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Saturday, December 31, 2011

WINNER! Custom UK or UofL Shirt from Made by Joli

I can't tell you who is going to win the game today (GO CATS!) but I can tell you who won an awesome custom shirt from Made by Joli!

PhotobucketIt's Billie Fetz!

Billie, please email us  at info@louisvillefamilyfun.net to claim your prize and start thinking about the shape of your applique and if you are going BLUE or RED!

Have a fun time watching the rivals!  Have the kids help make some munchies, dress them in team colors and make signs to cheer on your team from the couch!  Paint your faces! You won't have the thrill of the crowd but you can have all the excitement at home.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

What do I do with all of these toys??? Ideas for reinventing or reducing clutter

It's the season when kids get some new things for the holidays and you look around your home and feel compelled to sweep through and purge!  Maybe the kids don't play with those mega blocks anymore or they have grown out of their Thomas the Train phase.  

1)  If it's not about needing more room, but upgrading to items for a new age group, you can host an exchange playdate or moms night in!  If you have a group of friends with kids of all ages, invite them over for an exchange.  If you have 5 mom-friends coming, write out 25 tickets each with a number from 1 to 25.  Tell each friend to bring 5 toys that are in good condition, that their kids have grown out of or no longer play with, that they definitely want to get rid of.  You can assign a dollar value limit to the toys if you choose.  Each person randomly picks 5 tickets when they arrive and you set all of the toys out on a table.  Sometime during the playdate or moms night in, go around and take turns in numerical order and each person chooses a toy.  Part of the "game" is that they may or may not get what they want, like a white elephant exhange, but if people end up with things they don't want, they can donate them like they would have done anyway with the toys they were trying to get rid of (ideas in #3)!

2) Consign the toys.  There are consignment sales every fall and winter that allow you to sign up, tag and sell your items. Some of them pay as much at 70% commission.  Talk with your neighbors or friends about sales that they have sold with and compare what was the easiest for tagging, dropping off and getting paid.   There are huge for-profit sales that everyone shops that help you purge a ton of stuff but there are also smaller church-run sales that are pretty popular that help fund raise for the church or group.  Also, there are many stores at which you can consign.  I sell items at Kaeli's Kloset in Crestwood (6348 W Highway 146), for example.  There is no charge to become a consignor, you get a number to tag your items, it's easy to drop things off and I accumulate a credit that I use for shopping!  Find one of these in your area of Louisville and inquire about becoming a consignor and you can purge items all year long!

3)  Donate to a pre-school or church.  The first thing people think of it heading to Good Will to donate items and that is wonderful. But, sometimes I like to donate to smaller groups that are in need of items like a pre-school or church that is service at-risk children.  Or, you can contact Home of the Innocents or Family and Children's Place and see if they would like toy donations for the children that they serve.  These places rely on donations and you would know that your items are directly helping local children.

4)  Organize and store them.  For certain toys that I just really want to keep, I store separate boxes, medium in size, in my basement for different age categories.  I have an infant to 12 months box and a 12-18 months box.  My daughter is 3, so soon I may create a new box for just one more age stage up.  I put away toys that mean something to us or ones that were favorites that I want to hold on for when little ones come over or to just plain keep because I like them.  I am picky and have to keep within one box!  If I don't keep it, I find another way to get rid of it.  But, separating them by age group helps to find them when I need them and forces me to stay within one box for each.  On rainy days, you can also break out a box and play with the new things for the day and pack them back up!

5)  Get crafty and re-purpose the items.  Maybe you have some baby rattles or soft toys that would make a really cute mobile for a new friend's baby or smaller toys that you can make a memory box with.  You can attach magnets to chunky puzzles, make a strong magnetized fishing pole out of something else and create a fishing game out of baby puzzles!  You just never know.  Take a look at these items, then ponder for a bit what your children like to do now and see how you can reinvent them!  It could be as simple as using baby items to play: "Will it float?"  We love to fill the tub and bring a bucket of items into the bathroom and one by one place an item in the tub and before doing so we guess, will it float?  (Thanks David Letterman for this idea!)

