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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Rewards for Good Grades - Places in Louisville where kids get treats for their report cards!

 photo Reportcardrewards_zps9d1289aa.pngYour child just came home with all A's on their report card!  Your child just improved a letter grade in Math and got a B!  You want to reward them, what can you do?

My son started kindergarten here in Louisville this year and I am now the recipient of a report card every six weeks. Each time I look it over, congratulate him on his grades, sign the envelope for his teacher and proceed to magnet the report card to the appropriate place of honor on the fridge. Little did I know that the following businesses in Kentuckiana give rewards and/or freebies to kids who receive good grades on their report cards. I can’t wait to take advantage of these!

Always call ahead because these are places we have found traditionally offer repeort card freebies but their policies change ALL the time!

Chuck E Cheese:

10 free tokens for report card, also found this: http://www.chuckecheese.com/activities/rewards-calendars

Family Video Jeffersontown: For every 'A' get a free movie rental (for spring semester, end of school year report cards only) 3801 Ruckriegel Pkwy (502) 240-6114


K-8 free kid scoop in a cup or a cone for an 'A' or an 'O' on their report card. All Louisville Locations.

Krispy Kreme:

Your child may receive one free regular glazed doughnut for every A (or equivalent) on his/her report card. Up to 6 doughnuts per grading period. 7th grade and down. That means you can walk a way with a 1/2 dozen free doughnuts every 6 weeks! Valid at all Krispy Kreme locations.


Bring your child’s report card to earn free gameplay, as follows:

All A’s = $3.75 in gameplay
B’s & Better = $2.50 in gameplay
C’s & Better = $1.25 in gameplay
Report card must be presented within 2 weeks of receipt. Call current locations to verify.

Sweet n Swirly:

10% off for every “A” up to a total discount of 50% off for 5 or more A’s

Orange Leaf (Clarksville) Orange Leaf New Albany: For Every 'A' get 1 oz free up to 6 oz. Call other locations to see if they have an offer.

Next time my son gets a great report card I’ll save the fridge space for artwork, put the report card in my purse and take him out for a fun day around town!

By guest contributor: Brandy

**This post was published in early 2012, but we have updated it since. Still, please call these places to see if they still have these offers!**


Read Aloud to a Crowd said...

Bring your report card to Family Video in Jtown to get up to four free rentals for As!

StorytimeGal said...

Wild Eggs has a Report Card Incentive Program. Runs June 3-June 28, M-F. Free kid's entree with adult purchase for any A or O on end of year report card.