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Saturday, July 31, 2010

And the winner is...............

Michele Wolfe!!  Michele posted on our facebook page that her almost 2 year old has always loved Rock A By Baby.  Michele wins tuition and materials to a Kindermusik class with Alicia Manning!

Stay tuned for more contests, next week we will be giving away 4 SCIENCE CENTER PASSES!

Friday, July 30, 2010

National Bowling Week!!

There are coupons for National Bowling Week!

July 31- August 7 is National Bowling Week. You can get a coupon to print as many times as you want to bowl a FREE game by clicking the link above. This is only good for AUGUST 7! They are trying to break a world record.

Local Participating Bowling Allies:

AMF Derby Lanes 7709 Beulah Church Rd Louisville,KY-40228 Phone: 502-239-2388

King Pin Lanes 9525 Taylorsville Road Louisville,KY-40299 Phone: 502-719-5464

AMF Rose Bowl Lanes 2217 Goldsmith Ln Louisville,KY-40218 Phone: 502-451-5717

Vernon Lanes 1575 Story Ave Louisville,KY-40206 Phone: 502-584-8460

Thursday, July 29, 2010

WIN Kindermusik tuition!!

Here is your chance to win FREE Kindermusik tuition for one class (one child), materials included!!  This prize can be used to schedule a class with Alicia Manning!  You can read my review of her classes here.  She offers a variety of classes for different ages at 2 locations, so there is sure to be a class that fits your needs!

Here's how the contest will work. 

Email us or comment on todays ALL CAPS facebook status telling us what your child's favorite song is!!
The contest will run until noon on Saturday and the winner will be selected at random by my 3 year old son!

Good luck and thanks for visiting our LFF blog....spread the word!!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Theater Shows in Louisville for the Family...By Jeanette

With school just around the corner, check out some of these upcoming shows to have something to look forward to together besides being sad that summer break is slowly disappearing.

Kentucky Center

Annie at Bomhard Theater starting Aug. 6

Derby Dinner Playhouse

Cinderella is playing now through August 15.

The True Story of Three Little Pigs starts October 9.

Stage One
If you Give a Mouse a Cookie starts Sept. 7

On sale now at http://www.ticketmaster.com/:

Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey: Zing Zang Zoom at Rupp Arena in Lexington runs August. 27-29

Yo Gabba Gabba! Live at Louisville Palace runs October 11

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

FREE Kindermusik Tuition and Materials!

We will be having a contest later this week and the prize is a FREE Kindermusik class and materials.  Be sure to check back later this week!

Family Quest Challenge! from the Kentucky State Park...By: Jeanette

Have you heard of the Family Quest Challenge or thought of partaking in it? It sounds like a lot of fun.

It is program from the Kentucky State Parks. This challenge can be summed up from its website, “This year’s challenges will take your team across the state to parks and historic sites in search of your next adventure and photo op. While some challenges will simply require seeking answers through park visits or web research, many will require use of a digital camera to show your team along the journey. In order to be eligible for prizes upon completion, Quest photos will need to be submitted in electronic format on CD.” What a fun way to explore Kentucky and spend time with your family!

There is a $15 registration fee, but you get day pack and KY State water bottle along with the 25 challenges. If you answer correctly answer 20 of the 25 challenges you will receive $50 park gift card and answer ALL correctly you will be given $85 in a gift card! You have until December 1, 2010 to complete the challenge! Good luck!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Monday Morning Contest Winner!

Laura Cunningham won 2 passes to KaZoing's open play! Look for another contest next Monday!

Monday Morning Contest!!!

Monday Morning KaZoing Contest!!!

The first reader to email LouisvilleFamilyFun@gmail.com with the correct answer to the following question will win 2 open play passes for KaZoing! You can use our blog calendar to find the answer!

Read the 7/18 post for details

What day of the week does the Crescent Hill library hold preschool story time?

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Don't forget!!

Tomorrow morning we will post a contest to win 2 OPEN PLAY PASSES to KAZOING! Party and Play. 

Saving is FUN! By: Stephanie

There are lots of great deals that you can take advantage of here in Louisville! It's always fun to find a bargain and even better when you involve your kids and show them it's fun to save. Here are some great finds in today's paper....if you don't get the paper, run out and get one! It's worth it!

Flip to the back of the cartoons. There is an ad for Little Caesars and if you child colors the small coloring section, you can cut it out and bring it in for FREE CRAZY BREAD!  You can redeem your coupon now until 8/31/2010.  No purchase necessary!

