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Thursday, June 21, 2012

5 Tips for Easy Car Shopping with Kids

For the parent with young children, car shopping can often be a difficult experience. Fortunately, there are ways to make it a pleasant outing. It all begins with a positive attitude and a plan.

1. Do Some Research
Hit the computer before you head out to the dealerships. This will eliminate time from being wasted, as you will have a better idea about preferences in terms of style, color, options and the like. This will also give you an opportunity to call the dealerships ahead of time and ask if they have a designated “kids area” with a TV and DVD’s to keep your little ones entertained during the administrative processes. If not, scratch them off your list. Online resources such as DealerRater exist to help consumers find reputable dealers and sales consultants. Use them!

2. Timing Is Critical
Both the parent and kids must be in a good mood, before heading out to the dealerships. If you have young children, go after nap time. No one enjoys shopping with a sleepy little one. If you and your child’s schedules simply won’t mesh, consider getting a babysitter so that you can test drive without worry.

3. Don’t Forget The Lovies
Bring your child’s favorite toy or blanky along to the dealership. This will keep them busy when observing body styles, interiors and having discussions with the salesperson.

4. Pack A Snack
Hungry kids are often cranky and crankiness could only lead to further frustration.

 5. Use Technology To Your Advantage
Consider bringing a portable DVD player and the kids' favorite movie, IPad or portable gaming devices just to keep the little ones entertained for a good amount of time.

The above tips will ensure a calmer car shopping experience. The benefit is a more focused and sharp consumer, which will help you choose the best vehicle for your family at the best possible price.

For the really busy parent, the Car Buying Concierge at the Honda Owner’s Club of Louisville offers many convenient online services such as online credit application approvals to vehicle demonstrations at your home or office.

PhotobucketBy guest contributor: Matt DiCapua

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