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Sunday, November 28, 2010

What to do with Holiday Greeting Cards: Easy Craft! By: Stephanie

 I keep a craft bin for all of the things that my kids accumulate. I tend to save random things in there just knowing we can use them at some point for a craft.  Last year, I put all of the greeting cards we received into a bag and tucked them away.

This past week, I took them out and we made collages.  I have some document sized frames that I am going to hang them in to make our home festive for December. I think I got them at the Dollar Tree a while back!!  These collages would also make fantastic inexpensive gifts for family members if you give them in frames!

With my son's help, I cut out all of the scenic pictures and other pictures from the covers. I cut out the sayings from the inside. We just made a big pile and glued them on red paper. 

They turned out really cute!