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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Learning Tower by Little Partners

PhotobucketLast week, I went to the ABC Kids Expo at the Kentucky Exposition Center.  I was searching for products that I thought would aid in "Family Fun."  At my house, this product would definitely help.  My kids are always helping me cook or wash dishes and I get so nervous with them standing on chairs!  The Learning Tower is a safer alternative!  They love being little helpers and I think it would be more fun for me and them if I knew they were contained in their little booster tower.

I have seen The Learning Tower before.  My friend in NY has one and loves it. It adjusts in heights so it would be good for a younger preschooler as well as a 5 year old.  What I didn't know is that it has multiple purposes.  You can get add-on pieces to get more out of it.  As you can see in the picture, my son is standing in it drawing and my daughter is drawing on the side. There is a dry erase board that you can get to attach to the side! This would be great for me because if one child wants to help me on the counter and the other doesn't, I can still keep them close by with other things to do!  Also, both of my kids could fit in it at the same time with ample room.

They have cute tents that go over them to convert them into a puppet show playhouse.  It's really a great idea!  They are working on a prototype for a drop in seat so that the tower can be converted into a high chair!  This would be an AWESOME high chair because you could continue to use it for years with other purposes.  Since it's a piece of furniture, it's also nice that they come in different colors or shades of wood. 

I asked if they were sold locally and they are not, yet.  They did indicate that they hoped a local business would see them at the show and decide to carry them.  They retail for close to $200 and the add-on pieces are extra.  If your children are just starting out wanting to help you and are on the younger side, I think it is a good investment since you will get many years out of it!  I saw on their site that they would ship for free because they ship for free with orders over $99!

1 comment:

Lynn B said...

Love those things - I have always wanted one. My kids are so big now that I really don't need one! :)