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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

EP Tom Sawyer State Park Review By: Jeanette

We ventured over to E.P. Tom Sawyer Park recently. They have a great sand area under a big shady tree with a bench for parents to keep a close eye on the kids. It is right next to the playground which has definitely seen better days. There was only one baby swing that was duct taped together. There were four regular swings though. The playground had a few slides and the ground was covered with bark. It was nearby restrooms. They also have a nice 1 mile walking path. There are places that are a bit rocky along the path just to be aware of. They have a tennis center, an outdoor pool, a couple of picnic shelters, and trails. Also they have a BMX track that is considered one of the best in the nation. It will be the host to National BMX Grand Championship coming up this Labor Day weekend. They also have a dog bark, archery area, and a model airplane section. E.P. is a busy park with school programs that are science and history oriented and several family oriented activities on its calendar.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Apple Picking in Louisville at Hidden Hollow Orchard By: Stephanie

According to their website - some apples have begun to ripen early but most will be ready in late August. Check their site for updates. http://www.hiddenholloworchard.com/map_and_times.html

Hidden Hollow Orchard is a very appropriate name for this gem of a place tucked away behind a few neighborhoods in Louisville.  You turn down a quiet road off of Old Henry, open the gate to the orchard on your own and travel down a gravel road to find just a table with an umbrella, a few chairs, bags, tools for picking, prices, a bucket for your money and if you are lucky.......Helen.  Helen lives there with her husband and is very easy going and happy to help.  If you would like her to meet you there, just call the orchard before you come and she will know to expect you. Otherwise, you can pick apples any time you want and if you fill a bag nice and full, it's $5 and you just leave your money in the bucket!

My kids got to play around on the tractor before heading to find some apples..... who can resist a John Deere?  Then, we all enjoyed roaming up and down the aisles playing under the trees and reeeeeeeaching for some nice apples.  Everyone ate one while we picked and I walked away with 2 nice bags full of apples that will turn into something delicious this afternoon.  I tasted a few varieties and according to Helen, there are about 50 varieties!  I had some that were mild, some very sweet and some super tart.  There's an apple for everyone!

You can stroll down the gravel road and find a mulched path to their horses and you can feed them some carrots while you are there.  They also have some wildlife that stops by occasionally. Helen says that turkeys and deer really love it there.  They also have some wooded areas and paths to check out and if you feel like it, bring a picnic and stay a while.  You cannot find a more casual place to enjoy a little simple, delicious fun with your family.

Be sure to check their website or give them a call as the it gets further into September so you can find out when they run out of apples!

Come pick apples with us today!!!

I called Hidden Hollow Orchard this morning and got Helen, who runs this orchard and she is the sweetest lady! I was just calling to get some times and she said...come on out today, bring the kids and a picnic...she even has lots of carrots that the kids can feed to the horses and such.

A friend and I are going to get there at about 10am!

Join us!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Breaking News from Louisville Metro Parks

A new sprayground has opened at Petersburg Park (5008 E Indian Trail, 40218). The article also mentioned that three other new spraygrounds were opened at Wyandotte, Laporte, and Shelby Parks this year. This is a great free alternative to the public pool especially since the spraygrounds are schedule to stay open until September. According to the Friends of Louisville Metro Parks facebook post the spraygrounds could stay open longer or shorter just depending on the weather. Has anyone been able to try these new ones out yet? Let us know what you think.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Review of the Kentucky State Fair By: Stephanie

Equipped with Jeanette's double stroller that is much more compact than my own, I set out to check out the KY State Fair with my kids.  We had a few passes that a friend gave me, so we got in FREE!  We arrived at 9:15 am and were able to get parking very close to the main entrance to the exhibits.  The first thing my son saw as we were walking toward the exhibit halls was the big tractors they used for shuttles, he was very excited about the prospect of riding one of those!  He also really enjoyed talking to the huge Freddy statue, which talked back!  First, we went into the arena and watched some of the horse shows, my kids really loved seeing the horses prance around. After, we headed to the south wing and passed a massive balloon display on the way which got the attention of every kids in the building!  In the south wing, there are many things for the kids to enjoy.  Mine liked going in all of the different trucks, busses and cars that they had on display. 

