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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Review of birthday parties at My Gym

PhotobucketPhotobucketMy Gym has recently re-opened in Middletown (11800 Shelbyville Road Suite 101 Louisville, KY 40243), and my kids were invited to a My Gym birthday party a couple weekends ago. When we arrived, there was fun music playing and the kids were told to take their shoes off and put them in a cubby hole. Then the kids were invited to enjoy the gym until all of the guests had arrived, and the kids had been able to play for a while. 
The owner "Mr. Bill" got all the kids together in the center of the room. He played some fun games where the kids had to listen, follow directions, take turns, and complete some type of physical task. He used a variety of equipment in the gym from jumping over ropes to kicking hanging balloons. The kids enjoyed the games for a while, and then given free time again to play. Then they were allowed to take turns on the zip line with Mr. Bill helping them. The younger kids got to sit in a swing, while the older kids got to hold onto the zip line handlebars and hang. Everyone seemed to enjoy it and I'm sure they would have enjoyed doing it for the rest of the party! They got to play some more, and Mr Bill started to give rides on a sled around the carpeted room! It was a big hit!
PhotobucketAfter some more play time,we broke to eat some cake. The kids all lined up, sitting at the cubby & countertop. Everyone sang happy birthday, ate cake, and went back to & playing. The birthday boy then opened his gifts (although the parents were invited to stay or leave for the present time) with the kids sitting in the center of the gym. After that, the kids were given a few more minutes to play before leaving with their goody bags. The gym had 2 climbing structures, a wooden rung ladder over a ball pit,monkey bars, a trampoline, and other various climbing and rolling The kids had a great time, and I would recommend it to anyone for a birthday party!
By guest contributor: Caryn


Michele Thomas said...

We had my son's 2nd birthday party there and it was terrific! Mr Bill is super nice and great with the kids!

MysticScentHills said...

I have to say that I am not impressed with their business ethics. I brought my daughter for a trial free class, and she had a lot of fun. Then he asked if I wanted to sign her up, so I said yeah okay, I gave him my cc, and then he went all the way at the end of the room to another room and came back without a receipt or anything. So I asked for a receipt. He "wrote" me one and said their machine is down....so okay I was getting ready to leave for EU trip and I realized I didn't have time to take her every saturday to the gym. I called him and explained my situation, and asked for a refund. This was in the beginning of August of 2012. Today is November 7th, still no refund. I called him few times before today, he kept telling me he's "working" on the refund, whatever that meant. I realized that he had no intention of returning the $60 he took. So I filed a dispute through my cc company, and he has till 11/12/12. If he doesn't respond, I trully will report this to the police because there's nothing more I hate than someone who runs a business without any ethics, only greediness.

Louisville Family Fun said...

Try the Wave3 Trouble Shooter! Sorry you had this experience!