Reduce, reuse, re-purpose.........there's many options!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Just For Kicks - Taekwondo Academy at All About Kids

If you're looking to improve you or your child's character, self-control, self-esteem, confidence, or fitness level, you may want to look into Just for Kicks Taekwondo Academy at All About Kids Sports Center (2531 Blankenbaker Parkway Louisville, Ky 40299). A friend of mine had recommended TaeKwonDo for my son, because of his ADHD tendencies - difficulty focusing, sitting still, and listening. My friend's son has autism, and she felt TaeKwonDo had helped him in all those areas. At Just for Kicks, they are focused on more than just your sparring skills and belt color, they are focused on your character, and being the best you can be in every way.

PhotobucketJust for Kicks organizes their classes by age and/or belt level. There are also family classes, women's self-defense classes (ages 13 and up), and a Cardio Kickmaster class for fitness (ages 13 and up). There are 2 gyms located on the second floor overlooking the large gymnasium. Each has a springy floor, a mirrored wall, inspirational messages, the belt order, an American flag, and a Korean flag. At class time, each student enters the gym, bows to the flag, and then takes a seat on their spot on the mat. Class begins with the students greeting their teacher and reciting the pledge of allegiance. Then each class runs through various exercises, drills, activities and sparring depending on their class level. By age 4, students already begin to learn their katas, or detailed choreographed patterns of movements required for each belt level. As they get older and progress through the belt system, they learn more and more katas.

The 3-year-old class, SUPER KIDS, is 30 minutes, one time a week. This was where my son began. The purpose of the class is to develop confidence, coordination, self-control, focus, and direction following. They talk about character qualities like generosity, respect and self-control. They discuss these qualities in class, and give out a sheet of "homework" at every class that is to be colored and turned in at the next class. It's wonderful to have your child hear these qualities from their adored instructors.

The next class is the MIGHTY KIDS I class for ages 4 and 5. In this class, they begin to learn the Katas, improve their coordination, and balance. They also begin to learn the art of sparring...which they are only allowed to do as a reward for being good in class. This is a 45 minute class, once a week. MIGHTY KIDS II (ages 6 & 7) is a 45 minute class, twice a week where the students learn more of the art and science of TaeKwonDo, and more of the core curriculum.

TAEKWONDO RANGERS (ages 8-12) is a 45 minute class, twice a week. This more focused on sparring and the classes are very high energy. TAEKWONDO WARRIORS is for ages 13 to adult. It meets for a 55 minute class, twice a week. This class incorporates everything TaeKwonDo from self-defense to cardio work outs. They also work on skills to develop into future black belt instructors, life skills and leadership skills. The FAMILY TAEKWONDO CLASS is for Moms and/or Dads to take a class with their child or children who are at least 6 years old. This class is meant to be parred up with another class during the week for the child's age, or the parent's belt level.

PhotobucketMichael and Lisa Twyman are the master instructors for Just For Kicks, and are Certified Dan Black Belt Master Instructors through the U.S. Chung Do Kwan Association (USCDKA). There are a few other instructors at Just for Kicks, and all of them seem outstanding. They are knowledgeable, good teachers, and are not afraid to provide discipline during class (my son had to sit out a turn on the obstacle course and sparring when he acted out in class a few times). Just for Kicks participates in local, regional and national Taekwondo tournaments. At the end of the year, students have the opportunity to compete in National Championships in other states.

Your child can take a free drop in class to determine if they are interested in enrolling in one of the TaeKwonDo classes. However, once they are signed up, they do need to buy a uniform, 2 patches, and sparring gear on top of the class fee. The classes at All About Kids are on a term basis, and priced based on class length. There are 5 terms per year. All About Kids also has an annual fee, and there is a fee for each belt test (which are by invitation only). Check for special pricing for families with more than one student attending.

By guest contributor: Caryn

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

CONTEST! UK vs. UofL Made by Joli Shirts!

Have you heard? There's this little tiny no-big-deal game going on this weekend between these two measely teams.......something about bouncing a ball and throwing into a net????

PhotobucketPhotobucketAnyway, there is a wonderful local mompreneur that makes her own designs on shirts and I just love them for my kids.  It's Made by Joli and she has a Facebook and Etsy page.  I encourage you to follow her page on Facebook because she runs specials and giveaways!  I have a necktie style UK shirt for my son and a state of Kentucky shape UK top for my daughter.  She can do so many designs and sews all of the appliques on!  I just adore them and her other designs.

