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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Tips for Traveling for the Holidays By: Jeanette

Traveling for the holiday?

Looking for ways to entertain the kids while driving during the holidays besides the normal DVDs and hangman games?

Here are some suggestions:

Reading: Free kids audio books for download 

Songs: Make a Song book or a CD with fun, silly songs to sing along. This website has some lyrics to good fun songs such as Found a Peanut and On top of Old Spaghetti 

Games: Play a game of car bingo or scavenger hunt
Maybe your kids prefer word searches or cross words. Personalize a free one for the trip!

Snacking: fruit, crackers, special sweet treats, or for more ideas check out the website here

Crafts: Pipe cleaners – no limits on what one can make with pipe cleaners and who knows what games you can create with them.

Need more tips and suggestions to survive the trip? Check out this site!

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