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Monday, January 23, 2012

Guitar: The Instrument that Rocked the World comes to the Louisville Science Center

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I had the opportunity to preview the new exhibit at the Louisville Science Center - Guitar: The Instrument that Rocked the World.  Last in Orlando, this exhibit comes to Kentuckiana from January 22 to April 22 and will teach children about sounds waves and history and wow parents with some really cool instruments.

The exhibit features guitars of all shapes, styles and from varies period in history.  All along the walls of the exhibit area and at some kiosks, there are cased guitars with descriptions about their impact, history and value.  There are modern electric guitars and over 100 year old guitars worth thousands and thousands of dollars.  There's even a guitar made from an armadillo shell that will surely interest the kids.

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As you tour the guitars to read about them and wonder at the creativity that went into making them or the science behind their sound, the kids can explore the hands-on features of the exhibit. There are several spots where kids can stop, strum, bang and stretch chords to experiment in making different sounds or learn about sounds wave frequency.  One of these spots is the world largest playable guitar!  Families and friends can work together to press on strings and pull on them to make music.  There are also computer/TV kiosks throughout where kids can play games to create their own guitar or wave their hands over pictures of different guitars to hear their sounds.

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When I was touring the exhibit, I definitely spotted the hand-on activities and which ones my children would like but I also thought this exhibit would be great to tour on my own or for a date night.  On Fridays and Saturdays after 5pm, admission to the Louisville Science Center is just $5.  Most of us would think of this museum as something we have to take our kids to, but with this exhibit, I see an additional opportunity for a Friday or Saturday night inexpensive date night option for heading there after dinner to browse the cool guitars!

Admission to the Louisville Science Center is: free for members, $13 for non-member adults, and $11 for non-member children ages 2-12.

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