Two favorites were the petting area full of animals and the state trooper tricycle town.  We also got to enjoy a kids concert on the kids stage and munch on some yummy popcorn.  Outside, we caught a little bit of a dog show and ate lunch in the country music tent while sitting on hay bales and snacking on fries and chicken tenders.  All in all, it was a wonderful day and with this cooler weather, I definitely recommend heading to the fair before it closes on Sunday!! 

Before we left, we dropped off the double stroller at the car and went back to jump on the tractor pull shuttle.  We went for a half hour ride all around the fair grounds and I am sure my son will be talking about it for a while and considering is lulled my daughter to sleep, I suppose she enjoyed it as well. 

Thursday, August 26, 2010

And the winner is!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brittany Siats!  She wins a a card from WEE ROCK that gets her into 8 drop in music classes!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Memberships......are they worth the money?

What is your take - is it worth it to buy a membership to places such as the zoo, science center, or Newport Aquarium? The answer is usually yes if you tend to frequent the places several times a year. The zoo is actually doing a promo for membership right now. If you purchase a membership online, you get $5 off and if you are the first 500 you will also receive a $20 gift card to Chili’s. With a zoo membership, you have some special zoo hours during June and July along with some free nights for the carousel and trams. Also you can get in free for the first 2 weeks of the Halloween Party. Check out the membership tab on the zoo website for additional savings.

The Louisville Science Center is another place to consider getting a membership. Until Aug. 31, you can get a rubber duck for purchasing a membership. Some of the perks of the science center include attending special events. You can also purchase a dual family membership to both the zoo and science center for a bit of a discount vs. buying each of them individually.

The Newport Aquarium also has the option of buying an annual pass. If you plan on going at least twice in one year, it is definitely worth getting the pass. You just need to visit more than twice to get your money’s worth. There are a few perks too that come with the pass such as discounts to the cafĂ© and gift shop.

Don't forget to scroll down and read about our current WEE ROCK contest!



Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Review of the KY State Fair By: Jeanette

Food, rides, food, animals, food, Kidz Biz, and did I mention food? So have you made it to the state fair yet? We recently made the trek out to the fairgrounds. It was a nice way to spend the morning despite spending $8 to park and then $8 for my ticket. (Kids 2 and under free, 12-3 year olds - $4). Fortunately it only comes once a year. The grounds open at 9am, so it wasn’t too crowded to get in and meet up with a friend and her 2 kids.

The website has a listing of the shows including music groups, variety shows, and animals. We popped in on a free horse show which our kids enjoyed for a few minutes. Then we walked over to the animal area and saw some cows. After that we headed to the South Hall to the kids area. They have a kids stage with a variety of acts, petting zoo (ducks, puppies, rabbits, cats, donkeys, etc.), and an area to learn about traffic signs with the state police while riding a tricycle to name a few of our highlights of our visit. Also by the kids stage is a diaper and nursing station is was very handy. Overall, it was a low stress visit and glad we were able to check it out. I would recommend going early if you just want to check out the fair, but also check out the website for some free shows that you may be interested in to make the trip worth the money.

Scroll down to read about the WEE ROCK contest!!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Wee Rock Contest!

Heidi Howe, of Wee Rock!, wants to give one lucky winner a rockin' good prize!  The winner will receive a punch card for 8 music classes!  This is a $49 value!!

Here's what you need to do for a chance to win:

Email us at LouisvilleFamilyFun@gmail.com or post a comment on the 8/23 ALL CAPS status on Facebook answering the following question:

"What song gets your child up and dancing?" 

The winner will be selected at random on Thursday 8/26 and the contest ends at noon.
The winner will be announced on this blog!

Rock on families!

And the winner is!!