On her Etsy page: Get 15% off your entire purchase until Friday morning at 9am
 by enterting coupon code LOUISVILLEFAMILYFUN at checkout

Since there's the game, (basketball, is it???),  I thought I would get this website hopping with screams of BLUE or RED!

PhotobucketPhotobucketShe also makes tutus
or cute sibling sets!

Monday, December 26, 2011

RAMP - Rockin' Appalachin Mom Project - a great cause and local benefit event

PhotobucketWe pulled into the parking lot next to the Green building and were unable to find a spot (and this was before the event start time at 7:30), however we did find parking directly across the street for free and noticed several spots on the street within 2 blocks. Lucky for me, because I had on 4 inch heals. :)

PhotobucketWhen we entered the building, we were greeted by friendly staff and a wonderful all female jug band. We were immediately directed to coat check and were invited to grab a drink. The men went straight for the bourbon (which they loved), and I went straight for the Italian sparkling white wine. As we browsed around the silent auction items, we were offered hors d'oeurves from all angles. First up was a pimento cheese fritter and it was melt in your mouth delicious! This was followed by chicken and waffles served in a tiny bite size waffle cone and I thought I had tasted the most delicious thing on earth, UNTIL I tried the dumplings that were prepared right in front of me as I waited for a refill on my drink. Honestly, I thought I might have fallen in my 4 inch heals, died, and gone to heaven. Every thing I tasted was fabulous, and it ranged from Oysters to pulled pork sandwiches to shrimp and grits. Thanks Whole Foods!

In the next room we found more food, wine, a small stage, and few high tables. We all made a bee line for a table to set down our drinks, programs, and purses. I was hoping for a stool, however was disappointed to find that there would be no break for my feet in my 4 inch heals. Oops, did I mention those again? Maybe because I feel like I have nerve damage in a few of my toes after standing in them for hours. Our table had some candles, flowers, and an alarming statistic displayed: The state of KY has the 4th highest poverty rate in the nation at 16.3% of its population.

PhotobucketNext up were some speakers including Claudia Coffey, Amy (the founder of RAMP- Rockin' Appalachian Mom Project), and several others. There was a slideshow for visuals on the information we were being presented with, which was fantastic because I'm a very visual learner (hence, all of the pictures I took). RAMP was founded in February of 2009 by Amy Guerrieri, after the airing of the television special entitled "A Hidden America." RAMP works in Martin County, KY, one of the poorest counties in the US where the unemployment rate is nearly 12%. 45% of the people (population 12,000) in Martin County live in poverty and make less then $22,314 a year. More then 70% of students in the Martin County Public schools receive reduced price or free lunches. RAMP now has 7 nutrition based programs that include backpack snack program, homecoming food pantry, community and school gardens, school salad bars, healthy kids education, micro loans and the mobile community co-op.

PhotobucketWhole Foods is selling the first products that were made possible via RAMP's micro lending program. Betty Harris (who was present at the event) is creating beautiful aprons and lap quilts that are currently for sale at Whole Foods. These aprons are super stylish and hand made in Kentucky by a 5th generation quilter so the craftsmanship is amazing (and make great gifts)! I went to buy one but evidently so did everyone else at the event, so I decided to wait and pick one out next time I visit Whole Foods.

Before we left we checked out the big funky bus that was parked in the parking lot near the entrance. It was really great to see computers and educational material inside the bus, which acts as a mobile community center and travels directly to Martin County, bringing technology TO them.

All in all the event was very educational, the food was fantastic, the staff was amazing, and I definitely feel compelled to lend my support to the cause.

By guest contributor: Joline

Friday, December 23, 2011

WINNER! Brica Pod Package

One lucky reader has won the Phone Pod (it's for any smartphone, the iPhone or most others), the Deluxe Snack Pod (kid pod with one side for food, the other for drink) and the Drink Pod from Brica!

That winner is............Michele Thomas!

Michele, please email info@louisvillefamilyfun.net with your mailing address!

