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Monday, January 31, 2011

Mondays with Mrs. Sparkles: Creative Ideas for your Kindergartener

How can parents help bridge the gap between play and other creative endeavors
 at home to the environment of learning of Kindergarten?

With a daughter who will turn 5 this spring, conversations lead back to hopes for entering Kindergarten this fall. She is so excited. She doesn’t quite no what to expect. Right now, I think her concept of Kindergarten is a place where girls and boys meet in a garden to learn to read and play games. I expect that this concept is pretty common.

At home, I have been searching for subtle creative ways to prepare her for her journey towards literacy and life long learning. Of course, my daughter is learning everyday. She is a sponge like all kids. We read together. Through preschool, dance class and requiring her to dress herself and complete chores I am fostering her independence. I am teaching her to listen and follow directions. Still, I wonder, what else can I do to help her get ready for kindergarten and school? How can I send her to school with a healthy sense of self and creative fuel?

Here are some ideas that we are exploring in our household:

Story Journals: Children love telling stories and making up rhymes about their favorite things. Use a spiral bound notebook to help your preschooler write and illustrate some of their favorite stories. You know the ones I am talking about, the one about the monster under the bed or that movie character that they are into.

Illustration Files: Encourage your child to collect images of things they really love and places they have been. Collections of images can be used for countless projects in the future – collages, drawings, and creative stories. You can also use the images to reinforce memories and build vocabulary.

Things to Do in Louisville with Kids for Valentine's Day

Take them to a show at the Derby Dinner Playhouse or out to the movies and make it a special little "date" for just Mom and kiddo or Daddy and kiddo....or better yet, make it a family date!

Take them to the Paint Spot or The Artist in You and they can paint a little vase. Plan ahead and have it ready by Valentine's Day. Then, on Valentine's Day, give them their vase filled with chocolate flowers and a card from Mom and Dad!

Take them to Dundee Candy Shop to pick out their own special chocolate treats!

After dinner, treat the family to chocolate fondue at home!

Go to a family social at The Louisville Nature Center. What's better than showing your love by spending time together on a hike and enjoying smores!

Cruise together on The Belle of Louisville

Enjoy a FREE classical concert at the Kentucky Center

Sunday, January 30, 2011

WINNER! Valentine's Day Bow from Katiebugz Bowtique

Heather Larson Robinson is the winner of the fantastic handmade bow from Katiebugz Bowtique. Heather entered by writing a review on our LFF Facebook page.  Thanks Heather!

Please email us at LouisvilleFamilyFun@gmail.com so we can get the prize to you!!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Celebrating Black History Month in Louisville February 2011

Things to do in Louisville in February 2011
Since February is Black History Month, this month’s events highlight several places, activities to check out, to learn more, and celebrate.

African-American History Library Challenge at Crescent Hill Library – ALL MONTH Flex your library skills to answer question about African-American history. Ages 6-12. FREE!!

Civil War Reenactments Enjoy Civil War reenactments by Robert Bell offered by our Newburg Friends of the Library. FREE!!

KY Opera Presents Oh Freedom! At Bon Air Library. A musical journey that begins in Africa and ends with the election of the first African-American president. Also, learn about music during the Harlem Renaissance and the Civil Rights movement and see a performance of A Chorus of Hope, composed by Louisville composer and musician Harry Pickens. For all ages! FREE!!

SECOND SATURDAY Family Day – “Celebrating African American Heritage” at Frazier Museum. Join the kids club and they can get in for FREE!

Kentucky Derby Museum
– Visit and learn about African Americans in the Derby

Be sure to check out posts from last February for additional ideas HERE and HERE.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Things to do this weekend in Louisville January 28, 29, 30

Louisville Family Fun January 28, 29, 30 Weekend

How are you going to enjoy the last weekend of January 2011? Here are some fun events going on around the Louisville area:

  • Louisville LightningFamily Night for indoor professional soccer
  • PJ Party at Chic-Fil-A at St. Matthews/Shelbyville Rd and Springhurst/Westport Rd
  • Earth Day Everyday –Newburg Library - Recycle magazines and newspapers into fabulous beads, then string them together for a necklace or book dangle. Ages 8-12.
  • Louisville Zoo  – Bring a canned good for Dare to Care Food Bank and get in for $5 (special is good through Jan. 31)
  • Newport Aquarium is having Winter Family Days through February 28. 2 kids get in FREE with 1 adult ticket purchased at the aquarium

Check out the websites for additional information for dates, times, and pricing and our calendar for additional family fun going on this weekend.

