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Monday, November 12, 2012

Wonder Forge Board Game Review & CONTEST!

The LouFamFun.net writers have been checking out some games that could be great gifts for kids! Board games are perfect for family fun at home on a cold winter night or on a rainy day with snacks to share. Here are some from Wonder Forge that we tried.

 These are available online and at other retailers online like .  I also saw some at Toyland at the Oxmoor Center (where you can save 20% with your LouFamFun Pass!)

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PhotobucketThe newest addition to our game shelf is the Dazzling Princess game from Wonder Forge. This simple game is geared to young Disney movie fans.  My 4 year old daughter loves that it involves dress up. Each player is given a tiara, a bracelet and a ring to begin the game. There is a box full of cards, each depicting a different character, scene or symbol from a Disney princess movie. The player must guess the movie represented in the picture. The answer is on the back of the card, but you have to use the red heart-shaped decoder to see it. My 7 year old son thought the decoder was cool. If the player gets the right answer, she or he gets to add the designated number of gems to her/his tiara, bracelet or ring. The winner is the first to fill all the empty spaces with gems.

As I said before, it's a very simple concept, but I think it's unique and interesting enough to hold the attention of young children. It's obviously more geared to girls, but my son did like guessing the cards and using the decoder. I managed to snap a picture of him wearing the jewelry, but I will reserve that for the dating years. I like that the answers consisted of the name of the princess as well as a picture, so young children can complete their turn without needing assistance. The gems are tiny, so I wouldn't recommend this game for toddlers who still put toys in their mouth. (The recommended age is 4+.) The small size of the gems, cards and decoder also make it a little harder for adults to handle, but they are just the right size for the young children. I think the Dazzling Princess game will spend more time on the game table than the shelf.  ~ Brandy

Dr. Seuss Fun Machine Game Tiles
PhotobucketMy kids and I love playing games, but with a boy and girl, ages 6 and almost 4 years old, it is sometimes tough to find games the kids enjoy and understand. "Dr. Seuss Fun Machine Game Tiles" includes 3 games - Matching, Slap Down, and Guess-A-Roo. They are fun, involve technology, but are still basic to appeal to a broad audience. It takes the classic games of Go Fish, Slap Jack, and a game somewhat similar to Guess Who, but adds a twist. These games are meant to be played with an iPad, iPhone, or iPad touch. There are also other changes. For example, in the memory game, instead of just matching two pictures, you can match by shape, color, character, or the picture on the app. My daughter loves to play with my phone, so for her it was great. My son however, preferred to play without the additional technology. The good news - it's great either way. And it promotes matching, memory, observation, and deduction. Both my kids enjoyed it, and I enjoyed the family time without the TV or video game where the kids play in their own world.  ~Caryn

Who Shook Hook?
PhotobucketWho Shook Hook is a great game for families with younger kids. Mine are 3 and 5, so this game was challenging but fun. The object of the game is to get the most treasure off Captain Hook’s hammock without waking him up (knocking him off) using only the tools provided. Reading is not required for this game, so it’s a fun option if you’re getting tired of Candy Land and Chutes and Ladders. I would recommend setting it up on a sturdy table since every time one of my kids bumped the kid-sized picnic table we were playing on we had to start completely over with the game. But overall the kids enjoyed it, and that’s what family game night is all about. ~Maggie

PhotobucketEnchanted Cupcake Party
My kids were very much into this game.  We played round after round!  The idea is that they flip card to start a round.  If they get 4 clocks, the game is over. But, if they get bake, mix, decorate - the round is on.  We flip the timer, flip a princess card that has a cupcake challenge on it and then the kids race to make that cupcake out of the piece as quickly as possible.  They work together so it's a nice change from competing against each other and fighting over who wins!  If the timer is still going and they have made the cupcake, they can try to make more.  The goal is to make as many cupcakes as possible until the game ends.  There are different stacks of cards so that each time they play there is a variety in what they create.  My daughter also just likes to sit and play with the cupcake pieces to make her own creations.  ~Stephanie

Never Land Challenge
PhotobucketI think this is my kids' new favorite game!  It's a team work game where the kids work together to earn more deblumes than Captain Hook.  Once the game is set up on the floor, the kids choose one red coin and one blue coin that when put together, make a challenge like "Walk backwards while balancing the feather on your head" or "Hop on one foot while holding the ball under your chin."  Or, if they choose a "Game Over" coin, it goes to Captain Hook and when they get 3, the game is over.  They keep trying challenges until the game ends. If they successfully complete the challenge, they keep the deblumes. If they can't do the challenge, they give them to Captain Hook.  At the end of the game, they win if they have more coins than Captain Hook - they are a team!  I've likes this game because they have been using these ideas even when playing the coming up with their own little challenges in the playroom.  ~Stephanie

PhotobucketThe Joker Fun House
In this board game, the kids and parents can choose to be one of the cartoon heroes and one person is the Joker.  The heroes/Super Friends get to use their powers throughout the game to try to defeat the joker. The Super Friends players play against the joker player and try stop the joker from advancing across the board and winning the game.  The players take turns with a spinner and move along the game.  They loved being the different characters.  For example: Batman gets to launch a dart at Joker and try to knock him down, Superman used x-ray vision glasses to see Joker's game cards and take away the highest card and slows his advancement.  This game requires reading but we were able to play with our younger ones and just team up or help them read.  ~Stephanie

Now, it's time for you to win one of the games we just reviewed!

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