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Sunday, May 6, 2012

If you named a Kentucky Derby horse......


Let's take a break from reviews and contests! I thought I would share some of the funny and quirky names that you all wrote in during a recent contest.

Last week, in entering a contest, I asked readers: If you could name a race horse, what would it be? There were many responses but here are some of my favorites!

You all are very creative!

OneCraZyMomma!           Sparkling Luck         Wintucky

Claire-voyant             RuMoRHaSiT             Listen to Your Art

HammyTime              Kall it Karma                AHorsesaysneigh

Lottie Trouble              Philly Phanatic (a filly of course)                Running on empty

Hangontight&don't let go            BeernBologna                                Twinlove

Happy Derby Day!


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