Happy Holidays everyone!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Top 5 New Year's Eve options in Louisville for Teens

1. Have a few of your friends over to do hair and makeup, and then head out to the Belle of Louisville Riverboat for a nice dinner cruise. Not only can you enjoy a great buffet dinner, but you can also dance the night away, because there will be a DJ. Each ticket costs $41 per person, and the cruise is from 5 - 7:30.

2. If you have ever seen a dining car in a train in the movies, then you might have wondered what it would be like to actually eat on a train. If so, we have the perfect New Year’s idea for you. My Old Kentucky Dinner Train has three vintage 1940's restored dining cars that are pulled by an old locomotive. Talk about a different New Year's Eve outing! The dinner is a 3-hour trip and we suggest going with close friends or family for this unique experience. Imagine the photos! $40 adults, $25 child.

3. (CLOSED)Lynn's Paradise Cafe is the kitschiest place to go on New Year's Eve - and we mean that as a compliment. It's a party in a restaurant on a normal night, but have you ever seen a table of toddlers, teens and grandparents dining together in a restaurant... dressed in pajamas? Even the staff is in pajamas! It's a sight not to be missed! The food is always delicious, the service is friendly, and the atmosphere just screams, "Have fun!" Perfect for the start of a New Year. Prices vary.

4. Louisville Mega Caverns is offering an underground full of Christmas lights! You actually drive your own car into the cavern, roll down the windows and listen to Christmas music during the 30 minutes of underground Christmas decorating extravaganza. New Year's eve tours are from 5-10 pm. If you'd like to see the rest of the caverns from a different angle, try the zipline tour of the caverns. Zipline for 1-1/2 to 2-1/2 hours (depends on group size) to experience the massive underground cavern. Prices and times vary.

5. Are you a basketball fan? Check out the UK or UofL schedules. This is a perfect opportunity to have a relaxed date with your boyfriend, take a road trip with your closest girlfriends, or have a blast with family. We are sure that this game is going to be amazing, and the excitement will definitely be over the top. Be sure to wear your blue or red!
PhotobucketBy guest contributor:
Chloe Gordon,
co-founder of PopCosmo.com

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Review of The Artist In You at The Summit

PhotobucketRecently, my family and I went to The Artist in You (4015 Summit Plaza Drive Louisville, KY 40241-8103 (502) 426-1266 Mon-Sat: 10am -9pm Sunday: 12pm - 6pm ) to paint some pottery gifts for my family.The Artist in You has been at the Summit since 2001, and is a greatplace to make one of a kind keepsakes for yourself, family and friends.

PhotobucketPhotobucketWhen you walk intp the store, there are hundreds of of peices of pottery to choose from on the right side of the store, there are booths and tables down the middle of the store, and painting supplies on the left side of the store. First you need to pick your pottery - they are priced from $5 to $75. I wanted to do some plates with my kids' hand prints on them, and there was a nice selection of plates to choose from - each of them about $27. Then we chose a table and sat down. Each table has a container of paints and brushes - but there are many other brushes and paint colors to choose from throughout the store. Then I had to decide if I wanted to paint a base coat, or just do the hand prints. They suggest you put three coats for everything you paint, so I decided to just jump right into the hand prints to get my kids out of the store as soon as possible. I asked one of the workers in the store for her help and suggestions for doing the handprints. She was very helpful with suggestions, advice, and the actual painting and placement of my kid's hands. Then my husband took the kids out of the store so I could finish up the plates without images of bulls in a china shop running through my mind.

When I first got to the store at 5pm, I was one of the only ones there, but by the time we were done with the handprints, the store was starting to fill up. I finished up each of the plates adding a border and words to each one. I could have used stencils, stamps, or wash-off markers to help with my painting design, but I chose to just free hand everything to speed things up. It took a little over an hour to finish up the four plates, and by the time I was finished, the store was completely full and there were kids of all ages painting with their parents.

PhotobucketWhen I was finished, one of the workers took down my contact information, and rung up my plates. There was a price for each plate, a sitting fee ($8 for adults, $6 for kids 12 and under), a $2 fee for each kid she helped do handprints with, and tax. My total came to almost $32 per plate, however, I did feel it was worth it for the keepsake Christmas gifts. My kids' hand sizes will be forever immortalized for our family with the year 2011, plus they'll have an adorable, usable plate for years to come.

