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Friday, July 22, 2011

Educational Magazine Project for Preschoolers

Louisville Family Fun does not always have to take place outdoors or cost a ton of money!  We love exploring local parks, events, museums and businesses but sometimes it's nice to have a calm afternoon being creative at home.

A few days ago, I was cleaning and about to recycle many many magazines and instead, I turned it into a simple activity that the kids enjoyed.

I cut out a bunch of different pictures from the magazines.  I tried to make sure I was getting a variety of colors. Then, I placed different colors of construction paper on our table.  We went through the photo cut-outs one by one and talked about the colors.  The kids used glue sticks to attach the picture to it's matching construction paper.  We had great discussions about how dark a color was or how light it was. Was it a warm color or a cool color?  Is there a pattern? etc.  It turned into a really lovely hour!

Take a little time to look around your home, maybe you have some family fun sitting right in front of you!!

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