And don’t forget about having some family fun at bowling alleys, ice skating rinks, indoor water parks, roller skating rinks, and your local library.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

CONTEST! Valentine's Day Bow from Katiebugz Bowtique

Katiebugz Bowtique is run by one creative and talented local mom who specializes in making custom bows and headbands that are as cute as the little girls who wear them!  You can be the proud winner of this lovely Valentine's Day bow that she will ship right to the winner!  What a fantastic accessory for a special little girl in your life.

Here's how to win:
  • Go to Katiebugz Bowtique's Facebook page and "like" her page. 
  • Browse through the photos of her bows and headbands.
  • Leave ONE comment on this blog post telling us your favorite item that she makes!
  • For an additional 2 entries, leave a review OF OUR WEBSITE on our Louisville Family Fun Facebook page by clicking on the Reviews tab at the top of the page!

  • The contest ends Sunday 1/30/11 at noon. The winner will be chosen at random and announced by midnight 2/1/11.
  • Please note: comments need to be moderated and do not appear immediately. 
  • The winner must email us at LouisvilleFamilyFun@gmail.com within 24 hrs from when the winner is announced or another winner will be chosen. 

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Snow Days in Louisville: Ideas for Fun at Home By Stephanie

These snow days are adding up!  I am having to get really creative about finding things to do with the kids and I bet you are too. 

If the road were not good enough for school to open but you still want to brave them, there are many places that still remain open like The Science Center, The Frazier Museum, KaZoing!, Puzzles Fun Dome and All About Kids. Just give them a call to make sure they are open. 

Cherokee Park is usually the choice place for sledding. 

But, if you don't want to be out on the roads, here are some ideas for fun at home:
At home, you could have your kids work together to make a news report about the snow.  They can write up their dialogue on cue cards. One child can be the anchor, the other the weather reporter, someone to flip the cue cards and someone to operate the camera.  They can report on the snowfall outside your home or about the road conditions; anything they want!  Post the video to the facebook page of some of the local news stations, maybe they will even show it on TV?!

Do you have a sand and water play table sitting in the garage?  If you don't want to bundle the kids up like crazy for full blown snow play, bring the table to the porch and have them scoop and fill it with snow.  They can spend their time digging and making snow men right there. You can stay inside and they can still have a blast with the snow.

Or, bring the snow inside. It will melt after a while but if you keep refreshing, it will still be fun. Clean out the kitchen sink and put the stopper in. Fill it up with snow and the kids can play right there in the kitchen without getting bundled up.

Create an snow fort for a cool craft and kids can have mini snowball fights inside.  On a piece of cardboard, the kids can use popsicle sticks to glue together and make their own forts.  When it dries, they can spread glue on it and cover it with marshmallows, cotton balls or dried coconut.  Then, they can take some of their action figures and act out a snow ball fight between figures as they launch marshmallows or cotton balls between the forts!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Mondays with Mrs. Sparkles: Make a Multi-use Drawing Board

It’s Monday, and for those of you facing another week of driving to and from school, sports practice, and dance lessons – enter your families busy weekly activities here- I want to suggest a collection of materials that may spark your child’s creativity and provide some in-between entertainment.

These supplies are inspired by the Speed Art Museum’s Art Sparks Interactive Gallery. For those of you who have not had the opportunity to visit yet, the gallery is located on the lower level of the Speed Art Museum.

One activity at Art Sparks is called Mirror Mirror (pictured on the right) where families can sit in front of one of two Plexiglass boards and draw with dry erase markers directly on the Plexiglass. Since two people can sit on opposite sides and see each other, a fun activity is to trace each other’s faces, bodies, etc.

This week’s creative activity involves creating your own travel size flexible use drawing board. Here is what you can start with.

1 Plexiglass Wall-Mount Sign Holder (Staples or other office supply store)
1-20 sheets of 8 ½ x 11” multi-use paper
1+ Low Odor Dry Erase Marker
2 Small metal Binder Paper Clips
Paper Towel

Supplemental Supplies:
A plastic envelope to hold your supplies in
Washable Markers
Tissue Paper
Magazine Cut outs

Creating a Plexiglass drawing board is as easy as slipping a blank piece of paper into the sign holder.

