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Monday, December 19, 2011

Brica Products from the ABC Kids Expo & a GIVEAWAY!!!

At the ABC Kids Expo this fall, I spent some time with the professionals from Brica learning about their "on the go" products. I wanted to inform you all about items that help you get out with your kids with ease.  I found the pod products from Brica that are really perfect for parents who are hitting the parks, taking day trips, as well as venturing out with the kids to the grocery store. 

They have a Snack Pod that easily adjusts to fits to many things, especially the stroller and car seat.  But, I imagine you can strap it to a grocery cart as well.   And, it's dishwasher safe so if it gets all sticky or full of crumbs, you just toss it in the dishwasher!

The other pod item that I thought would be helpful is the Phone Pod.  You know all of those apps that your little ones like but they are so little that you fear they will drop (or throw!) your precious smart phone???  Brica has the Phone Pod which grips your phone and attaches it to things like strollers and grocery carts.
It rotates for both phone views, adjusts to fit most phones!

And, they have a Drink Pod!  It has a quick clamping system like the others so it can clamp to so many different things. It's dishwasher safe too, perfect in the event of spills. But, there will likely be less spills because this device is designed to keep drinks level!  It's good for adult or kids drinks.

From Brica:

PhotobucketBRICA Deluxe Snack Pod

The Deluxe Snack Pod can be attached to most strollers and many car seats, so your child can have easy access to his drink and snack while on the go or in the car.  The Deluxe Snack Pod can attach to most tubes, rails or seats.  The push-to-turn Quick Attach™ safety knob keeps the pod where you put it.  The detachable tray and snack cup are dishwasher safe for easy cleanup and the self-adjusting drink holder securely accommodates various cup sizes.  The snack cup is also BPA-free and its easy-access lid resists spills while allowing your child to grab his snack.

BRICA Drink Pod

PhotobucketThis is the ultimate drink holder for mom, dad or caregiver.  Whether you are zigging and zagging or stopping and going, this drink holder automatically adjusts the position of your drink to keep it level. It has the new Quick Attach™ clamp, so it easily fits the tubes, rails or seats of most stroller frames, beach chairs and shopping carts.  It is top-rack dishwasher safe and self-adjusting to accommodate various cup sizes.

BRICA Phone Pod

PhotobucketThese days, your smart phone is in constant use – whether checking email and texts, listening to music or reviewing your grocery list, a hands free holder is essential. Why store your phone in your purse or your pocket, where you have to dig it out or where it may easily fall?  The BRICA Phone Pod can be attached to almost any shape tube, rail or seat, so it's perfect on a stroller, grocery cart or beach chair.  It can also be attached to a car seat if you want to let your child watch a video.  It's easy to install and remove and can rotate to landscape or portrait mode.  The self-adjusting side arms grip most phone models.

We are going to have a "BRICA Pod package" giveaway? One lucky reader receives the Phone Pod (it's for any smartphone, the iPhone or most others), the Deluxe Snack Pod (kid pod with one side for food, the other for drink) and the Drink Pod.

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