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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Train Rides at the Kentucky Railways Museum in New Haven By: Stephanie

IMG_0720This past weekend, my family and I took a nice 1 hr drive down I65 and some country roads to arrive in New Haven, KY at the Kentucky Railway Museum.  We bought tickets for a 2 hour train excursion through Groupon.com.  The train ride started at 11am and ended at 1pm.
We arrived at around 10:20am allowing us a little while to check out the museum and the station.  Outside the station, there are 2 train cars that you and your kids can check out.  You can also walk around the platform and down a little from the actual station to look at some of the engines and just what's going on to get ready for the ride.
Inside the station, they have a shop and a smal museum.  The museum has some Thomas and Friends tables and trains for the kids to enjoy as well as exhibits showing you the history of the KY Railway. The line that this train runs on is the oldest in KY!
Ten minutes before ride, the train pulls into the station blowing its whistle and letting off steam.  My kids thought that was fantastic!  The conductors and engineers get the train ready and you board and go through any car and select your seats. Weather permitting, some of the cars have windows open!  Shortly after the ride starts, the conductor comes through to punch tickets. My son thought he was on the Polar Express!
We rode through the countryside and it was really nice. We went over a few bridges and the kids really enjoyed that.  The conductor comes over the intercom to tell you some history but otherwise, you just sit back and enjoy.  You do pass a farm that was the location of The Battle of New Haven during the Civil War and the old house that was the headquarters for the Union Army.  Very Interesting to geeks like me!  You can bring snacks and drinks (except popcorn) on the train.  Then, the train stops in Boston, KY.  You can stay on the train while they switch the engine to the other end or you can get off and get a snack. We got off and to our suprise, we found a duo of gentelmen playing and singing some bluegrass outside of the convenience store.  Everyone really enjoyed that!

On the way back, we switched cars and had some snacks.  They gave the children little booklets about train safety and we just relaxed and enjoyed the views looking for animals and tractors. 

It was totally worth the trip out there and a wonderful way to spend most of the day.  The KY Railway Museum also offers other types of special trips like murder mystery rides, train robbery rides, a polar express ride and more.  They also host Thomas the Train A Day Out with Thomas in the summer and other special characters.


~heather~ said...

We were supposed to be on that train-11am last Saturday, but had to reschedule due to illness. We're going this weekend instead. I'm so glad you all enjoyed it. My 2 yr old is obsessed with trains, so I think he'll be in heaven!

Nicolle said...

I was wondering if you have done the "Day Out with Thomas" event at New Haven? I'm getting ready to buy tickets and there are several train cars to choose from?

Louisville Family Fun said...

I have not been to the Day Out with Thomas. I will post on the LFF facebook page and see if anyone have any suggestions for you!