PhotobucketPhotobucketI left the plates with one of the workers. They will be glazed, fired in the kiln, and ready for pick-up in 1 week. The Artist in You has lots of pieces of pottery to choose from - mugs, plates, platters, goblets, coaster, tiles and many more. They provide all the materials you need and have a very attentive staff to assist you, provide guidance, advice, or walk you through the whole process if you need. You can make several trips to the store to complete your pottery, however you must pre-pay for the pottery, take it home with you, and bring it back to continue working on it. And they do charge you a sitting fee each time you come in to work on your projects. The Artist in You has an events calendar on their website with specialty nights. They can host birthday parties, Ladies Nights Out, corporate parties, and other events. They not only offer pottery painting, but glass fusion too...that's for another trip!

By Guest Contributor: Caryn

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

TwoYears Ago! Happy Birthday Louisville Family Fun


A little over 2 years ago, my family took a big chance and my husband left a job (and a house that didn't sell for 13 LONG months) in North Carolina to pursue a new opportunity in Louisville.  We loved our home in NC and the friend's we made, but his heart has always been in Kentucky and it was time to start our lives here....for good!


PhotobucketI went from a small town called Haw River with maybe 1 stop light, to this wonderful city that is abundantly packing with things to do with my family.  I spent hours on Sundays planning out what to do with the kids during the week because I was so excited about the parks, museums and more. Then, I met the fabulous Jeanette and she told me about making a google calendar and we discussed how great it would be to have one spot to find it all.  I started writing and, well, Louisville Family Fun was born with my first post on 12/20/09.

This website went from say 10 readers to tens of thousands and even in 2011, has over quadrupled it's readership. Can you believe that since inception, what I post on Facebook has been read 3,339,734 times????  I've given away countless prizes!  I have supported local charities and given the gift of smiles and laughter on Christmas to a grateful local family.  I have gotten to know some of the readers and enjoyed the interaction.  I've learned about HTML code, twitter, 4 Square and more!  I even got a smart phone, finally. 


I am so proud of this site and what is has become and am inspired to further improve it's content and features.  Families need fun and I am thrilled to be a part of exposing what Louisville has to offer! 
Keep reading, you just never know what you will learn....or win!  You're fabuLOUs !



ps: see you at the surprise party!


Monday, December 19, 2011

Brica Products from the ABC Kids Expo & a GIVEAWAY!!!

At the ABC Kids Expo this fall, I spent some time with the professionals from Brica learning about their "on the go" products. I wanted to inform you all about items that help you get out with your kids with ease.  I found the pod products from Brica that are really perfect for parents who are hitting the parks, taking day trips, as well as venturing out with the kids to the grocery store. 

They have a Snack Pod that easily adjusts to fits to many things, especially the stroller and car seat.  But, I imagine you can strap it to a grocery cart as well.   And, it's dishwasher safe so if it gets all sticky or full of crumbs, you just toss it in the dishwasher!

The other pod item that I thought would be helpful is the Phone Pod.  You know all of those apps that your little ones like but they are so little that you fear they will drop (or throw!) your precious smart phone???  Brica has the Phone Pod which grips your phone and attaches it to things like strollers and grocery carts.
It rotates for both phone views, adjusts to fit most phones!

And, they have a Drink Pod!  It has a quick clamping system like the others so it can clamp to so many different things. It's dishwasher safe too, perfect in the event of spills. But, there will likely be less spills because this device is designed to keep drinks level!  It's good for adult or kids drinks.

From Brica:

PhotobucketBRICA Deluxe Snack Pod

The Deluxe Snack Pod can be attached to most strollers and many car seats, so your child can have easy access to his drink and snack while on the go or in the car.  The Deluxe Snack Pod can attach to most tubes, rails or seats.  The push-to-turn Quick Attach™ safety knob keeps the pod where you put it.  The detachable tray and snack cup are dishwasher safe for easy cleanup and the self-adjusting drink holder securely accommodates various cup sizes.  The snack cup is also BPA-free and its easy-access lid resists spills while allowing your child to grab his snack.