There are numerous things you could do with the drawing board, both with and without paper. Here are some suggestions.

Some ideas:

• Hold up the empty drawing board in front of your face and have a friend trace your face using a dry erase marker. Clip a piece of 8 ½ x 11” paper on the drawing board and hold it up to a window. Trace your friend’s drawing onto the paper.

• Print and cut out a blank mask and slip it into your drawing board. Decorate your mask with dry erase markers. Look at yourself in a mirror or take a picture. Erase the board and repeat.

• Draw a background on the interior paper with washable markers. Then experiment with drawing different things, people and animals that live in that environment.

• Draw a series of pictures on the drawing board, taking a picture of each using the Stopmotion Animation IPhone Application and create a video.
• Experiment with layered tissue paper inside holder and hold each creation up to a window to see it come to life.

• Replace paper in your drawing board with a picture. Clip a piece of 8 ½ x 11” paper over your drawing board. Trace by holding the drawing board in a window.

What are your ideas? Please share your ideas, experiments/creations and questions.

Mrs. Sparkles is a new contributor to the Louisville Family Fun blog. She will be writing on Mondays to help add a lot of creativity to your family fun!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Simple Silly Fun Things to Do Indoors By: Stephanie

We have been inside a LOT lately and I bet some of you are getting cabin fever also. If you are not going to brave the elements, here are some ideas to get the kids giggling even if they are stuck inside!

You don't need real instruments to make music. Let them create music with anything you have. We use some tubs and tins I kept out from Christmas with plastic straws.  They make the perfect drums. March around your home to the beat of a different drum!

If you are like me, your sink is usually full of dishes! But, you can clean them real quick and give the sink a wash and your kids will have a splashing good time for a while. My kids played at the sink for about an hour. Lot of cups and scoopers, all kitchen utensils to entertain them with plain old water!

Cook! You don't have to reserve baking, decorating cupcakes etc for the times when kids like to help. Here, my kids are helping me make roasted roasemary potatoes.  Get them a chair, spoon and bowl and put them to work...I mean, have fun!

Games! Forget game night and make it a game day. Break out anything you have and play game after game. Vary the games so that you play a calm one and then one that gets them up and moving.  And you don't need a board game, you can play hide and seek or do a treasure hunt for matchbox cars or toy trains. 

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Things to do this weekend in Louisville January 21, 22, 23

Louisville Family Fun January 21-23 Weekend
Here are some highlights of fun activities going on in the area for this weekend to escape some cabin fever.

Pajama Party at Crescent Hill Library - FREE 

Madcap Puppet Theatre Presents: Peter and the Wolf at the Speed Museum  

Princess Garden Party at the Disney Store - FREE: Come dressed as your favorite princess! Join us for crafts, games and more.

Louisville Slugger Museum FREE ADMISSION ON SUNDAY

Newport Aquarium  is having Winter Family Days through February 28. Two kids get in FREE with 1 adult ticket purchased at the aquarium.

Louisville Zoo – Bring a canned good for Dare to Care Food Bank and get in for $5 (special is good through Jan. 31)

Check out the websites for additional information for dates, times, and pricing and our calendar for additional family fun going on this weekend.

And don’t forget about having some family fun at bowling alleys, ice skating rinks,  roller skating rinks, and your local library.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wintertime in Louisville.....

 Wintertime in Louisville is definitely unpredictable. We can’t help with the weather and predicted snowstorms, but hopefully our calendar can help you when things get changed due to weather (but still safe to get out and about).
 Another unpredictable thing that happens in winter is sickness. Unfortunately, Stephanie is still not feeling well and will need a few weeks to recuperate. As a result we will be a little more laid back in our posting until she has recovered.  We will keep the calendar updated as best we can. If you hear of something family fun related coming up feel free to share it on our facebook page and we can update our calendar. Thanks so much for your support and understanding!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Frazier International History Museum Ticket Contest WINNER!

Michele W. has won the tickets to Frazier Museum! Congratulations!!

Contact us at LouisvilleFamilyFun@gmail.com to claim your prize!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Things to do this weekend in Louisville January 14, 15, 16

Don't forget to enter our latest contest!!

