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Monday, June 13, 2011

Mondays with Mrs. Sparkles – Fly a Flag for Dad!

It has been two weeks since Mrs. Sparkles has made a creative entry on Louisvillefamilyfun.net! It is good to be back! Since my last entry, the Sparkle family spent Memorial Day weekend at Aldersgate Camp and Retreat Center in Ravenna. The weekend was filled with creek exploration, children’s laughter and catching up with close friends. Once home we turned our attention toward preparing for another camping trip – a weekend trip for just my husband and I.

We normally make a trip to Floyd County, Virginia each summer to attend a world and folk music festival called Floydfest. For anyone looking to share music with your children in a clean and family friendly venue, this is the festival for you. This year however, we decided to attend Bannaroo in Manchester, Tennessee this past weekend.

Although it was hot and extremely dusty, we had a wonderful time. I feel like my creativity packs have been recharged. Our family has been reunited and I return today with my mind turned towards father’s day.

Drawing inspiration from our camping excursions, I thought I would suggest a fun father’s day gift/project. One of the highlights to our weekend at Bonarroo was visiting other camps. Flags hung on tall bamboo poles identified many of the campsites in our area. We decided that our family needed a flagpole and a “Camp Sparkle” flag. With this idea in mind, I am going to attempt to make an 8’ tall collapsible bamboo flagpole and screenprinted flag for my husband for father’s day.

Here are my project resources – I will share my results later this week!

Super Simple Screen Printing

Locally grown bamboo:

Wolford’s Nursery – 502.245.6097

Other resources:

Oats Flag Company, Louisville

Colonel Walker Flags, Louisville

Collapsible Flag Pole (In Case I can not make my own pole)

Photos coming soon!

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