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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Give me an 8, Give me an 0, Give me another 0: NOW GIVE ME COFFEE

James picked #2! So, the winner is WENDY PIERCE!  Email us at info@louisvillefamilyfun.net to claim your prize!

It is late, I am still on the computer so it is appropriate that Louisville Family Fun gives away a $10 gift card to a COFFEE shop, Heine Brothers Coffee.  Thank you to all of our loyal fans and welcome to all of our new fans!  We hope you love our site.  And thanks to Heine Brothers Coffee for giving this wonderful gift to a lucky reader.

This is how the contest will go:

Post a comment under this post and just tell us something about your family that makes you smile :) Include your first name and last initial or post using an account!

Saturday, we will count the total number of posts and put all of those numbers in a cup.  Then we (well, my son) will randomly select a number and the person that posted in that spot will win the card!!!   
We don't use random online selectors, it's more "family fun" for us to do it the old-fashioned way!

Comments will close at 8am on Saturday June 11th and my little dude will select a winner before his first t-ball game!

Your comment will not appear immediately and will not be posted if you do not follow the guidelines or if you miss the deadline (even by minutes).

This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook. As a participant in this giveaway, you are providing information to Louisville Family Fun and not to Facebook. Liking the page does not automatically enter you in the contest and the winner will not be announced via Facebook.


Creekermom said...

Listening to my 8 year old sing in the shower makes me smile.

Wendy Pierce said...

Today we went to see a movie at the theatre in 3D and my 4 year old kept trying to touch everything that came out at her!! I think I watched her enjoy the movie more than I actually watched the movie :))

Anonymous said...

I could post a million things about how my family makes me smile. When my 2 year old wakes up from his nap his hair is always sticking straight up and its the cutest thing in the world, but he is too!

Rosie C

Blessed Momma said...

We have 4 girls... the oldest is 4, then a 2 year old, and 7 month old twins :)))

Liz s said...

E is just starting to walk, I can't help but smile watching that little butt wiggle! Liz s

Anonymous said...

We have 18 month old twin boys. I love waking up in the mornings listening to them babble to each other and start laughing. It makes me smile every time!
Nykole S.

Jessica said...

We are Getting Married, My son's father and I dated for 3 years and got engaged November 14, 2010 ( my 25th Birthday - My fiance was 25 when we started dating). Our wedding Date is July 21, 2012. This makes me smile.

Andrea said...

Being able to finish my mom's and sister's sentences and seeing the looks on their faces makes me smile!

Emily G. said...

It makes me smile when my one year old plays peekaboo with me.

Anonymous said...

Watching my two oldest daughters "look after" their little siblings without prompting from me makes me smile!

Lauren N.

Erin said...

Having my 18 month old son ask me to read him another book

Elizabeth STarnes said...

My husband and I cant help but smile now that our 9 week old smiles at us! He even laughs a little sometimes!

Elizabeth Starnes

Anonymous said...

Spending time with my husband and daughter makes me smile:)
Robyn S.

Lyndsay said...

today my husband went to put his shoes on and found a peanut butter sandwich stuffed in there. it made me laugh bc even though it was gross, there was a time when i thought i would never be able to have kids, and now i dont know what i would do without my children, even when they do silly things!!!

lyndsay j.

Anonymous said...

The way my three year old suprises me with the ingenius things he says. Its the simplist things we dont give them credit for that they knew all along!

Aimee O

Anonymous said...

Watching me kids play together makes me smile.
Amber H.

Scott and Jennifer said...

My boys fall asleep in their bedroom doorways at night talking to one another.

jennifer s.

Katie said...

Watching my 2 year old daughter and 7 month ols son take a bath together. They crack each other up splashing