Louisville Family Fun January 14-16 Weekend
Can you believe we are halfway through January? Hope you have enjoyed the snow this past week! Here are some highlights of fun activities going on in the area for this weekend.

Telescope Workshop and Seasonal Light Show  Learn how to use a telescope and then stay for the 8 pm seasonal Skies Over Louisville to learn all the constellations you can spot in the winter night sky and get a free sky map to take home.

Pass the Pancakes Please! Join us for pancakes stories and a pancake breakfast! All ages.
Bernheim’s Every Child Outside (ECO Kids)  Kids and their families will compare (naked!) tree structures through the On-Your-Own Challenge, available in the Visitor Center from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Discovery Stations are available at the Visitor Center from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m.

Cookie Decorating at Homemade Ice Cream and Pie Kitchen – all weekend.

Louisville Zoo – Bring a canned good for Dare to Care Food Bank and get in for $5 (special is good through Jan. 31)

Check out the websites for additional information for dates, times, and pricing and our calendar for additional family fun going on this weekend.

And don’t forget about having some family fun at bowling alleys, ice skating rinks, indoor water parks, or roller skating rinks.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

CONTEST! Win 4 Free Tickets to the Frazier International History Museum

** Stephanie is sick and Jeanette's computer is sick, so, the winner may not be picked this weekend**

We have 4 adult tickets to the Frazier International History Museum - $48 value. Children under 5 are free, children under 14 are $9.  You can use these passes for children if you need to! However if the winner uses the tickets on the Second Saturday of the month and your kids join the free kids club, the kids get in free. So in reality, you could visit the museum more than once for free. WHAT A GREAT PRIZE!

Check out the Frazier Museum's Website! They have a fantastic exhibit now called "The Good, The Bad, The Cuddly" featuring toys and their movies! It runs through March 27th. 
Here's how you can win:

Post a comment on this blog post or under our ALL CAPS facebook status for 1/12/11 answering the following question. 

You can enter both ways, but only once per site.  So, TWO ways to enter!!

Question: "Which historical figure do you think is a great role model for your children?"

Happy commenting, the contest will end on Saturday January 22nd at noon! We will post the randomly selected winner by the end of the weekend!  Please note: comments on this blog will not appear immediately! 

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Frazier Open for FREE TODAY!

The Frazier International History Museum will be open from 9am-5pm with FREE admission today! Thanks goes to their announcement on their facebook page.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Review of Heartland Music Together in Louisville By: Jeanette

Heartland Music Together lives up to its name as I recently found out when I participated in one of their free demo classes with my oldest son. The class was interactive for both the parents and the children. I found it to be educational as well as entertaining. The demo class I attended was at a local church in Louisville and the class was led by Ms. Miriam, the director of Heartland Music Together.

There were signs up on the door and in the building so there was no way I could have not found the room. That was so helpful. Once in the room there was a big drum in the middle of the room for the kids to beat until class was ready to start. Ms. Miriam started off by telling us that it does not matter about singing in key that it is just important to participate, our children will follow our lead and let the children express themselves.

The class moved smoothly from song to song including getting the children to return the scarves and instruments in a timely fashion. She even had a ‘wet bucket’ for those items that got chewed on so they could be washed. Most of the songs included motions, interactions with your child(ren), and participation by giving suggestions for verses. Ms. Miriam was very engaging and the children seem to really take a liking to her as several gave her hugs on the way out. She also gave parents ideas on how to incorporate things back home. My son is a little on the shy side and did not do much participation, but loved riding on the ‘train’ (which you’ll have to go to a class to see) and playing all the variety of instruments. And before I knew it, we were singing the goodbye song.

The classes are geared towards infants through preschoolers. There are several FREE demo classes throughout the year. She even has a CD with a few of the songs that we sang that she gives out at the end. Heartland Music Together also offers to come to a playgroup that you attend as well. I recommend checking Heartland Music Together out with your children. It seems to provide great exposure to music and some fun times to hang out with your kids.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Family Quest Adventure with the Kentucky State Parks By: Jeanette

Looking for something fun and outdoorsy this year? Why not sign up for the Family Adventure Quest with Kentucky State Parks? My family and I are trying it for the first time this year. It costs $15/per team (2-6 members). You will receive a packet with 25 challenges to complete before December 1, 2011. The quest promises to take you across the state visiting historic sites and parks. Some challenges you will be able to just use the internet while others require a digital photo – an actual visit to the place. They are even rewarding you with park gift certificates: 25 correct = $85 or 20 correct = $50! Sounds like fun, right?

