Belly man and had fun watching the ladies make candy in the window.  We explored inside and looked at all of the treats, the really liked it so we waited until 11am when the gentleman told me that they would have a candy making demonstration.  When they got started, we headed inside and it was quite crowded. My son couldn't really find a spot on the ledge to see over the shelf and watch so he started to roam.  Meanwhile, they were conducting the demostration. The woman was on a microphone so it was clear and loud for everyone to hear and the man was getting ready to make the candy.  My son and daughter (3 and 20 mo) roamed to the back where they have antique candy items in cases, I was right behind them. As I go to pick up my daughter before she touched anything, being the attentive parent that I am, and grab my son to leave the shop before they did actually touch something they shouldn't, I was shocked to find the woman from the demonstration right behind me (still on the microphone!) telling me that toddlers need to be held or holding hands with an adult if they are in the back room.  DUH!  I realize she was trying to protect her treasured items, but could they not put an employee back there to casually watch people or talk to them.  Did she not see that I was getting my children?!  She caused me to pause in shock that my daughter did actually get a hold of some candy making machine that she wouldn't not have touched if I was left to parent on my own!  It was not like I was not in another room picking my nose and staring into space, I was trailing my kids closely and preparing to leave.  My kids and I were doing nothing wrong but she left the demo with everyone watching her, followed us in there and scolded me ON THE MICROPHONE while nearly 50 people stared at me like OH MY GOSH, WHAT A HORRIBLE MOTHER AND CHILDREN. It was extremely embarassing, I wanted to crawl into a chocolate sea shell.

I can attest to how adorable the shop is. They have a diner type area with an old fashined counter to get some fountain sodas too.  They have what appears to be delicious chocolate. I did not taste any or purchase any because I was so taken back by being denounced over the loud speaker that I ran out of there as fast as I could. 

I wish I could go back and take a better look or buy some chocolate. But, unfortunately since I always have two apparently terrible toddlers with me and I am apparently incapable of watching them, I better avoid this place!!

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