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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Review of Carmen's Cupcakes By: Stephanie

Recently, Carmen's Cupcakes posted on Facebook that Alison Krauss tried their cupcakes and said they were the best!  Now, I had to have them!  We stopped into the Carmen's Cupcakes' shop in Norton Commons (Prospect) and were met by the cheery owner, Misty and the aroma of baked goodness.

The bakery is very kid-friendly.  There are a few tables inside and outside for enjoying your treat. They also have a few coloring books and a big blackboard wall with chalk available for doodling entertainment.  My son chose candy over a cupcake, which in my opinion was an incredibly bad decision! But, he's 4, choose your battles! I liften my two year old daughter, who has an even bigger sweet tooth than I do, and she ogled over the cupcake options.  The owner told us about the various flavors and although it was difficult, my daughter chose the peanut butter cupcake and I choose the bon bon cupcake.   We were given the desserts on a nice plate with a fork and Maggie was able to go to a little table to add some embellishments to her cupcake like sprinkles and chocolate chips.
I tasted both cupcakes.  The cakes were extremely moist.  They are a little more dense than most cakes I have had, but in a good way. They lean almost toward a muffin texture.  Maggie's cupcake was a peanut butter paradise.  The bon bon cupcake was a rich chocolate cake with a white icing (that tasted like marshmallow) and a dollop of fudge. Simply put: it was incredible. The icing was just right and I didn't leave feeling like I over-indulged, it was all proportional; just enough cake, just enough icing.  The other thing I noticed about both cupcakes was that I wasn't bombarded by sugar. It was pure flavor, not just tons of sweetness.

We need to head back to Carmen's Cupcakes again to try their Pinkaliscious frozen yogurt and treat bar. I am sure both of my children will enjoy adorning their chilled treats with all sorts of goodies.  I want to try it since it's a non-fat alternative to our normal ice cream desserts. 

Looking for an excuse to try the cupcakes? Head there on Tuesdays this summer for a FREE cupcake for your child when you (an adult) purchases a cupcake!


~heather~ said...


Anonymous said...

the best part about this place is that it a nut free shop ... probably the only bakery like that you don't have to worry about your kids choking on a nut that might of fell in the batch of cupcakes.
Rebekah A.

Anonymous said...

i've tried their cupcakes and was not impressed. seriously i'd bet my house that these are not made from scratch, but rather a box mix.
the icing is not buttercream, but tastes like lard. service is with an attitude.
i've had better cupcakes locally, and for $3.00 a cupcake they are rather small compared to others that we tried around town.
all my friends agree, don't waste your money, their are other places that have a better tasting product.

Louisville Family Fun said...
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Louisville Family Fun said...

Previous post deleted b/c I made a typo and it was really bothering me LOL!

Thanks for your comments! We all have different tastes for things and I happened to like Carmens. For example, some people like Gigi's and I am not so much a fan. At least we are lucky to have so many different options around town so we can pick our favorite cupcakes and enjoy them, whoever bakes them!

tammy bosco said...

well she's out of business for sure.
aApparently she was rude to customers and her products were not all natural, or baked fresh daily but frozen and from a box mix.
Both her stores are closed.
I knew she wouldn't last long with deceptive adverting and mediocre products.
I won't be missing her or he defensive attitude.
Good riddance...

Louisville Family Fun said...

I wasn't aware that she closed the shops, I will have to look into that.