Find the Michaels circular and cut out the 40% off coupon.  Take your child to Michaels this week and let them pick out a craft and you can save!  Great thing about Michaels is that you can find a wind array of craft kits for all ages and some are as low as $1.  They have little figurines or wooden cut outs that come with paint and markers for only $1, so with your coupon...that's only $0.60!

Use the Smokey Bones insert to save $10 when you spend $25.  Take your kids and challenge them to order, with you, right around $25 total to maximize your savings and you all can eat for around $15 and enjoy a wonderful meal together.

Let your kids pick out some free school supplies at CVS!  If you have a kid in diapers, you should go to CVS.com and register your email address so you can get a $4 off $20 coupon. Take that to CVS with other pampers coupons you may have and get a box of pampers for $21.99. I know with my coupons, I will get the box for $15.99. Then, with my CVS card, I will get $10 in Extra Bucks after I buy the diapers. Then, go back throughout the store and get other things you need with the $10 coupon....school supplies are on sale now!  I am going to get healthy and beauty supplies that are on sale and use other coupons and my extra bucks and save big!

Sit down a the computer with your child and help them design a photo book at CVS.com using pictures from camp, a family vacation or anything else fun from the summer.  The 10 page 6x8 photo books are on sale! They are $7.99 and you will get $7.99 back in extra bucks....so that's like getting it free! You child will love designing their own book!

Take your children school supply shopping or stock up on some craft supplies at Office Max.  This week, they have folders for 1 CENT (limit 6) and Crayons for 5 CENTS (limit 3)  and washable markers for 25 CENTS (limit 3).  I always take advantage of these bargains even though my kids are not in school.  We have a craft bucket and my kids love busting out the craft bucket on a rainy day or when the babysitter comes over. 

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Catch Baseball Fever with the Louisville Bats...By: Jeanette

You aren’t able to catch one of the free games left from the Louisville Summer Reading Program? Catch a game on Tuesday. Through September 7, take a Kraft Singles Wrapper to the box office and you get BOGO!

So go cheer your hometown Louisville BATS to victory! There's a playground for the kids and sometimes there are opportunities for them to get down on the field!

Check out their special days and promotions

Friday, July 23, 2010

Thanks for helping us get to 6,000!!!

Thanks for taking the time to read our blog, we sure do enjoy putting it together.  Today, we surpassed 6,000 page views!!  Keep telling people about our blog so they can have some Louisville Family Fun in their lives also!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sports Classes for Kids in the Louisville Area...By: Jeanette

Sport Classes for the Sport Minded Children
Looking for fun, structured ways to entertain your child while the other kids are in school? Here’s a list of sporty activities that you and your little kiddo can get involved with this upcoming school year.

All About Kids
Classes Start Aug. 16th.
Taekwondo for 3 years and up
Step One for 2 years and up
Power Cheer for 3 years and up
Swimming for 6 months and up
Champion Gymnastics for walkers and up

Class starting dates not yet listed, but typically runs with the school year.
Gymnastics for 2 years and up

Classes start Aug. 8.
Gymnastics for 18 months and up
Swimming for 18 months and up

Gymboree Play and Music
Classes are continually accepting (can attend a free class, see details online)
Play and Learn for 0 months and up

Registration Deadline is August 9

Soccer for 3 years and up
Other sports such as volleyball, flag football, and field hockey are available for older kids

Locker Soccer

Classes start Aug. 23
Soccer for 2 years and up

Mockingbird Soccer Vally Sports Complex
Classes start Aug. 23
Soccer for 2 years and up

Mary T. Meagher Aquatic Center and Baptist East Milestone offer swim lessons through the year from 6 months and up.

What did we miss that you have enjoyed participating in the past?

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Schimpff's Confectionary in Jeffersonville....By: Stephanie

The clouds cleared and rain stopped so today, instead of trip to the grocery store, I took my kids over the river and visited Schimpff's Confectionery since the Jelly Belly Bus was making a stop there.  My kids were very excited about the prospect of playing a little game and getting to eat jelly beans.  When we got there, the place looked so neat and smelled sweet, but little did I know we were in for a sour suprise.

