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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Simple Dyed Pasta Craft for Pre Schoolers By: Stephanie

 I will come right out and give the credit for this craft to a fantastic local mommy named Cyndi! Because of our facebook connection,  I got this idea for a craft to do with my kids. I can't take credit for the craft, but I can take credit for the two adorable artists in these pictures!

Cyndi gave me simple instructions: toss some random pasta in a sealed baggie with a few drops of food coloring. Set it out to dry (I put it on paper towels) and then let the kids glue!

My kids thought shaking the pasta was fabulous. I was a little afraid of their exuberance and the possibility of food coloring and pasta flying out of the baggie, but the food coloring coated the pasta quickly and the shaking time was short.

Per Cyndi's suggestion, I squeezed out some glue shapes for my kids to glue the pasta to. We used red paper and dyed the pasta red and green in order to make it a festive holiday craft.  My daughter requested a star and my son made a Christmas tree.

The must have really enjoyed it, check out the smile! And, the made about 5 pages each. My son wanted to make a J for his name and an M for his sister.  They are hanging on their bedroom doors now!

You can adapt this craft to different age groups. You can let them do the food coloring drops and glue by themselves or you can help them make more intricate patterns. 

Overall, it's an easy craft to do on a cold winter day (or a hot summer day.....miss those....) with supplies you usually have on hand.

Thanks Cyndi! 


Party of Five said...

If you want the noodles to be a bolder color, add a teaspoon of rubbing alcohol to the bag with the food coloring and it really makes the noodles take on the color.

Louisville Family Fun said...

Thanks for the suggestion! The readers and I appreciate it!