Annette Standrod!! She was the first to write us an email that the $1 Frazier Museum admission is Wednesday! Thanks Annette and all of those who participated.

Annette wins 2 Open Play Passes to KaZoing!

More contests to come......one for Wee Rock music classes will start this afternoon!


Use our blog calendar to find the answer! The first person to email LouisvilleFamilyFun@gmail.com with the correct answer wins 2 OPEN PLAY PASSES to KAZOING!!  Your name will be published on the blog. 

When does the Frazier Museum have $1 admission?

Today's Living Social Deal! Kazoing!

Today's deal on Living Social is discounted passes for KaZoing!  You can get discounted MDO passes.  KaZoing is so much fun and a great supporter of the LFF blog!  In fact...it's monday morning, so we will be having our MOnday MOrning contest for KaZoing passes this morning as well.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Review of Wee Rock Music Classes by Heidi Howe

By Jeanette:
The kids and I joined Stephanie and her munchkins along with some fellow momma friends this past week at a music class with Heidi Howe at Mama’s Hip. Wee Rock is a great drop-in music class for children under the age of 5. Heidi is energetic and relates to the out-going or shy kids (like mine). She keeps the class moving with different music and activities from singing and dancing to playing the drums or just sticks. We had a fairly large class, but we were still able to have lots of fun. Heidi has open music classes several times a week at Mama’s Hip and is expanding soon to other areas in Louisville. I highly recommend you check one of her classes out. You won’t be disappointed. And besides, the first class is free so what do you have to lose?

By: Stephanie
My kids were completely enthralled by Heidi and her program!  My kids are very high energy and easily distracted...but not during this class.  Heidi also plays the guitar during class and when she did so, all of the kids were completely focused on her in amazement. They just love instruments!  Heidi's high energy class is exactly what they needed to gain their attention and keep it.  He classes flow and you can tell she is completely prepared, including a little bit of everything to appeal to everyone.  Heidi makes eye contact with each child and that is really engaging.  This is not the music class you would expect to attend with your child, in a good way!  I was singing the Go Go's with my kids, how fun is that!!??  Even the traditional nursery rhyme or children's tune became a rap/chant.  The kids were encouraged to dance, play little instruments (LOUDLY), clap and sing.  It is a wonderful thing to hear the Heidi is expanding her business and potentially holding classes in the Middletown area.  Soon enough, there will a class close to everyone so please try it out. 

As mentioned above, the Wee Rock classes are drop in, but Heidi is adding a sign-up class at Mama's Hip on Wednesday mornings at 11am!  This class starts Oct. 6th and runs through Dec. 15th.  It is $60 for 10 classes.  You can get more details on her website

We are also happy to announce that Heide is giving us a GREAT prize to give away!! We will be running a contest starting on Monday so check back on this blog to enter!

Friday, August 20, 2010


The World of Good Festival, hosted by La Leche League of Southern Indiana, will be held on Sat., Aug. 21 from 10am to 2pm at the Green Tree Mall. The family festival will include free admission, giveaways, free children’s activities, a raffle, face painting, free chair massages and over thirty booths hosted by local businesses and community organizations. The highlight of the festival will be the debut of the traveling art exhibit, “The Womanly Art: Works of Art Inspired by Breastfeeding.” The Howards, an acoustic eclectic husband and wife team, will perform at 10:30am; magicians Tricky Ricky, Tommy Thomas, and The Action Bros. will perform at 11:45am; and Heidi Howe of Wee Rock! will lead families in a sing-along at 1pm. Children’s activities will be provided by the Carnegie Center for Art and History, the Speed Art Museum, and Jefferson Memorial Forest, while the massages are courtesy of Louisville School of Massage. The event is sponsored by Woman Care, David L. McCay, M.D., Fannies Diaper Service, Tim Corba, M.D. and Preston Arts Center.

