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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

CONTEST!! $75 Gift Certificate to Heartland Music Together

We have a great prize from your from Heartland Music Together!  $75 to use toward one of their classes, no expiration date!!  These classes are wonderful for both the parents and children. You can visit our Past Reviews page and see what we have said about the program in the past.

To enter the contest to win this $75 gift certificate, simple do one or more of the following:

1) Comment on this blog post answering the following question. Please make sure to include your name.

2) Comment on today's ALL CAPS facebook status answering the question

3) Write a review about LouisvilleFamilyFun.net on our facebook page under the Reviews tab.

Do all 3 for 3 chances to win!

Question:  If you wrote a song about your child, what would be the title?

Please note: comments on this website will not appear immediately.
The contest will end Saturday at noon and the winner will be announced by the end of the day on 2/13.  The winner will be posted on this site and must email us within 24 hrs to claim the prize. 


Maleah said...

You make me crazy! Wait that is already a song! LOL Really I would write a love ballad, good night song. :)

Laura said...

"The Simon Song," original, huh? My husband wrote it right after he was born. It's now his soothing song; he calms down by the 3rd word!!

Scott said...

I make up songs about her and sing them to her all the time! Nothing I would do in public though:) If I were to really right a song about her, the title would be: Good Morning Sweet Baby. We love to sing right away in the morning!

Mindy McGirt said...

Every Day is Something New when I'm with You