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Monday, April 11, 2011

Mondays with Mrs. Sparkles: Violets, violets, millions of violets

Where was I last year when Spring sprung? Why do I not remember the sea of violets all over Kentuckiana? Have you noticed the purple ground cover along Eastern Parkway, River Road, Southern Parkway or any of the other shaded roads around? Everywhere I look, I am drawn to the millions of violets covering the light dappled lawns of Louisville. I admit it, I am not from around here, so what is normal for many is really extraordinary to me, especially after a long and cold winter.

So for this week I would like to implore you and your family to take a moment and enjoy the rites of spring and go roll around in the violets (especially before the lawn mowers get going). Don’t feel like lying down in the grass? Well, here are some other creative projects that will get you out picking violets.

Flower Pressing
After picking violets, press flowers by laying them in-between an old telephone directory. See this wiki video Press flowers by applying weight to the layers of flowers and paper with stacks of books. Once dried, use flowers in a creative art project.

Your children will love the magic of transferring the shapes and colors of flowers to fabric. See this how to video here . You can decorate t-shirts or bags or make flags, banners, or framed pictures with old sheets or cheap muslin.

Family Photos
Take your family out to a patch of wild violets and take some photos. Take a friend to capture your whole family laying down in a sea of purple.

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