Outside, we spun the wheel for a jelly belly treat and the lady running that was so nice.  My kids got some pictures with the big Jelly Belly man and had fun watching the ladies make candy in the window.  We explored inside and looked at all of the treats, the really liked it so we waited until 11am when the gentleman told me that they would have a candy making demonstration.  When they got started, we headed inside and it was quite crowded. My son couldn't really find a spot on the ledge to see over the shelf and watch so he started to roam.  Meanwhile, they were conducting the demostration. The woman was on a microphone so it was clear and loud for everyone to hear and the man was getting ready to make the candy.  My son and daughter (3 and 20 mo) roamed to the back where they have antique candy items in cases, I was right behind them. As I go to pick up my daughter before she touched anything, being the attentive parent that I am, and grab my son to leave the shop before they did actually touch something they shouldn't, I was shocked to find the woman from the demonstration right behind me (still on the microphone!) telling me that toddlers need to be held or holding hands with an adult if they are in the back room.  DUH!  I realize she was trying to protect her treasured items, but could they not put an employee back there to casually watch people or talk to them.  Did she not see that I was getting my children?!  She caused me to pause in shock that my daughter did actually get a hold of some candy making machine that she wouldn't not have touched if I was left to parent on my own!  It was not like I was not in another room picking my nose and staring into space, I was trailing my kids closely and preparing to leave.  My kids and I were doing nothing wrong but she left the demo with everyone watching her, followed us in there and scolded me ON THE MICROPHONE while nearly 50 people stared at me like OH MY GOSH, WHAT A HORRIBLE MOTHER AND CHILDREN. It was extremely embarassing, I wanted to crawl into a chocolate sea shell.

I can attest to how adorable the shop is. They have a diner type area with an old fashined counter to get some fountain sodas too.  They have what appears to be delicious chocolate. I did not taste any or purchase any because I was so taken back by being denounced over the loud speaker that I ran out of there as fast as I could. 

I wish I could go back and take a better look or buy some chocolate. But, unfortunately since I always have two apparently terrible toddlers with me and I am apparently incapable of watching them, I better avoid this place!!

Kindermusik with Alicia in Louisville........By: Stephanie

Alicia Manning holds Kindermusik classes in two locations in Louisville, Bethany Baptist Church or Suburban Christian Church.  I attended a trial class with my two tornados at the Bethany location.  We attended the Family Time classes focused on Movin' and Groovin'.  Alicia was a very warm and inviting instructor. She cared to know each of the families that came in and was very organized.  She started on time and ran the class well as she adjusted to the needs of the children in the class.  The kids, including my own, were bursting to get out energy so she incorporated movement and got their attention. My son was not participating and wanting to run around until she started marching the kids around and singing about taking a dog for a walk, he loved when the music involved getting up and going.  Alicia offers classes this summer and many more options in the upcoming fall sessions.  You should definitely check out her website to see the schedule and use the rest of the summer to try out a class, she is more than willing to have you come in and try it out! She also has some one-time playdates in which you can pay to attend one class and not be tied into a contract for an entire course. Those are listed on our blog calendar. 

Just send her an email and ask to attend a class!

LFF will be giving away FREE TUITION and MATERIALS to be used for one of her classes! That contest will be soon so keep your eye out for it.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Old Chicago Pasta & Pizza....by Stephanie

Today I went with the ToodleDoos playgroup to have lunch at Old Chicago as the organizer of the group set up reservations for the kids to be able to make their own pizzas for $1.99!  The idea was a lot of fun, the food was actually really good and I used a coupon from the paper so it was very inexpensive for my kids and I to eat lunch.  However, I don't think that the restaurant knew what they were getting into!!  The playgroup organizer did make reservations but the workers seemed confused since they don't usually do the $1.99 deal during lunch.  Once they seated us and knew what the deal was, we ordered rather quickly but they were pretty slow in getting out the pizza materials and the taking them from us to put back in the oven. I think they were in toddler/preschooler shock and the waiting made the kids even more anxious!! I had to go and get someone to alert them that we were more than ready for them to fire up those pizzas!  I think they would do a better job if it was just one simple little family at a time.  After we were finished, the waitress did not ring up the orders correctly so the toddler madness continued as we waited.  We all survived with fully bellies of yummy food but it definitely tested my mommy skills!  I would recommend trying it out because the food was really good and my kids ate a ton. However, if you have a bunch of little kiddos with you,

Monday, July 19, 2010

Get Free Food in Louisville! Birthday Clubs Freebies

Always check with the business first as deals change!!!

Join their birthday clubs and get free food. I just listed four for you to get started. Have a favorite restaurant? Check out its website to see if it offers something special for your birthday too! What other restaurants have you enjoyed free birthday celebrations? Post them on our facebook page for us!

