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Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Legend of Chris Moose, a Book Review

PhotobucketChristmas is upon us, isn’t it?! It’s such a great time of year! Gift buying, wrapping, and giving to those we love just seems to lighten all of our loads. One gift that keeps on giving and that I always give to at least 4-5 children on my shopping list every year is books. Books are a gateway to another world and are the perfect companion at bedtime! You can cozy up under the blankets and snuggle with your family as you read together.

On LouFamFun beginning this month, we will be reviewing a new book for you each month. This month’s book is The Legend of Chris Moose: A Christmas Story written by Allen Northcutt and illustrated by Christie Morris. I read the book first, and then I let my daughter read it to her little brother. It is about a moose who feels he is ugly, and his name happens to be Ugly. He thinks he doesn’t fit in with all of his other animal friends. His friends don’t think that way and want him to realize that he is beautiful. As the story goes on, Ugly picks up all the animals on their way through the forest to a Christmas party. At the party, Ugly gets a new name and realizes how a simple gift to his friends makes him the most beautiful moose in the world.

This is a fun little story for Christmastime. It is not too lengthy and its rhyming text makes it a fun read aloud for kids. It flows nicely from start to finish and has a good lesson about being the best person you can be and having friends who are true to you and stick up for you no matter what. Those are good life lessons for kids to learn. My kids and I really enjoyed the illustrations too. They are bright, bold, and colorful and with it being Christmas-themed are very festive for the holidays.

I recommend this book for toddlers and preschoolers. It has been kid tested at my house and was a wonderful story to share with each other! Kids will enjoy the Christmas elements and the many animals in the story.

If you are interested in purchasing this book as a gift for your kids or someone else this Christmas, click here where it's available online!

By guest contributor: Erin Nevitt

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