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Sunday, February 13, 2011

WINNER! $75 for Heartland Music Together

The winner of the $75 gift certificate to Heartland Music Together is Maleah!  Maleah posted a comment on our blog saying that if she made up a song for her child it would be "You make me crazy! Wait that is already a song! LOL Really I would write a love ballad, good night song. :) "

This is how the winner selection process went down:

Mommy "James, put your hand in the bag and just pick one winner"
James "Ok mommy, what is the winning prize this time?"
Mommy "The winner gets some money to use to take a fun music class"
James "Wow, that's so cool, I like music too, I like Jason Aldean and I like Lady A"
Mommy "I know you do dude, ok, now pick only ONE paper"
James picks the paper
Mommy "Ok James, now let's open it up and see who won"
James opens the paper
Mommy "Wow, it's Miss Maleah! She won, you know....Hannah and Ella's mommy"
James  throws the paper back in the bag.
Mommy "What are you doing that for?"
James "You said one winner mommy and Hannah is 1 and Ella is 2, that's too many winners"
Mommy "Hehehehehehehehehehehehehehe, hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!"

Maleah, please email us at LouisvilleFamilyFun@gmail.com so we can send you your gift certificate!

Thanks everyone for entering! We will have another contest next week!