Friday, January 7, 2011

Upcoming Family Friendly Ticketed Events & Shows in Louisville By: Jeanette

Upcoming Family Friendly Ticketed Events

Tickets available:


Harlem Globetrotters at KFC Yum Center. Use the codes RADIO or MOM for a discount when ordering!


Tuck Everlasting at the Bomhard Theater

Peking Acrobats at the Brown Theater

Alexander, Who’s Not, Not, Not, Not, Not, Going to Move at Derby Dinner

Kosair Shriner Circus at Broadbent Arena


Madagascar Live at Louisville Palace

Alexander, Who’s Not, Not, Not, Not, Not, Going to Move at Derby Dinner

Disney on Ice: Princess Wishes at Rupp Arena Lexington, KY.


Sesame Street Live! Elmo’s Green Thumb at the Brown Theater


Junie B. Jones at the Bomhard Theater

Pinkalicious at Derby Dinner


Pinkalicious at Derby Dinner

Thursday, January 6, 2011

WINNER! 50% off Coupon for Kindermusik with Alicia

The winner is Sarah!  She commented on the contest post:  "My oldest Ashley started playing the clarinet this year!" 

Sarah, please email us at LouisvilleFamilyFun@gmail.com to claim your prize!

Things to do in Louisville this Weekend January 7-9 By: Jeanette

Louisville Family Fun January 7-9 Weekend

Hope you all had a great start to the New Year! There are lots of fun indoor events this weekend to keep you warm!

Parents Night Out!  At Pump It Up: Enjoy a kid free evening.

Party for Elvis Presley’s Birthday (FREE!) with WEE Rock at Mama’s Hip

Music Demo Classes – FREE! 

Second Saturday Family Day at the Frazier Museum: Join Jessie, Woody, and Buzz for Toy Story themed Family Day. Don’t forget to join the FREE kids club so they can get in for FREE!

Lots of FREE activities for all ages at the Louisville Libraries on Saturday!

Justin Roberts and The Not Ready for Naptime Trio at Jewish Community Center

Check out the websites for additional information for dates, times, and pricing and our calendar for additional family fun going on this weekend.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Review of Iceland Sports Complex in Louisville By: Stephanie

Iceland Sports Complex is located near the Anchorage area of Louisville on UPS Dr. near the intersection of Hurstbourne Pkwy and LaGrange Rd.  I took my son to their public skating last Sunday.  They have a calendar on their website to let you know all of their public skate times. 

It was $16 for admission and rental of 2 skates.  That's $6 per person for admission and $2 for the skates.  You can request hockey skates also, for $1 extra. You can pay with cash or credit card.

The floor is all rubber foam to accommodate walking with the ice skates. When we got there, my 3 year old son was quite intrigued by this!  We went to the counter and turned in our ticket and shoes to swap out for ice skates.  They have sizes as small as 7 toddler!

There are amble benches all around the lobby to sit down and get your gear on. They also have lockers that you can use to store other items while you skate.  We arrived at 1pm and since it was early, it wasn't too crowded and they had one rink open. We headed to the rink! My son could barely walk in the skates. I thought we were surely doomed and going to have to leave within 30 minutes!

We ventured onto the ice. It had just been cleaned so it was on the slick side. I assisted my son and we glided along with no grace at all. Still, he thought it was fantastic.  I remembered some tricks I learned and taught him some basic things about skating.  About halfway around the rink, we took a break in their team boxes and penalty boxes for hockey. They have benches in there.  There are also grandstand style benches for onlooking in case you don't want to skate.  Eventually, my son got the hang of it and was able to walk/skate and only hold my hand.  He wasn't very steady, but I was surprised at how he took to it. He loved it.  They cleared the ice after about 1.5 hrs of having the rink open and out came the zamboni, the highlight of my son's day!  We watched it clean the ice and then headed back on the ice. The ice was faster now, but he still handled it well!