The goal of the art exhibit is tri-fold: to promote breastfeeding among expectant and new moms, to normalize breastfeeding and the image of nursing moms among the general public and to raise funds for the La Leche League of Southern Indiana. “The festival is a way to bring families together to celebrate the fact that breastfeeding is family-friendly and should be seen as such,” said Amy Bammel, La Leche League Leader. The exhibit showcases 23 pieces from local artists and artists from as far away as Colorado and Canada. After the festival, the art exhibit will travel through November; exhibit venues include New Albany-Floyd County Library, Indiana University Southeast, Charlestown Pizza Company, WomanCare and Destinations Booksellers.

The La Leche League, a 501c 3 non-profit organization, helps mothers worldwide to breastfeed through mother-to-mother support, encouragement, information, and education. This is done through free monthly meetings and free telephone help. For more information about La Leche League, visit www.llli.org.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Review of Jefferson Memorial Forest By: Jeanette

With the cooler morning, the kids and I decide to hop over to Jefferson Memorial Forest to see what that is all about. The forest is a living memorial to all the Kentucky vets who have served during war time. It encompasses almost 6200 acres making it the largest municipal urban forest in the nation.

It is just about 5min off the Gene Snyder and 20 min from downtown Louisville – so it is practically in your backyard.

We started at the Welcome Center which looked like a big white house. Here we found helpful staff that answered all our questions, a gift store, trail maps and descriptions among other things. I picked up a scavenger hunt to do with my toddler while we were exploring the forest as well. The trails vary from easy to strenuous and as short as 0.13miles up to 6.7miles (one-way). A few of the hiking trails can accommodate wheelchairs and strollers, bikes, or horses.

We hiked the Memorial Trail and Tuliptree trail which is a part of the Tom Wallace Recreation Area. These were very doable with a stroller. We were able to mark things such as squirrel, ant, rabbit, duck, butterfly, and pinecones off our scavenger hunt list. I look forward to returning with my husband and both kids in backpacks to explore more of the trails there.

Taking the road straight across from the Welcome Center takes into Tom Wallace R.A. Here you will find a fishing lake and a playground with some trails. You can buy a fishing license and live bait from the Welcome Center before heading over if needed. The playground was nice and surrounded by the forest. There were a few picnic tables as well. There were no baby swings and only port-o-pots as bathrooms. So I would recommend bringing some extra toilet paper just in case.

Besides providing hiking trails, Jefferson Memorial Forest has programs for all ages and variety ranging from Family Explorer Program, Canoeing skills, and even Howl at the Moon events where you bring your dogs. These programs all require pre-registration so check out the events calendar (and our blog calendar) if you and your family are looking for something fun outdoors.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

WEE ROCK By: Stephanie

Today, I am going to take my kids to a trial class for Wee Rock with Heidi Howe.  I have heard such fantastic things about her music classes, I can't believe I haven't gone with my kids.  I will be sure to write a review becuase she will be giving me an awesome prize to give away to you fantastic blog readers!  Stay tuned..............

Monday, August 16, 2010

We have a winner!

Jessica Starost was the first to email us to say that the Kindermusik Playdate for Babies is on Wednesday at 10am!

Jessica wins 2 passes to open play at KaZoing!

We hope you all have tried to visit KaZoing!  It is such a fun place for kids of all ages!

Monday Morning Contest for KaZoing Passes!

The first person to email us at LouisvilleFamilyFun@gmail.com with the correct answer to the following question wins 2 OPEN PLAY PASSES for KaZoing!!  We will post your name on this site as the winner. 

Use our calendar to find the answer!  When is the Kindermusik Playdate for Babies?