BRICA Drink Pod

PhotobucketThis is the ultimate drink holder for mom, dad or caregiver.  Whether you are zigging and zagging or stopping and going, this drink holder automatically adjusts the position of your drink to keep it level. It has the new Quick Attach™ clamp, so it easily fits the tubes, rails or seats of most stroller frames, beach chairs and shopping carts.  It is top-rack dishwasher safe and self-adjusting to accommodate various cup sizes.

BRICA Phone Pod

PhotobucketThese days, your smart phone is in constant use – whether checking email and texts, listening to music or reviewing your grocery list, a hands free holder is essential. Why store your phone in your purse or your pocket, where you have to dig it out or where it may easily fall?  The BRICA Phone Pod can be attached to almost any shape tube, rail or seat, so it's perfect on a stroller, grocery cart or beach chair.  It can also be attached to a car seat if you want to let your child watch a video.  It's easy to install and remove and can rotate to landscape or portrait mode.  The self-adjusting side arms grip most phone models.

We are going to have a "BRICA Pod package" giveaway? One lucky reader receives the Phone Pod (it's for any smartphone, the iPhone or most others), the Deluxe Snack Pod (kid pod with one side for food, the other for drink) and the Drink Pod.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas Ornament Crafts

For me Christmas time means crafts, crafts, crafts. One of my favorite crafts are Christmas tree ornaments. They are easy, fun and may for wonderful keepsakes. Plus, the kids love to make them. Use them for your tree or they make great presents.

Photobucket1. Play dough Ornament

Combine 2 cups flour and 1 cup salt. Add 1 cup water and 1 1/2 tablespoons oil. Mix and knead well. If too stiff, add more water. If too sticky, add more flour. For colored dough, add food coloring to the water before combining it with other ingredients. Adding a few drops of peppermint oil or extract to the dough will "spice up" the kitchen as the kids are creating. This mixture keeps very well in an airtight container. "Creations" will dry hard within a few days and then can be painted.

PhotobucketFor Christmas Ornaments: Omit oil. Roll dough out about 1/4 inch thick, then use Christmas cookie cutters to cut out shapes. Using a nail, make a hole in the top of each ornament for thread. For textures, you can use a fork to add a design pattern, or add more dough to the ornaments by forming small scraps into shapes, moistening them with water and attaching them to the ornaments. Bake on a cookie sheet at 325 degrees for 30 minutes until hard. Test for hardness with a spoon. When cool, varnish to protect from moisture. When dry, draw design with white glue and sprinkle with glitter or paint on designs. When dry, slip heavy thread through the holes and tie a knot to make a loop. Sign on the back with the child's name and year. Warn children not to eat these ornaments!
2.Time Capsule Ornaments


Fillable clear plastic ornament (ours is 80 mm)
Double-sided tape (we used Terrifically Tacky Tape for its extra-strong hold)
Scrapbooking paper cut into strips (ours are 5/8 inch wide)
Small photos or other memorabilia that fits inside the ball (optional)


Separate the two halves of the ball. Apply a strip of tape around the outside of the wider half. Carefully press the ribbon to the tape so that it's close to but not touching the outer edge.

Write notes on the strips of scrapbooking paper, then roll them up and tuck them inside the ball. Add pictures, a photocopy of your child's newborn footprint, and other mementos, if you like. Put the ball back together, then tie some ribbon and a tag with the year written on it onto the plastic loop.

3.Dangling Snowman


3 round objects (we used a spice jar lid, the bottom of a yogurt container, and a mason jar lid)
Craft foam, white and orange
Glue dots
Monofilament/fishing line
Permanent marker


Using the round objects as patterns, cut out 2 white foam circles in each size. Place one set of the circles on a flat surface, spacing them 1/4 inch apart. With glue dots, glue a 12-inch piece of monofilament across the circles, then firmly press the matching circles on top. Use more glue dots to attach buttons and an orange craft foam nose. With a permanent marker, draw on eyes and a mouth. Finally, tie a ribbon scarf around the monofilament at the neck, and then knot the line above the head to create a loop for hanging.

