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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Parent's Night Out - J. Harrod's Restaurant & Bar in Prospect

My husband and I wanted to get away for just a little but to have a quiet dinner without reminding kids to sit down or stop banging the forks and cleaning up spilled juice.  We chose J. Harrod's because we had a coupon, it was close to home so we didn't eat up babysitter time with driving and it is a locally owned restaurant.

J. Harrod's is in Prospect just west of 42 on River Road.  It is a cozy venue with a fireplace in the middle, friendly hosts and attentive wait staff.  We went on a Friday night at 6:30 and the restaurant was quite full, they do accept reservations, but we were seated promptly even though we didn't have reservations.  However, if you want a fireplace spot, you might call for reservations and request it!  That would have been really nice.

The menu was a nice balance of pastas, chicken, pork, beef and more.  I really liked the Kentucky flare they put in some of the entrees like the option of a hot brown or the rib eye steak my husband ordered brushed with Maker's Mark or maybe Bourbon Bread Pudding for dessert.  When it's a locally owned place, I find browsing a menu particularly fun!  I chose the chicken piccata with mashed potatoes and green beans.  I ordered a glass of wine (reasonable prices) and my husband ordered a beer (very reasonable prices).  Our waitress was knowledgeable and timely.

The atmosphere was really inviting since it was decorated with local charm and dim for evening ambiance.  Everyone there was really enjoying their dining experience, laughing and talking.  It was a lovely place.  We waited for our meal and enjoyed the bread and drinks.  When the food arrived, it looked wonderful and indeed, it tasted just as good. My husband was really pleased with his steak, the cut and flavor, and it was cooked just like he asked.   My chicken piccata was delicious with just enough sauce.  We both really liked the beans.  Yes, green bean can be memorable! They were great!  Everything else was perfect.  We really had nothing bad to say about our experience at all.

Again, we had a coupon so our meal was very well priced.  In all, it would have been around $50 for our meal and 2 drinks plus tip.  For a classy, locally owned restaurant, I think that is very reasonable for a date night and a wonderfully prepared meal. 

We went to the bar after our meal for one more drink and some conversation before heading back to put the kids to bed. Sometimes, we choose to just go out to dinner since I tend to worry when other people put the kids to bed.  It's still nice to get out for 1.5 hours, relax and recharge!  The bar was simple. The bartender grew up in Prospect and chatted with us for a bit.  She asked how long we'd lived in the area and where we moved from, it was refreshing to be at a nice place with such nice people. 

We will definitely return to J. Harrod's and maybe on your next date night, we'll see you there!


"Parent's Night Out" is a new regular feature on Louisville Family Fun. At least twice a month, we will come to you will ideas to get out with your spouse, partner or friends.  These ideas will feature activities at different price points and cover locations throughout the Louisville metro area as well as overnight/day trip getaways.  Enjoy!


Martha Carl said...

Wish you had helicopter service to fly us in, Mike. It's a bit far from our house.
"Parent's Night Out" is a great idea.
Good Luck!
Martha & Tom

Brandy said...

Sounds delicious. You had my husband at "Ribeye in Makers Mark"! We'll be trying J. Harrod's for our date night next weekend!

Brandy said...

Tried it last night, thanks to your tip. It was a peaceful atmosphere and the service was great. The food was also good and reasonably priced. Thank you for the recommendation!