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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Snow Days in Louisville: Ideas for Fun at Home By Stephanie

These snow days are adding up!  I am having to get really creative about finding things to do with the kids and I bet you are too. 

If the road were not good enough for school to open but you still want to brave them, there are many places that still remain open like The Science Center, The Frazier Museum, KaZoing!, Puzzles Fun Dome and All About Kids. Just give them a call to make sure they are open. 

Cherokee Park is usually the choice place for sledding. 

But, if you don't want to be out on the roads, here are some ideas for fun at home:
At home, you could have your kids work together to make a news report about the snow.  They can write up their dialogue on cue cards. One child can be the anchor, the other the weather reporter, someone to flip the cue cards and someone to operate the camera.  They can report on the snowfall outside your home or about the road conditions; anything they want!  Post the video to the facebook page of some of the local news stations, maybe they will even show it on TV?!

Do you have a sand and water play table sitting in the garage?  If you don't want to bundle the kids up like crazy for full blown snow play, bring the table to the porch and have them scoop and fill it with snow.  They can spend their time digging and making snow men right there. You can stay inside and they can still have a blast with the snow.

Or, bring the snow inside. It will melt after a while but if you keep refreshing, it will still be fun. Clean out the kitchen sink and put the stopper in. Fill it up with snow and the kids can play right there in the kitchen without getting bundled up.

Create an snow fort for a cool craft and kids can have mini snowball fights inside.  On a piece of cardboard, the kids can use popsicle sticks to glue together and make their own forts.  When it dries, they can spread glue on it and cover it with marshmallows, cotton balls or dried coconut.  Then, they can take some of their action figures and act out a snow ball fight between figures as they launch marshmallows or cotton balls between the forts!

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