Ice Cream/Coffee

Baskin-Robbins: Free 2.5oz ice cream cone

Cold Stone Creamery: Free ice cream Creation

Fast Food/Restaurants

Moe’s Southwest Grill: Free birthday burrito

California Kitchen:  Free kids meal for kids 10 and under. You can also host birthday parties here for up to 15 kids at $10/kid. They even get a special tour of the pizza kitchen.

Red Robin: Free burger on your birthday, they give you a 2 week span to use it

IHOP: Free meal on your birthday and for signing up (and a year after you sign up)!

Chuck E Cheese:   Promotions year round and special ones for birthdays

The Old Spaghetti Factory: Free kid's meal on their birthday!

Hometown Pizza: a free individual pizza on your kid's birthday!  they must be 12 or under. You can also sign up for email specials!

Zaxby's: For joining their text club, you get a free nibbler on your birthday.

Monday Morning Contest Winner!!

Kate Halaris won 2 passes to KaZoing's open play!  Look for another contest next Monday!

Monday Morning KaZoing Contest!!!

The first reader to email LouisvilleFamilyFun@gmail.com with the correct answer to the following question will win 2 open play passes for KaZoing! You can use our blog calendar to find the answer!

Read the 7/18 post for details

What night this week will The Summit shopping center host a live music concert for the family?

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Contest for KaZoing Open Play Passes Every Monday!

Every Monday (until the last week in August) we will be giving away 2 Open Play Passes for KaZoing! Party & PlayThis is a $10 value!!!  The contest will take place in the morning (probably before 10am). Stephanie will post a question on the blog and the first person to email LouisvilleFamilyFun@gmail.com with the answer will win the passes!! 
In participating, you agree to us publishing your name on our blog as the winner and we will request your mailing address so KaZoing can mail you the passes!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

We have a winner!!

My three year old picked this mom's name out of a cup: Brandi Mattingly from New Albany!

She gets 4 tickets to the Louisville Science Center, a $48 value!  Her and her family will enjoy the KidZone, permanent exhibits like The World Around Us as well as the Sesame Street exhibit!!

We will have another contest starting on MONDAY so be sure to check back!!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Win a 4-Pack of Tickets to the Louisville Science Center!!!

You can win 4 tickets to get into the Louisville Science Center and see all of the exhibits, including the Sesame Street exhibit!  A $48 value!!!  You can scroll down to see my earlier review of the Sesame Exhibit, it is a wonderful interactive display for kids.

Here's how to win:

Email us at LouisvilleFamilyFun@gmail.com or post a comment on TODAY'S facebook page status and tell us your FAVORITE local family friendly event that you look forward to in the FALL!

You only have to enter once, a winner will be chosen at random by my three year old son :) Contest ends Saturday at Noon!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Don't Forget!!

If you have an event or just a craving for ice cream this weekend, head to Bruster's on Lyndon Lane!  LFF blog readers can buy any cake and get a quart of ice cream for FREE!!! Just tell them you heard about the deal on this blog!

Have a FREE Movie Night at home!!

There are several Blockbuster DVD Rental machines around town and I have a free code for you!!  Use the coupon code:  GT16A  to get a free rental!  Pop some popcorn or grab a special treat and relax with your family this weekend as you enjoy an old classic or a new thriller.....hey, whatever you want!! It's free!  This coupon code expires 7/31

Louisville Staycation Idea #5 by Jeanette

Animal Week
Day 1 Louisville zoo and don’t forget they have a splash park and high ropes course there too! 
Day 2 Newport AquariumIf you are a zoo member you can get a $3 discount! 
Day 3 Visit a horse farm in Lexington 

Day 4 Bring some carrots and feed the animals at Henry’s Ark

Day 5 Visit Churchill Downs and the Kentucky Derby Museum. In the evening finish the week by fishing at one of the many lakes available through the park system.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Best Selling Auther Sue Monk Kidd: Coming to Louisville

Sue Monk Kidd, author of The Secret Life of Bees, is coming to the Louisville Main Library on September 14th at 7pm!  Her current published work is Traveling with Pomegranates and she is coming with her daughter to talk about this memoir.  The event is FREE but requires that you order tickets from the library, check this website for details!

Enter to win passes to Atlantis

Today's family is having a giveaway for a short summer getaway including meals, an overnight stay and passes to the waterpark!  Check out this website to enter!

