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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Review of Green Apples frozen yogurt

I'm on a tour de froyo and recently hit Green Apples in Prospect. It was definitely the most different tasting of all of the froyo shops around. They have a ton of flavor options, at least 20 and the same wide variety of toppings as all of the other places. And, it's priced just the same as other comparable self-serve frozen yogurt shops and very clean. Not too many surprises there.

The decor was funky and fun. The kids really enjoyed the spherical chairs. We went through the frozen yogurt line with our big cups. The flavors featured some of the typical standards but there were fruity selections that I hadn't seen in other shops. So, if you like fruit flavored frozen yogurt, rather than one or two choices, you will have many choices here. I chose butter pecan and the kids chose their usual strawberry and chocolate. We topped it all out and our modest servings came to a total of about $12.

We sat to enjoy our frozen yogurt and there was surprise. The kids did not skip a beat and just ate their little topping-loving hearts out. I, however, immediately paused over the tartness of the frozen yogurt. This flavor is just not my speed. I am a sugar lover and this frozen yogurt was just too tart for me. The tart totally overwhelmed the butter pecan and I could barely tell it was supposed to be butter pecan. I tried my son's strawberry and it was much better. The chocolate was too tart for my taste as well. I think the fruit flavors lend themselves to the tartness more than the rich flavors.

We were satisfied with our afternoon treat and the kids did eat all of their frozen yogurt. But, since I have a major sweet tooth and didn't really enjoy the tart in my frozen yogurt, we'll probably stick to other frozen yogurt options in the future.


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