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Review of the Louisville Nature Center By Jeanette

Either a short walk or drive from Joe Creason Park and the zoo is the Louisville Nature Center which is also a neighbor to Beargrass Creek State Nature Preserve.  We just explored the nature center which was a quaint little place that has lots of information. The volunteers/workers there were very helpful despite just having welcomed a group of elementary aged kids for one of their educational program. In the front they have a pond and different type gardens to look at along with several different trees that are marked so you can learn the types of trees in the area. Inside, they have a few interactive exhibits for kids and adults alike along with a library. In the back of the center is a bird blind where you go into a building and are able to watch birds and squirrels eat without disturbing them. There are books and posters in the bird blind to help you identify what you see. There were 2 hiking trails in the back as a part of Beargrass Creek State Nature Preserve. We were unable to explore the trails on this trip due to the fact a double stroller wouldn’t fit on the trail and I wasn’t too interested in carry to boys on the hike. I look forward to returning though soon to check out the trail. One is 1.5miles and the other one takes a shortcut so it is just about .75miles. The center has a Trail Map and Interpretive Guide brochure that points out 20 interesting things along the route – especially like such as what poison ivy looks like. Just a little more info on the nature center that you may not know is you can host your 4-8 year old’s birthday party there or buy a rain barrel from them. Just a recommendation, but I would call ahead to see if you can find out what time (if any groups) would be coming the day you would like to go since the center is not overly huge. I would imagine your experience would be a bit more enjoyable. Fortunately for us, we just beat the group to the sites and hands on exhibits so we were able to enjoy seeing everything.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Review of Joe Creason Park By Jeanette

Across the street from the Louisville zoo is Joe Creason Park. This was my first time exploring the park and I look forward to returning. It is home to Louisville Tennis Center which was pretty busy this morning. The park has a 1.5mile paved walking/running loop. A portion shares it with cars in the park, but just for a very short distance. There are 2 nice hills along the route along with 2 bridges that go over a creek. Parts of the path are shaded, so this was a good mix for those who do not want to walk the longer path at Cherokee Park, but want something a little longer than the walking path at Seneca Park. There were several dirt trails that veered off from the paved loop, but definitely not suitable for a double stroller. We parked right by the playground so when we were done jogging, my son could go venture on to the playground. There were several swing sets and 2 separate playgrounds that were near each other. Plenty of shade was there, but unfortunately not covering the playground area. The restroom was a short walk from the playgrounds. Also there were several picnic tables and benches. I think this would be a great place to go in the fall when the leaves are changing to have a picnic with the family. With the few rolling hills there, you will have a nice view.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Bring the "Beach" Inside! By: Stephanie

There is little my kids like more than digging in the sand. But, with this heat, we can't be spending hours outside!  I have heard of people make rice sandboxes for indoor digging, but I tried that once and the rice was a mess!!  I thought I just needed something bigger that was easier to clean than tiny grains of rice.  PASTA!!  And, it is on sale at Meijer this week for $0.79 a box.  Sometimes, they have it on sale for $0.50 a box if you want to wait.  I took stuff out of an under the bed storage container and transfered it to a box.  Then, I dumped 5 boxes of pasta into the storage and BAM! Indoor "sand" box.  The kids are absolutely loving it.  I think it needs more pasta though so I am going to get 2 more boxes. If you do this, try 7 or 8 boxes for that size bin. Or, you can just use a smaller bin or a box and fill it with however much pasta you think you need. 

Dance and Music Classes in Louisville

Dance and Music Classes for the Creative Arts Minded Toddler

Looking for fun, structured ways to entertain your toddler while the other kids are in school? Here’s a list of creative art activities that you and your little kiddo can get involved with during the upcoming school year.

Dance Alley
Classes Start Aug. 23 with a Free Fall Preview Day on Aug. 21.

A wide variety of dance class for kids 2 and up. There are a few mommy and me classes for those under 2.

360 Dance
Class starting Tuesday after Labor Day.

Creative Movement for 3-4 years old

Offers a variety of dance class for older kids as well

All About Kids
Classes start Aug. 16.

Dance for 2 and up

Gymboree Play and Music
Classes are continually accepting (can attend a free class, see details online)

Music I and Family Music for 6 months and up

Heartland Music Together
Classes start Sept. 13

Music for 0 years and up

Check out the website for a free preview class

Musical Milestones
Classes start Sept. 9

Music for 6 months and up

Check out the website for a free demo day

Music for newborn and up

Attend a free preview class.

