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Friday, August 6, 2010

Live Music at Louisville's Westport Village...By Stephanie

Last week, my family and I went to Westport Village to listen to live music, walk around and get some ice cream.  Every Friday until September 3rd, they have a summer concert!  Right by Boom Bozz Pizza, they set up for the band and there are tons of people and families that come and set up chairs to relax and listen to music.  It was such a fabulous family friendly atmosphere.  They leave a space open in front of the band for people who want to get down and boogie! My kids totally got in on the action. Last Friday, it was a Beatles cover band and my kids were showing off all of their moves. It was a great event!  We walked around the shopping center a bit and stopped for ice cream at The Comfy Cow.   We got kiddie cones for the kids ($2 each) and didn't get any ourselves. We figured we would mooch off of the little ones. But, let me say, the kids loved that ice cream, our plan was ruined because they ate all of it.  I did sneak some of Maggie's Cookie Monster Dough Ice Cream and well, it was fantastic.  If you are looking for an evening cup of joe, I have also been to La Vida Java and they make a delish cup of coffee or espresso, even nice smoothies!  It's right next to the ice cream shop, so you can grab a scoop for the kids and a beverage for you!  I might just have to head back there with the kids tonight because it was a wonderful evening!

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