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Friday, January 6, 2012

Things to do this weekend in and around Louisville January 6,7,8

Welcome to the first "normal" weekend in January! The image I am about to show you may be very shocking and is not intended for eyes bundled by scarves.  You have been warned!

This may disappoint those of you that dreamed of bundling up your kids, finding a steep hill for sledding and screaming WAAAHHHHOOOOOOO all day long as you zipped down slippery slopes and then heading indoors for much needed hot cocoa BUT it's going to be an absolutely gorgeous, warm weekend!
You will NOT be breaking out the new snow sled. 
You will NOT need to cover ever inch of your frozen body.
You will NOT need to wipe your child's drippy cold nose every five seconds.

You WILL need sunglasses
You WILL need bikes, soccer balls, jump robes, side walk chalk & directions to a local park.
You WILL need to get outside and enjoy, in simply a hoodie.

Here's what I suggest and might I mention, it's ALL FREE:

Friday:  It's the First Friday Trolley hop downtown and what a wonderful way to try it out!  In the evening, certainly, it may dip to a chillier temperature but certainly not low enough to keep you away from this free fun downtown.  You can hop on and off the trolley on Main or Market between 5 and 11pm and it's free. A great friend of mine told me that the 21c Hotel is a fun place to stop. I cannot speak from personal experience but she tells me that it's free and open to the public, has interesting, interactive exhibits that are good for a variety of ages and that it's just a fabuLOUsly unique place in Louisville to explore.  Of course, there are many other museums, restaurants and shops to choose from along the trolley hop!

Kidville Live is a family theater production put on by Northeast Christian Church.  It's Saturday January 7th at 11:03am and this month's theme is Self Control.  I know a couple of little preschoolers that need a lesson in that.....

PhotobucketSunday: It's a wonderful thing, coffee.  Parents crave it (at least I do) and my kids don't really enjoy just staring at me while I blissfully enjoy a perfectly blended espresso beverage.  However, I have coordinated an event for this month that will make everyone happy!  Mochas and Magic at Vint Coffee (Northfield).  Come on out and join me and my family at 1pm on January 8th as Louisville Family Fun sponsors a show by Steve-O Magic.  The show is free and the mochas are delicious.  The show is about 45 minutes long and will leave your kids laughing and in wonder of the magic and you will be fully caffeinated for the rest of the day!



Enjoy the weekend, maybe you'll even get a tan!


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