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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Review of Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt

PhotobucketMy kids and I decided to try out Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt. It's a new frozen yogurt place in Springhurst (and there's one coming soon to Bardstown Road next to Krispy Kreme, there's also a Clarksville location). With 140 stores open, and 90 more planned to open soon, Orange Leaf is taking the country by storm! 

Orange Leaf claims to be so successful because of their mission: "To promote community and family by providing a great tasting, sensible, frozen dessert made just for you, by you, in an environment that is as visually uplifting as it is welcoming."

When we entered the store, we were greeted warmly by the two employees at the register who gave us a stack of sample cups to try out as many flavors as we wanted before deciding which to get. They also gave me a couple laminated sheets that listed all the ingredients on all of their flavors so I could check each flavor for allergens and food dye. Luckily, there were quite a few flavors that fit my son's diet, and off we went to sample. I decided on the Brownie Batter flavor, my son chose vanilla, and my daughter decided after trying almost every single flavor, that she had eaten enough frozen yogurt already! Then we headed to the toppings bar! I have been to other frozen yogurt places, but this bar had more toppings than I've ever seen out at one time. We had chocolate bars, candy, Rice Krispy treats, fruits, nuts, sprinkles, marshmallows, and syrups. I think my son had more toppings than yogurt, and my daughter decided to get toppings in her cup without yogurt. The employees didn't mind her toppings sans yogurt cup, and weighed our three cups together to give me a total of about $5! It was a perfect afternoon treat. 
My kids loved sitting in the funky orange chairs, and all the tables and chairs looked clean. The yogurt tasted great, the flavor and toppings variety was great, and the price was great! We will definitely go back! Orange Leaf also has a frequent rewards card called the "Ounce Back" which can earn you money back toward more Orange Leaf frozen yogurt. Get more information at: http://orangeleafyogurt.com/.

By guest contributor: Caryn

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