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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Lights Up at The Summit in Louisville : By Stephanie

 Since we live relatively close to The Summit shopping area, we decided to go to their Lights Up event last week.  It was fairly easy to get in and out even though it was pretty crowded. Police directed traffic and kept it flowing. 

When we arrived, a band was singing holiday music.  My kids were not that interested because the band was set on the grass and you could not get close to the stage. Everyone was on the center patio and it was a little disconnected for younger kids to sit and watch. Sometimes I think my kids have to be right in the middle of it all to really know what's going on.  They heard music, but never made the connection that there was a band.

We roamed around waiting for Santa's arrival.  Behind the center patio they gave away glow sticks and reindeer antlers to wear.  My kids were thrilled by that.  I noticed the bubble truck, but we stayed away from that because the ground was totally saturated and it looked like it was a total mess or slippery!

Finally, Santa arrived on stage to count down for the lighting of the tree. But, as I said before, since the stage was disconnected from where everyone was, unless you were right up front, a little kid could not see Santa. My son got on my husband's shoulders and had a hard time spotting the big man in red.  The tree was lit and the fireworks began.  We heard them but could not see them.  Everyone scattered trying to find them!  We discovered that they were shot off from behind Barnes & Noble so we maneuvered our way out of the center patio to try to see them.  The kids did get to enjoy some but we missed half of the display because you couldn't really see them from the center court by the Christmas tree.

We left after the fireworks. But, before we headed to the car, we took our son for a peak at Santa. He wanted to see if he was REALLY there since we kept saying he was arriving but he never saw Santa on the stage.  People waited on quite a long line to get to talk with Santa and snap a picture, but we figured we could catch him another day.

All in all, it was a simple event but a little disappointing. Not that I wouldn't go back next year. I think I had higher expectations and therefore, wound up disappointed. 

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