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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

CONTEST! Tickets to Derby Dinner Playhouse

One of our lucky winners will win a meal and tickets for two people to enjoy one performance of Alexander Who's Not Not Not Going to Move at the Derby Dinner Playhouse Children's Theater in Jeffersonville, IN.  This prize is for any of the Saturday Public performances (Breakfast or Lunch) on Feb. 19, 26, Mar 5, 12, 19. 

Value of $32 or $42 depending on breakfast or lunch

From their site: Alexander, Who's NOT, NOT, NOT, NOT, NOT, NOT Going to Move

Alexander just received some really bad news from his parents... the family is moving. He already knows that he'll hate it, so he decides that he just won't move! Based on the popular children's book series.

Reservations will be required after you win so you can pick your date!

Here's how you can win:

You can enter BOTH ways for 2 chances to win!

1) Write a comment under TODAY'S ALL CAPS facebook page status answering the question

2) Comment on this blog post answering the question. Be sure to include your name!

The question:  How do you convince your kids to do something they insist they don't want to do?

Please note: Blog comments will not show immediately as they need to be moderated.
The contest will end on Friday February 4th at Noon. The winner will be announced by midnight on 2/5. The winner will be announced on the blog and must respond to us via email within 24hrs to claim the prize.


Anonymous said...

I usually try to make him think it was his idea by suggesting an alternate method to get the same result. :)

Brandi M.

Michelle said...

I try to turn things into games, a challenge. This makes it fun. I have also tried reward/sticker charts for when I need to help my child change a behavior.

ashleyb_0827 said...

I give them two choices (one of which is the choice I want him to pick, the other one is usually something not so awesome lol) and say "you can either ---- or ----" and those are the only two things he can p...ick.
I'm also not above bribery! LOL
- Ashley B.

Andrea T. said...

We have a bank DD made at school and she gets change for making good choices and doing good deeds. If she doesn't want to do what we have asked her to do, we remind her that she won't get any change for her bank and that usually gets her motivated.

Andrea T.

Anonymous said...

Insist louder! If I think it's just a misunderstanding, then I do try to explain why I want them to do something.

Becky W.

Ellie said...

Generally, I try to change the wording and make the situation into something she will somehow enjoy or think is her idea!

kathy k

smfouts said...

They will lose one of their 'privileges,' such as dessert or watching a tv show, if they don't do whatever it is. It usually works!

Jamie said...

I make it a game or add music too it for a fun dancing time.

Anonymous said...

I use reverse pshychology. If I tell my son in a joking tone to be sure not to eat his vegetables...especially the big ones - he eats them right up!
Caryn Weferling