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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Spraygrounds and Splash Areas in and around Louisville

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If you don't have access to a pool, there are many FREE options to cool down and get wet during the hot months in and around Louisville.  Many of the metro parks have spray areas and splash pads for lots of fun on really hot summer days as do other locations.  They are free and most are surrounded by all of the other amenities like playgrounds and picnic areas.

Here's a list of the free ones!

Mary T. Meagher has an outdoor sprayground. Here is our review. (Crescent Hill)

Baxter Square


Boone Square


Central - We discuss it in our review

Cherokee - Our Review


 photo IMG_3422.jpgGateway Park (Clarksville) - Reviewed here

George Rogers Clark - See our reviews

G.G. Moore

Elliott Square

Farnsley - See our review

Huston Quin - sprayground update completed in Summer 2017!

Iroquois - our review

Waterfront - review (of the park in general)

William B. Stansbury

William Harrison


For a fee/membership:

The Louisville Zoo also has a nice splash and spray area, Papa John's Splash Park. Admission is required!

The new Clarksville Cove will have three splash pads - opening 2017.

Jeffersonville Aquatic Center has a sprayground area.

New Albany's River Run has a splash area

Kentucky Kingdom has a shallow splash area

Atlantis Waterpark has a shallow splash area

Calypso Cove (YMCA Northeast) has a spray area

E.P. Tom Sawyer State Park has a splash pad

Updated May 2017


Stephanie said...

First- you guys are amazing for this post! I just posted this- http://threeloudkids.wordpress.com/2011/05/11/its-that-time-again/
and its almost like you guys posted a response to it haha!

Louisville Family Fun said...

We can read minds.....bwwaaaahhhhhh

Mrs. Grant said...

Thanks for the list. I am off to do some research on what area of town each of these are in.