Wee Rock
Classes are drop in and first class is free

Music for 6 months and up

Connie's Performing Arts and Dance
306 New Venture Dr. 40214. 368-4052
It is only 40 a month.
Fall classes start Sept. 7

What did we miss that you have enjoyed participating in the past?

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Movie Night at Home! By Stephanie

Man, it is hot outside!!  Stay inside and make a new treat with the kids and watch a FREE movie!  Go to one of the local Blockbuster Blue Express machines and enter this code  GT18A to get a FREE DVD rental until 8/31.  Then, come home and make some fresh caramel popcoirn from the microwave!  Just follow these easy instructions!

4 quarts popped popcorn
1 cup brown sugar
1/2 cup margarine
1/4 cup light corn syrup
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1/2 teaspoon baking soda


Place the popped popcorn into a large brown paper bag. Set aside.

In a 2 quart casserole dish, or other heat-proof glass dish, combine the brown sugar, margarine, corn syrup, salt and vanilla. Heat for 3 minutes in the microwave, then take out and stir until well blended. Return to the microwave, and cook for 1 1/2 minutes. Remove from microwave, and stir in the baking soda.

Pour syrup over the popcorn in the bag. Roll down the top once or twice to close the bag, and shake to coat the corn. Place bag into the microwave, and cook for 1 minute and 10 seconds. Remove, shake, flip the bag over, and return it to the microwave. Cook for another 1 minute and 10 seconds. Dump the popcorn out onto waxed paper, and let cool until coating is set. Store in an airtight container.

Kentucky Art Car Weekend and First Friday Trolley Hop By Jeanette

Since seeing Kentucky Art Car Weekend advertised last year, I have been excited to take the family to see the art cars. It just so happened to fall on the First Friday Trolley Hop. So we ventured out on Friday night to downtown. After battling traffic on 64W, we easily found a parking spot within a short walk to the free event to view the art cars. The cars varied from a tiki one to a motorcycle with comics on it. My favorite was the Starry Night van. I think my oldest son enjoyed seeing the fishes move on one car. It was fun to see all the different cars. It makes think we could turn my son’s cozy coupe into an art car to enter in next year.

Although we did not ride the free trolley, we enjoyed seeing the activities going on downtown because of the First Friday Trolley Hop. We enjoyed some homemade ice cream, only later to pass a gelato stand that would have been good too. The Louisville Science Center had an outdoor bubble exhibit showing how to make art with blowing different colored bubbles on paper along with some other hands on experiments. And for the adults there was a wine tasting along the route as well. It was an enjoyable evening spent with the family and would be interested in checking it out again next month. The website for First Friday Trolley Hop summarizes the different events going on during the hop.

Monday, August 9, 2010

And the winner is..........

Amy Callihan! Thanks Amy for being the first one to email us with the correct answer to our question.  Anyone can get into the Louisville Science Center for just $5 on Fridays and Saturdays after 5pm!  Amy wins 2 passes to open play at Kazoing!

Monday Morning Contest for KaZoing Passes!

Sorry...later than 10am as promised......so is life with two toddlers!

The first person to email us at LouisvilleFamilyFun@gmail.com and tell us the answer to this question will win 2 passes for open play at Kazoing...use our calendar to find the answer!

When can you get into the Louisville Science Center for only $5?

Sunday, August 8, 2010

And the winner is!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jennifer Bussell Smith is the winner of 4 passes to the Louisville Science Center! She entered the contest on our facebook page and said that her and her kiddos beat the heat by putting a spinkler on the trampoline!  Congrats to Jennifer!

