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Monday, December 13, 2010

Holiday Photo Contest for a Sweet Prize!

Just in time for the holiday season, we are running a SWEET contest!  Send us your favorite holiday photo from this year your children, family or maybe something scenic. A photo that brings a huge smile to your face, a tear to your eye or make everyone burst out in laughter!  Don't have one?  Well, TAKE ONE....there's enough time to get that shot uploaded! 

Send the .jpg file to LouisvilleFamilyFun@gmail.com by Thursday 12/16 at 8am.  On Thursday afternoon, we will post the pictures and everyone can vote on the LFF Holiday Photo of 2010! 

All of the photos will be numbered.  To vote, readers need to leave a comment under Thursday's post of photos telling us the number of the photo that they would like to vote for!  You, your friends, your family can vote ONCE so if you enter, tell everyone to come to our site and vote!  Voting will end Sunday, December 19th at 5pm. 

On Sunday evening, December 19th, we will post the winner!

The winner of the contest for the LFF Holiday Photo 2010 will win a delicious cake 8" Oreo Ice Cream cake from Bruster's Ice Cream on Lyndon Lane.  What a fantastic treat for your family to enjoy this holiday season!

The photos will not be edited but text will be added to display the number for voting. Make sure it is cropped, rotated etc. the way you want it before you email it!

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