4. Spoon Santa


Red felt
Monofilament/fishing line
Wooden craft spoon
White faux fur
Glue or glue dots
Self-adhesive googly eyes
Small white pom-pom

Cut out a red felt hat that's slightly taller than the craft spoon handle (ours was about 3 inches). Use a pushpin to poke a hole through the felt about 1/4 inch below the tip of the hat. Thread a 7-inch length of monofilament through the hole and knot the ends to create a loop. Cut out a fur strip to trim the hat and glue it in place. Then cut out a fur beard. Glue the hat and the beard to the spoon, then stick the googly eyes to the wood. Finally, glue a small white pom-pom to the tip of the hat.

5. Reindeer Clothespin Ornaments

String in black, white, green or red
Glue (Elmer's will work fine)
3 old fashioned clothespins
1 piece of red felt
1 piece of black felt
1 small white pom pom
1 pair of wiggly eyes
thin red ribbon in red, white or green
small bell
black paint and paintbrush (or permanent marker for adults)


Cut a 6" length of string and tie the ends together to form a loop. Glue the knotted end of the string between the heads of two clothespins to create the reindeer's body.To create the reindeers head, glue the third clothespin upside down onto the first two. When the glue has completely dried, attach a circle of red felt for a nose, a white pom pom for a tail and the pair of wiggly eyes.Cut two ears from the black felt and glue them to the base of the reindeer antlers. Tie the piece of thin red ribbon with the bell strung on it around the reindeer's neck. Lastly, paint the reindeer's hooves with black paint, or with a permanent magic marker (for adults).

My favorite is the Reindeer ornament. I made it when in 4th grade and my mom still has it. Its nice to makes these with your kids and keep them as keepsakes. I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

By guest contributor: Jennifer

Saturday, December 17, 2011

SURPRISE! We're throwing YOU a PARTY!

What's the best way for Louisville Family Fun to celebrate our 2nd Birthday?!?!?! To throw YOU a SURPRISE party!
Here's all of the details:


We'll have a birthday cake too  :)

Thanks for coming to celebrate with me,
see you there!

Sesame Street Live “1-2-3 Imagine! with Elmo & Friends” is coming to Louisville

Sesame Street Live: “1-2-3 Imagine! with Elmo & Friends”
Louisville, KY; Kentucky Center – Brown Theatre
Friday, March 30 – Sunday, April 1, 2012

PhotobucketImagine singing and dancing with Elmo, Abby Cadabby, Big Bird and all your favorite Sesame Street Live friends! It’s as easy as counting “1-2-3 Imagine!” This high-energy musical will transport audiences to far away places as Ernie captains the high seas, Elmo dances to the rhythm of the African rainforest and Bert meets an octopus who has the blues. It’s a story of adventure and fun that teaches children they can be anyone, do anything and go anywhere with the power of imagination.

• Sesame Street Live is a larger-than-life, musical touring stage production featuring Big Bird, Elmo, Cookie Monster, Bert and Ernie…and more. Each performance is 90 minutes of singing, dancing and audience participation, including a 15-minute intermission. The perfect length for very young children!
• Six (6) delightful performances! Tickets on-sale now at the box office.
• To charge by phone, call 502-562-0152 or 800-775-7777.

Ticket information

Photobucket• Ticket prices: $17.75, $22.75, $29.75 (Gold Circle) & $49.75 (Sunny Seats).
• Opening Night Friday, March 30, 7:00 PM—All seats $15.75 (excluding Gold Circle and Sunny Seats).
• Group discounts available. Groups 10+ call 502-562-0152.
• Get the ultimate fan experience with Sunny Seats! The Sunny Seats Package includes a VIP Seat and a pre-show Meet & Greet photo opportunity with two Sesame Street Live friends.
• Additional fees/surcharges may apply.


Performance Schedule
Friday, March 30 7:00 PM
Saturday, March 31 10:30 AM, 2:00 PM, & 5:30 PM
Sunday, April 1 1:00 PM & 4:30 PM

You can purchase tickets through the Kentucky Center Box Office and SAVE with a special discount for Louisville Family Fun readers! Save $3 per ticket!

Use the code ERNIE online at KentuckyCenter.Org to receive the discount.
(Discount excludes Gold Circle & Sunny Seats. Not valid on Opening Night or previously purchased tickets. Discount cannot be combined with any other offer.)


We will have a ticket giveaway!! Stay Tuned...........