Don't forget, Monday Morning Contest tomorrow before 10am for Open Play Passes to Kazoing!!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Live Music at Louisville's Westport Village...By Stephanie

Last week, my family and I went to Westport Village to listen to live music, walk around and get some ice cream.  Every Friday until September 3rd, they have a summer concert!  Right by Boom Bozz Pizza, they set up for the band and there are tons of people and families that come and set up chairs to relax and listen to music.  It was such a fabulous family friendly atmosphere.  They leave a space open in front of the band for people who want to get down and boogie! My kids totally got in on the action. Last Friday, it was a Beatles cover band and my kids were showing off all of their moves. It was a great event!  We walked around the shopping center a bit and stopped for ice cream at The Comfy Cow.   We got kiddie cones for the kids ($2 each) and didn't get any ourselves. We figured we would mooch off of the little ones. But, let me say, the kids loved that ice cream, our plan was ruined because they ate all of it.  I did sneak some of Maggie's Cookie Monster Dough Ice Cream and well, it was fantastic.  If you are looking for an evening cup of joe, I have also been to La Vida Java and they make a delish cup of coffee or espresso, even nice smoothies!  It's right next to the ice cream shop, so you can grab a scoop for the kids and a beverage for you!  I might just have to head back there with the kids tonight because it was a wonderful evening!

Suggestions for a Louisville Family Fun Filled Weekend!

Friday Evening:

Take the family to the First Friday Trolley Hop starting at 5pm and ride the trolley for free and see some fun exhibits. At the 700 Block of West Main Street car art will be on displayed as part of the Kentucky Art Car Weekend.  The science center is having a bubble festival outside its doors and/or visit Muhammad Ali Center for a launch of new way to view the museum through a scavenger hunt.

Bowl a free game at participating centers

Attend the Family Fun Fair at the Falls of Ohio State Park : Children (3-14) can dissect an owl pellet, go on an ‘Earth Day’ scavenger hunt, and meet Seaman the Newfoundland.


Visit the zoo  and meet Diego and jump in a bounce house sponsored by Ziploc.

There are lots more family oriented events on the calendar to check out if these do not get you excited to get out and about the Louisville area.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Beat the Heat CONTEST!!

Email us at LouisvilleFamilyFun@gmail.com OR post a comment in today's (8/5) ALL CAPS status on Facebook to tell us the answer to this questions: "What is your favorite thing to do to beat the heat?"

A person will be chosen at random by Stephanie's son on Sunday at noon.  The winner will get FOUR PASSES TO THE LOUISVILLE SCIENCE CENTER  (a $50 value!!!) so they can go there and cool down and have some indoor, air conditioned fun!!  The winner's name will be announced on Sunday on our blog!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

National Night Out in Louisville By Jeanette

We decided to battle the heat last night and take our sons to check out the National Night Out that was located at the Target near Jefferson Mall. This is a unique crime/drug prevention event. They had a police helicopter and fire truck that the kids could sit in and push buttons. What more could a two year old ask for? The Okolona firemen that came out were super nice and engaging with us and our kids. Some policemen were also walking around in uniform for kids to see. The event had some free games, a bounce house, clown making balloon animals, and face painting for the kids. There was also a booth to educate the community on meth and what to look for. It was a small event and not overly crowded while we were there.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Art Sparks at the Speed Art Museum by Stephanie

This past weekend, we went to the Speed Art Museum to visit the Art Sparks exhibit. We used the family pass that the kids earned through the library summer reading program so we only had to pay for parking ($3 for the 2 hrs we were there).

You enter the main museum and have to walk through the museum to get to the elevator to go down to the Art Sparks exhibit. So, if you have rambunctious kids like I do, you might want to keep them contained in a stroller so they don't try to climb on a statue or something!! 
In the Art Sparks exhibit, the kids can interact with many things.  They can create colorful shadows with an overhead projector, build huge towers of blocks, play in an old time kitchen or pretend to be on a ship, make rubbings and more.  They even have a separate room for painting, drawing and stamping. All of the colors are washable and they have aprons for the kids.  There is a small room designed for the really young ones as well.  My kids loved the dark room that had hoola hoops and ribbons. As the dance, a funky projector put them up on the screen in all different colors and patterns.

