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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Sesame Street Body Exhibit

Today I took my kids to the Louisville Science Center to see the Sesame Street: The Body exhibit that just opened July 3rd.  I only have FANTASTIC things to say about it. 
When you enter the exhibit, it looks just like the brownstones on Sesame Street, complete with Oscar the Grouch!  If your kids are very active like mine, the exhibit has plenty to engage them and keep them going.  There are so many hands on displays that range from comparing your hand print to Elmo's, jumping and kicking to make Elmo ride his bike or see Ernie twirl around,  to an interactive quiz show and even a giant nose that you can make sneeze out some water!  My children absolutely loved it!!  My daughter is a huge Elmo's world fan and there's a room dedicated to that with a video going and magnetic pieces that go on the wall to dress Elmo.  My son loved taking off his shoes and going through the soft obstacle course and the market where he pretended to ring up food and make sandwiches!  We will go back to this exhibit over and over again and I am glad it runs until January 2nd!  And, be on the look out on the blog, you can win tickets to the Science Center in our next contest! 

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