Peggy Baker Park in Crestwood

Peggy Baker Park in Crestwood is the home of the South Oldham Little League and a nice little park.  We went there this week to check it out and my kids had a great time.  The playground has a rubber mulch bottom and 2 playsets, swings and a merry go round.  This was just enough equipment to keep my preschoolers entertained, especially the merry go round since that isn't something they see at most parks.  The park is also next to a farm and the kids liked seeing the horses roam right next to them while they played.  There is also a covered picnic area really close to the playground and a basketball court.  The baseball fields are at the other end of the park, but definitely within walking distance.  I think we will return to this park with a soccer ball or a kite on a windy day because it has a lot of open space, more so than other parks. 

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

KingFish: Catch some fun!

KingFish restaurants on the waterfront on Zorn Ave and in Jeffersonville have family friendly fun on Thursday evenings.  At the Zorn Ave location, they have mini golf specials, cornhole for the whole family, live music that the kids will love and drawings for tickets to Holiday World!  At the Jeffersonville location, they have live country performances on Thursday nights throughout the summer and a great view of downtown Louisville!  You can use these coupons for extra discounts!

Staycation Idea #4 by Jeanette

History Week
Day 1 Explore the Falls of the Ohio and learn about some of the oldest exposed fossil beds in the world.
Day 2 Walk through the Frazier Museum  and learn about pirates and read local stories from WWII.
Day 3 Watch Kentucky Show  and learn more about Kentucky.
Day 4 Tour historic homes: Thomas Edison House, Farmington, and Whitehall. Get one student in for free at Edison’s House using the coupon from the library reading program.
Day 5 Visit the Museum of the American Printing House for the Blind and you can write your name in Braille and have other hands on experiences

Have time for more museums? There’s plenty more to explore in Louisville: Like the Mohammed Ali Center  

KaZoing Contest Winner!

K.S. is the winner of the passes to KaZoing! open play.  KaZoing offers open play several times a week and will be adding more times come fall.  She won 2 passes, a $10 value!  KaZoing has fun for all ages and is a great way to engage your kids and have a really active morning.  You can bring a lunch or a snack too since they have little tables and chairs for your kiddos!  KaZoing also offers other services like birthday parties and a parents day out/drop off program.    Stay tuned for more contests!!!

What to do on this rainy day?

As you can see from the calendar above, there are many many choices for indoor activities today!  The library events are wonderful and FREE!  Inexpensive options are open gyms. For example, I am going to take my kids to All About Kids.  A while ago, I bought a pass for $25 that cuts the price of each open gym visit in half, so I can go with 2 kids for $5.  We bring our lunch and about 20 minutes before they open the big gym and after we have played in the inflatable fun zone, we take a break and have our lunch in their cafe area.  Check out our calendar above and see if there are any options that fit your schedule and budget!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Back to School Special for Dental Screening

Mortenson Family Dental is offering $10.00 back-to-school dental screenings for the kids at ALL their locations! Call 502-244-9595 for an appointment or request an appointment on their facebook page. It is for both new customers and regulars.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

KaZoing! Contest!

Only 3 more hours to email your answers to LouisvilleFamilyFun@gmail.com for a chance to passes to open play at KaZoing!  If you don't know much about KaZoing, a while back Jeanette wrote about it. Here's the link.    Here's a link to the posting about the contest!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Sesame Street Body Exhibit

Today I took my kids to the Louisville Science Center to see the Sesame Street: The Body exhibit that just opened July 3rd.  I only have FANTASTIC things to say about it. 
When you enter the exhibit, it looks just like the brownstones on Sesame Street, complete with Oscar the Grouch!  If your kids are very active like mine, the exhibit has plenty to engage them and keep them going.  There are so many hands on displays that range from comparing your hand print to Elmo's, jumping and kicking to make Elmo ride his bike or see Ernie twirl around,  to an interactive quiz show and even a giant nose that you can make sneeze out some water!  My children absolutely loved it!!  My daughter is a huge Elmo's world fan and there's a room dedicated to that with a video going and magnetic pieces that go on the wall to dress Elmo.  My son loved taking off his shoes and going through the soft obstacle course and the market where he pretended to ring up food and make sandwiches!  We will go back to this exhibit over and over again and I am glad it runs until January 2nd!  And, be on the look out on the blog, you can win tickets to the Science Center in our next contest! 