We took a snack break a few times.  Iceland has a concession stand with modestly priced snack items and foods.  I didn't notice anything that costs more than $3!  They have an area with booths for eating.  By 2pm, the place was packed with skaters, people snacking and talking.  It was a really fun family environment.  If ankles and knees get tired, kids can also take a break in the video game room. 

When it got crowded after 2:30pm, they opened another rink on the other side of the lobby. So, if you are there and it seems crowded, just check across on the other side to see if the other rink is open and spread out! 

You can also have your birthday party at Iceland or learn to figure skate or play hockey. Your kids can even learn to play hockey for free before you sign up for a class with a fee.


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Places to Ski around Louisville By: Jeanette

Looking for some places to do some downhill skiing and go tubing this winter with the family? Here a few places for a day (or longer) trip to enjoy some outdoor fun!

Paoli Peaks has skiing and tubing. It is about an hour drive from Louisville.

Perfect North Slopes also has downhill skiing and snow tubing. It is about 1 hour and 45 min from Louisville.

Click on the ENTER TO WIN button to read about our latest contest!

Monday, January 3, 2011

CONTEST! 50% Coupon for Kindermusik Tuition


Have you been thinking about taking a music class with your little one?  Here is the perfect opportunity to enroll and save with this exclusive coupon! One lucky member will be able to sing, dance, play some instruments and learn with their child for a very low price at Kindermusik with Alicia!

I have taken one of Alicia's music classes with my kids. She is was very patient with my rambunctious pair and she was very well prepared. You will enjoy her classes.  It's perfect timing too, her new schedule starts on January 15th with a variety of class options. 

Here's how to win this 50% off of Kindermusik:

Post a comment on this blog or on our facebook page status answering the following question:

"What instrument does your child like or what would you like them to learn to play?"

  • You may enter on the blog AND on the facebook page, but only once per location!
  • On Facebook, post a comment under the ALL CAPS status for 1/3/11.
  • The contest will end Thursday January 6, 2011 at 9am.
  • The winner will be announced on this website and must email us within 24hrs of winning in order to claim the prize
  • Please note, comments are moderated so they will not appear immediately.
  • Please only enter if you actually intend to use this coupon!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Where can you go swimming indoors in Louisville? By: Stephanie

 photo IMG_5847_zpsddbbe8d0.jpgWhether it be in the colder months or on a rainy day during the summer, it's a great family thing to do: INDOOR SWIMMING. Climate controlled and no worries about sunscreen!  Here are some options!

All About Kids:  All About Kids, just south of I64 on Blankenbaker and in Crestwood, offers swim lessons but also has times when they have Open Gym & Swim.  This is non-commital so if you feel like swimming, you can just head there and pay the one time fee.

Bear Paddle is set to open in January 2017 on Hourstbourne. They offer swim lesssons for kids 11 and under, you can also have a party there.

The Mary T Meagher Aquatics Center:  This facility in Crescent Hill  has a schedule of various swimming opportunities. there are times for lap swimming or water aerobics and other times for a fun family swim.  They also have special events from time to time, like a Dive in Movie! 

The Blairwood Tennis, Swim and Fitness Club:  They offer swim lessons and you do not have to be a member, the price is just slightly higher for non-members.

YMCA Louisville:  If you get or have a membership, there are several locations that have indoor pools and you can register for a swim class forunder $100.  Non-members can still take a class but the rate is slightly higher.  There are classes for all ages and abilities. 

If you want to take a little drive, Big Splash Adventure in French Lick, IN they have an indoor water park and you can buy day passes.  They don't require that you stay at their hotel to enjoy the water park.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Getting Fit in 2011 in Louisville

Free Fitness Classes through Metro Parks

If you are looking for an inexpensive fitness class to start the New Year off, check out the classes offered through Metro Parks. They have yoga, zumba, kickboxing, and cross training classes available at various community classes for FREE! The classes run from Jan. 3 to March 12.

The YMCA of Louisville is offering a great special for the new year. You can join and pay NO join fee until January 19, 2011.  You still have to pay the monthly membership fee, but if you were planning on joining, this is an opportunity to save! The Y offers more than just a gym for working out. They have camps, lessons, all sorts of classes, childcare, preschool, teen clubs, afterschool care and so much more.  There are many branches throughout Louisville as well as in Oldham and Bullitt counties.