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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Fun Things to do in Louisville with Kids for $5 or less

PhotobucketRecently, I asked the LouisvilleFamilyFun.net writers this question:

If I gave you $5 per child and told you to make the most out of it for family fun in Louisville, what would you do? (not counting gas, would like answer that works all year round)

Here are the writers' responses:

Kentucky Gymnastics Academy open gym for sure. My kids are in love with Ms. Barb. - She's like a toddler whisperer. 9:30-10:30 Monday and Friday. 10-11 Tues-Thurs

I'd take my kiddos to story time at the St. Matthews library and then out for bagels at Bruegger's.

I'd take my kids to the St. Matthews farmers market, buy some fresh fruit, and walk around.

Stop at the Library to pick out some new books, head to a park for some playtime (or a snowball fight I can wish, right?) and finish up at Annie May's Sweet Cafe. Yummy!

Head to $5 after 5pm on Fri/Sat nights at Louisville Science Center. And also look forward to ArtSparks reopening because $5 a kid is the go-to place for my kiddos.

Walk around the Summit including Barnes and Noble, the play area, and maybe some snacks at Starbucks.

Take the kids to the dollar store to buy some trinkets and snacks. then do some geocaching - exchanging those trinkets for new ones.

Then, I asked the readers and here are some of my favorite responses:

Buy veggies and head to Henry's Ark! -Kelly

$2 Tuesday movies at Village 8! - Katie

We would go to the grocery store, buy a bag of carrots and crackers before heading to Henry's Ark to feed the animals. Then we would head to Creasey Mahan for a hike and picnic. We'd finish off by heading to Fuzziwig's to spend the rest of the money on a treat! - Amy

Rock climbing/walking at the Falls (of the Ohio), Widows Walk ice cream and playing at the park downtown  -Teresa

Pack a picnic and hike and explore at Bernheim forest. Free to enter during the week, or $5 per car on weekends. Twice a month they have a free Eco-kids thing. - Robin

Go to the public library for storytime (free!), take them to the park to play on a playground (also free!), let them pick out a $1 toy at the Dollar Tree, and then take them to Zaxby's for a milkshake (around $2.50). Mommy gets to pocket the extra change!!! - Jenni

Tuesday $1.99 Happy Meal, Play Place, RedBox Movie, Popcorn & Ice Cream! Movies at home are more comfortable and you can pause it for kiddo potty breaks! - Sherry

Science Center Fridays and Saturdays after 5pm. And the place is pretty empty after 7pm. We love it!
 - LaToya

A cheap fishing pole and enjoy all the great fishing lakes that Louisville has to offer and kids don't need a license - Derek!

See, we can all have so much fun for under $5!  

1 comment:

Julie M. said...

I want Jeanette to write more about geocaching. My daughter did this once with Girl Scouts and loved it, I'd like to know morea bout it.