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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Daddy Date Night! at Salsarita's

PhotobucketMy wife and I have always tried to spend time with each of our children individually. We call this time "Daddy Dates" and "Mommy Dates". We feel it's important to give each of our children our undivided attention every once in a while. So my wife will take my son while I take my daughter, and we'll do something that specific child will enjoy. Then the next time, we'll switch kids for the next "date." The kids have grown to love this time, and so do we.

PhotobucketFor my most recent Daddy Date, I took my son to Salsarita'sFresh Cantina for dinner. We moved here from North Carolina several years ago, and back in North Carolina (where Salsarita's was founded), my co-workers and I ordered take out fromSalsarita's for lunch almost weekly. They have the BEST chips and queso. Luckily for me, the one Salsarita's in Kentucky is located right here in St. Matthews (285 North Hubbards Lane). Salsarita's has a kids eat free night (with the purchase of an adult entree) on Monday and Thursdays, so we went on a Thursday. I decided to try one of their new CasaRitos. You can choose either a Quesarito (burrito covered with creamy queso), Rancharito (burrito covered with a robust ranchero sauce), or a Tomarito (burrito covered with warm, spicy tomatillo salsa). Since I love the queso, I of course ordered a Quesarito. 

PhotobucketPhotobucketIf you haven't been to Salsarita's before, what you need to know is that they pride themselves on having fresh food, a big selection, and they customize your order for you, right in front of your very eyes. You can choose from beef, chicken, shrimp, steak, or pork. Then you choose rice, beans, vegetables, sauces, and multiple other toppings to go inside your burrito, taco, or other item. The Quesarito was a HUGE burrito. I had them fill it with everything I like, and then they poured the creamy, warm queso over the top. My son ordered a pizza kid's meal which comes with chips, a drink, and a cookie. Of course I had to get a side of chips and queso to go with my Quesorito, but since my son's meal was free, I didn't feel guilty about getting the large order of chips. The Quesarito was DELICIOUS!  I'd love to try the other 2 varieties of CasaRito, but I don't know if I'm willing to go to Salsarita's and not order a Quesarito. I think I'll be taking my daughter to Salsarita's for our next Daddy date!

By guest contributor: Stefan (Hooray for our first Daddy post!)


The Thornton's said...

Holy MOLY that looks delicious. I think we'll have to try it on a kids eat free night! Thanks for the great review. I'm sold!

Brandy said...

Salsarita's is yummy! Glad to hear a review on the new menu item, and very cool to read a post from a daddy. Love the kid date idea. My husband and I should really start doing that.

Bird said...

Love the Daddy post!! Great idea!