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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Review of Busy, Busy Airport and Curious George Hide and Seek Zoo from Wonder Forge

Recently, I got 2 games from Wonder Forge and they have easily become my kids' favorite games!

PhotobucketWhat I love about both of these games is that they both encourage the kids to get up and move!

PhotobucketFirst, the Busy, Busy Airport game is themed around the Richard Scarry books.  My kids know these books and love all of the pictures so they took to the game with zeal.  The box serves as the airport.  The kids spread the destination boards around the house, we kept them on the same level.  All of the little passengers take their places at the airport, the souvenir cards get stacked at the destinations and everyone gets an airplane.  The kids roll the dice by dropping them down the control tower and the dice have pictures on them.  There will be two options and they get to pick which one they want to do.  They can pick up passengers or fly them to their destinations.  If kids have passengers, they can fly them to the beach, mountains, city or forest.  They drop off passengers and pick up souvenirs.  The passengers and souvenirs all slide into the airplanes.  We play until all of the passengers have left the airport and the winner is the one with the most souvenirs.  It is such an adorable game!

PhotobucketThe Curious George Hide and Seek Zoo is great for kids that love the show or kids that just love animals.  There are sections of the zoo with cards.  There's also a little bus that kids can move and when it reaches the end of the road, that's how you know the game is over.  The best part is the walkie talkie.  Kids press the button and it tells them to do 1 of 3 things: move the bus, flip a card or that the animals have escaped!  When kids flip the cards, it shows an animal with a problem (like their cage is broken, they are out of food or they are thirsty).  They place the card down and then spin.  The spinner allows them to help the animals! When kids help the animals, they keep a card. If they move the bus, they still get to spin to help an animal. If the walkie talkie siren goes off and the animals escape, everyone except the player with the walkie talkie grabs an animal mask, puts it off and has 30 seconds to hide.  Then, the sounds on the walkie talkie changes and  the player can go find the animals.  They collect cards for each animal they find.  At the end, the player with the most cards, wins!
Both games are complex enough to keep it interesting, but simple enough for younger players (like a 3 year old) to still participate.  We have played the games over and over, even taken them to playdates.  They are really well made and fun for everyone!


SURPRISE!  We have a game to give away! It's the Busy, Busy Aiport Game!
I suggest you"Like" Wonder Forge on Facebook, they run giveaways! That's how I got the Curious George game!

PhotobucketThen, visit their website and post a comment on this blog post telling us which other games you see look like ones your kids would love! The contest will close at midnight on 2/23 and we will randomly select a winner on 2/24 and announce the winner on THIS POST.  Comment once using an account or type in your name and last initial.  Winner must be able to pick up the prize at a time we arrange, location will be Vint Coffee Northfield.


Anonymous said...

Dr. Seuss wooden puzzles

Angela S

caryn said...

The Discovery Garden Game looks great too!

Anonymous said...

Angelina ballerina

Larissa J

Bill Houghton said...

My Grand-kids love the Dr. Seuss wooden puzzles. Bill H.

Sarah said...

The Traintastic Cargo game and Let's Ride The Rails game look like a lot of fun!

Brooke Webb said...

My daughter would love the Curious George Discovery Beach Game!

Caitlin said...

my son would love the chuggington games! hes all about trains right now. i also liked them on facebook! thanks for the giveaway!

Caitlin L.

Kim said...

My son would love What's in the Cat in the Hat.

Kim P

Rochel S said...

My son would LOVE the Curious George Hide and Seek Zoo Game!

rufful (at) gmail (dot) com

Four Better or Four Worse said...

The Cat in the Hat I Can Do That! game.
- Amy C

Anonymous said...

My daughter would like the Dr. Suess 4-in-1 Wood Puzzle!

Mandy H.

Julie M. said...

Thanks for introducing me to Wonder Forge, I am always looking for new fun games for my kids. I think my little boy would love the Chuggington game and Konexi looks like a fun new learning game!

Brandy said...

My daughter would love Discovery Garden and Angelina Ballerina!!

Heather said...

My kids would adore Mythbusters!

Anonymous said...

I think my daughter would love the Discovery Garden game, Chuggington matching game and 4-in-1 games cube, and also Dance with me Angelina Ballerina game!!

She'd of course love the busy busy airport game!! :)

Nickole H.

Dayna Gilvin said...

My kids would love What's in the Cat's Hat.

Dayna Gilvin