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Monday, April 25, 2011

Mondays with Mrs. Sparkles: Cherokee Art Fair, April 30

Don't miss the Cherokee Art Fair this coming weekend. It is a treat to take our children to this festival every year. Between exploring the artwork, the hands-on activities, eating ice cream and watching oversized puppets, it has become a signature event in our derby activities.

Here is a partial list of participating artists. Follow the links to learn more about them before you see their work in person this weekend. For a complete listing of participants visit the Cherokee Triangle Art Fair Facebook Page.

Children’s Items

Squallis Puppeteers puppets 712

Clothing and Accessories

Patterson, Laura & Gillian (Mosvold, Beech Designs) clothing 422


DeLozier, Beth (Crochetlaces) 513

Zent, Wendy (Whirlwend) felted wool 203

Glass, not Stained

Rodrigues, Sergio de Almeida (Vettori Art Glass) 506

Keenan, Beth & JoAnn Rawley (Fountains & Funktinis) 304


Boles, Barbara & Jason Smith (Windhorse Designs) 322

Stewart, Agnes (AgCessories by Agnes Grace) 305

Tinkle, Mary Merchant 115

Watson, Sissy 326

Wohlfeld, Thomas (Tomas Originals) 510

Zoellner, Jeff 535

Mixed Media

Joel Pinkerton

Painting &Drawing

Maney, Staci McKnight 701


Hii, Lou papercuts 430


Buckner, Mary Ann 220

Elder, Cynthia 525

Shedd, Randall 706

Kyle 413


Scott, Henrietta & Jeff (Highland Raku Studios) 406

Zama, Caroline (StarBird Pottery) 502


Hound Dog Press 123


Lambert, Mindy & Steve (Artienne Studio) 428

Children’s Activities

Children's Art Tent Cherokee Pkway/Willow Park

Heartland Music Together 801

Sand Art 805

Artistic Activities for Children and Adults

Caricatures by Denny Whelan near Dining Tent

Henna Tattoos by Bakula Sheth 804

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