(Scroll down the blog to find the KaZoing Scavenger Hunt contest that is going on right now!!)

Friday, July 9, 2010

Staycation in Louisville Idea #3 By Jeanette

Outdoors Week

Day 1 Geocaching!  Now who doesn’t like going on a treasure hunt? There are geocaches all over the local parks in town.

Day 2 Go underground and explore a cave or a cavern. You can get one student in for free and $1 off others at Squire Boone Caverns by using your coupon from your library summer reading program.
Day 3 Biking: Check out wheel fun rentals to go on a tour of Louisville with the whole family on a surrey or just cruise along the water front!  Don’t forget to print a coupon from its site. For the more adventurous types check out some mountain bike trails at the local parks.

Day 4 Jefferson Memorial Forest: Again use your family pass from the library summer reading program to attend a Family Forest Explorers Program

Day 5 Start the day with ride of Belle of Louisville and finish off with a visit to the Planetarium.  There’s a coupon in your library summer reading program to get one student in for free and others for $1 off for the planetarium.

Fill other parts of the day with hiking, kiting, swimming, camp in your backyard, visit a local orchard, farmers market etc…

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Get Free passes for the Zoo!!

Thanks to Dr. Bizer’s VisionWorld (which has 9 stores in Louisville) beginning July 11 and running through the 17th, you can get a free child’s admission to the Zoo with the completion of a children’s eye exam. With school starting in just a month, this is a good way to get a fun bonus out of a doctor’s visit – especially since Kentucky Public Schools requires an eye exam for children beginning school for the first time.

The coupon allows for a children’s admission to the Zoo (doesn’t expire until the end of the year) with the completion of a children’s eye exam.

An eye exam without insurance is $44.95 but a yearly eye exam is covered by vision insurance and many regular health insurance policies give a discount on a yearly eye exam as well. Check your insurance policy!  You do not need an appointment, you can just go on in whenever!

Print out a coupon by clicking HERE.

LFF Scavenger Hunt Contest!!!!


1. Two activities that we have blogged about that are free to do with your kids this summer.

2. Two summer reading programs for your kids that we have blogged about.

3. Using our google calendar, find two times that KaZoing has open gym times.

E-mail your answers to the LouisvilleFamilyFun@gmail.com. A winner will be drawn from the correct answers received on Monday! Passes to KaZoing's open gym are up for grabs!!!

Have fun!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Free Food.....mmmmmmmm

Chick-fil-A’s free Cow Appreciation Day is fast approaching (it’s on Friday, July 9 this year....it's on our calendar) and all you have to do is dress up like a cow. I know, it sounds weird, but you don’t have to go all out. Just print out their starter kit and you’ll get a free entree. If you “fully dress” as a cow, you’ll get a free combo meal.

Staycation Idea #2: By Jeanette

Art, Movies, Theater Week

Day 1 View some artwork and enjoy some hands on fun at Arts Sparks in the Speed Art Museum
Day 2 Paint some pottery at Paint Spot

Day 3 Tour Glassworks and try your hand at blowing some glass.

Day 4 Attend a free show of a Shakespeare play until July 18 

Day 5 Finish the week with Friday Trolley Hop, if it is the last Friday of the month: F.A.T Friday Hop

Don’t forget to check when/if you can catch a discounted movie on our calendar!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

What a great lunch!

I just had Bruster's for lunch!!  LOL  It was the only time of the day that I could run by there with my kids and I really wanted to take advantage of our new Bruster's for Bloggers deal.  What a treat! I got a blast with vanilla ice cream and peanut butter cups.  The pieces of the candy were huge chunks....delish.  My son got a scoop of strawberry in a cone and he loved it. I gave it a taste and it was really fresh tasting.  Go get some Brusters! More details in past blog posts.....

Staycation Sports Week: By Jeanette

Day 1 Visit a local batting cage, follow up with tour of Louisville Slugger Museum, and finish off with a Louisville Bats Game

Visit the Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory Tour

Day 2 Go ice skating and play bocce ball at Iceland Sports Complex

Day 3 Try your hand at golf by playing miniature golf or visiting a driving range

Day 4 Take your family for a game of bowling. Check out the Kids-bowl-for-free link to go even cheaper.

Day 5 Explore a local park and play some tennis and basketball with your kids.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Staycation!! By Jeanette

Have you already been on vacation, but would like to go squeeze in another? Or are you unable to travel this year? Why not have a STAYCATION! Explore what Louisville and the surrounding area has to offer. Go see and do things you have wanted to do for awhile, but just have been too busy.