This exhibit is small but enough to entertain your little ones on a rainy or hot day so you should definitely add it to your list of things to do!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Deam Lake (IN) State Recreational Area....by Stephanie

Deam Lake is a hidden treasure for a day escape from Louisville to the BEACH!  One thing that I am afraid of when it comes to the actual beach is the waves and my small children getting swept up.  No worries about that at Deam Lake, it is very calm and relaxing!

Deam Lake is just about 20 minutes away from downtown Louisville and is very easy to find if you google the address.  The beach area opens at 8am. We arrived at a little after 9am and it was completely empty.  It was really nice to play when the sand was still cool and have our own "private" beach. When I got there I thought it was very dirty with trash everywhere, but it turns out that I was just there so early that they hadn't been out to clean it up yet from the weekend.  By 10am, there was no trash to be found and all of the trash cans were emptied.    As state parks go, it looked fairly well kept. 

The sand is actually sand, not dirt. They must bring it in since there are tiny sea shells in it and it is a little rocky, so water shoes would be a plus but not necessary.  As you walk in the water, the bottom is sandy as well. I was afraid it would be mushy or slimy, but it was just fine.  The water was so warm and it was clear that you could look down and see the little fish swimming around.  My kids loved that!  Like I said, it was so calm and it didn't get deep quickly, so my small children were able to play and splash around and stand!  They had so much fun jumping all over the water since the pools we usually swim in are too deep for them to touch the bottom.  Even though there are no life guards, I felt it was safe because it didn't drop off and get deep.  My kids would have had to be a good ways out before they could not stand, so as a parent in the water or near the water with your child, you should have time to react if they are headed to where it is deeper.

There are boats available for rent and there are concessions sold, starting at 11am.  We didn't partake in either of these, but I saw many people buying things at the stand. In the same building, very close to the beach, they have showers, restrooms, changing areas and lockers.  Before 11am, they have an out house type building if you need to use the restroom.  Across the parking lot, there is a playground but my kids had so much fun in the water and sand that we didn't need to test that one out!

There are many picnic tables all over. Some are in the shaded, wooded area up on a hill next to the beach and others are fairly close to the beach.  There are also some charcoal grills. 

All in all, it is definitely worth the short drive.  I overheard some people talking about how nice it was to be empty compared to the weekend so I suspect you might have quite a bit of company if you go on the weekend.  Have fun!

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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Things to do this week in Louisville

Highlights for Week of Aug. 1

Louisville is having some fun activities this week and it could not be timed better with school fast approaching.
Here are some of the highlights for the week from the Louisville Family Fun Calendar:

Monday: Grandparent Special at the Science Center: Grandparents get in for $8 and up to 4 grandkids in for FREE!
Anchorman playing for FREE at Iroquois Park

Tuesday: Day at the Museum (Carnegie Center) FREE!
Brusters for Bloggers: BOGO!
National Night Out: See a LMPD helicopter

Wednesday: Storytime with the COW
Thursday: KY Art Car Weekend Starts
Sunset Party at Norton Commons

Friday: Open gyms or storytimes
Street Rod Nationals

Saturday: Bowl a free game at participating bowling centers

Kentucky Kids Directory....By Jeanette

Another source for area kid activities/businesses is the KY Kids Directory.  This is a free booklet, but also has a website for easy access. Just click on either the Louisville or Lexington directory, and you will see all the different categories of advertisers geared towards children of all ages. There is a category for camps, birthday ideas, or musical theater just to give you a few ideas. It isn’t an exhaustive list, but a good place to get started. A few of the businesses we have reviewed for you such as Locker Soccer and KaZoing are advertised in this book.

Monday Morning Contest! & Bruster's for Bloggers!

Don't forget....tomorrow before 10am we will post a question on the blog and the first person to email the answer to us will win 2 passes to open play at KaZoing!

And, Tuesday is the first Tuesday of the month so that means............BUY ONE GET ONE FREE ICE CREAM TREATS at Brusters!!  Read more here

And, you can always get free ice cream when you buy a cake.....just read this post