And if your child is 5th grade or younger make sure you participate in the Louisville library summer reading club  which is available until Aug. 7 and includes some good coupons to enjoy a staycation.

Also you can order some free travel guides to find some new fun ideas.

I have 5 themed staycation ideas for you to enjoy the remaining part of the summer....stay tunes!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Bruster's for Bloggers! Awesome SWEET Deal

Bruster's is coming through again for the LFF blog followers.  And this is a really great deal! This special will take place the FIRST TUESDAY of EVERY MONTH!! No coupon necessary, just tell the scooper that you heard about the deal on the Louisville Family Fun Blog!!!

  • Buy one ice cream treat and get a second one of equal or lesser value for free.  This offer is typically only used with cones/dishes (regular or waffle) but here the followers can use it on any treat.  That means you can get TWO sundaes for about $5 and TWO milshakes for $4 and even more great deals!  The only things that they would not be able to use it on are the cakes, pies, and hand-packed.

Crescent Hill Old Fashioned 4th!

Today, my husband and I took the kids down to the Crescent Hill Old Fashioned 4th Fair and Art Show.  Although the website emphasizes that there is a shuttle from the Southern Baptist Seminary, we opted to just find parking around Frankfort Ave and had no problems at all.  We parked a few blocks from Peterson Ave so that we didn't have to walk far.  We went to the Art & Music Festival first and walked around. The kids liked listening to the different live music and browsing around. There were kids activities too.  My kids enjoyed the inflatables and bubbles but there was also the opportunity to play other games, music and get temporary tattoos.  We didn't partake in any, but there were vendors selling ice cream, italian ices and more.  On the website, there is a schedule of events, so check that out before you go.

After the festival, we walked back to Frankfort Ave and strolled around and watched the antique car parade while eating some lunch.  We were going to go on the trolley because there are free rides, but our kids were too tired. 

All in all, it was a really nice morning and I would recommend checking it out this weekend!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Aquatic Center...Spray FUN! By Jeanette

Sprayground Review at Mary T. Meager Aquatic in Crescent Hill Park

Stephanie and I joined our friend, Maleah, with all our kids at the sprayground just outside the Mary T. Meager Aquatic center the other day. This was a quaint little place that had a playground and a sprayground right next to each other. The sprayground had about 4 different things spraying water up for the kids to splash around. The playground had 2 slides, some monkey bars and several things to climb. The sprayground was surrounded with concrete while the playground was surrounded by softer ground. If you need to make a potty run, just go inside the aquatic center. There were several picnic tables with shade. The play area was in the sun. Parking was right there as well. Overall, it was a nice place to go for a morning in the sun.

Thanks go to Maleah and Louisvillemommies.com for organizing the outing.

Thursday, July 1, 2010


Happy Ice Cream Month! It's the official month to celebrate the creamy, cool goodness of ice cream. Luckily for you blog followers, the wonderful ice cream shop Bruster's in Lyndon has some deals JUST for Louisville Family Fun followers!

I can attest to how delicious their ice cream is. I have brought my family there and enjoyed a treat or two. You can see pictures on our facebook page!!  My kids (3 and 19mo) absolutley love their free kiddie cones, and that's a deal they give all of the time for kids under 40" tall! What a great deal!! Did you know you can bring your dog and they will give a cool treat for your furry friend as well!  This is a real family friendly business!  They are on facebook too, just search "louisvillebrusters" and they will tell you about other specials and temp you with the delicious flavor of the day!

So, what's your first deal on this July 1st?!  Just in time for 4th of July celerations, we are partnering up with Bruster's to get you BUY A CAKE AND GET A QUART OF ICE CREAM FREE!! They usually give a pint free, but for you....a QUART!  What a great dessert for your events at home!  Quarts are about $7, so this is a fantastic treat. Luckily for you, this reward is available all of the time, not just in July.  Have you seen their cone cakes? They are really awesome!  So, take advantage of it!! Don't worry, I will keep reminding you...............

All you have to do is visit Bruster's on Lyndon Lane or give them a call and order your cake.  Tell them that you found out on the Louisville Family Fun Blog that you get a FREE QUART with your cake (cakes start at around $20).  All of the scoopers will know about this!  They are open from 11am to 10pm daily and their number is 502-425-9436

And this isn't it....check back on the blog tomorrow for more deals from Bruster's!