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Monday, April 30, 2012

Specials from Salsarita's for Derby and Cinco de Mayo

Salsarita's is not only a great place to bring the family to eat, but you can pick up items to take with your or they can cater events for you making it easier for you to have FUN!


And, given that the Kentucky Derby is on Cinco de Mayo, they are going to be offering "post Derby" Cinco de Mayo Specials on May 11th.


This is a sponsored posts/paid advertisement

Review of Lyle the Crocodile and a CONTEST for tickets to the next public show!

PhotobucketI took my children to a free public performance of Lyle the Crocodile by Stage One Family Theatre. They had some free performances over spring break.  We parked at the Kentuky Center parking garage for convenience.  It was worth the event parking fee to be right there, since I was running late!

The Kentucky Center has a few theaters and this show took place in the Bomhard Theater.  We sat toward the top in the center and had a nice view of the stage.  The show was 60 minutes long and my children and I truly enjoyed it.  My children are 3.5 and 5 and they were able to follow the play and understand the moral of the story.  The show had silly parts that made the kids laugh, simple scene changes that kept the story moving and wonderful actors.  By the end of the show, my kids were clapping along doing Lyle's quirky happy crocodile dance (you'll have to go see the show to see what I am talking about!!).  60 minutes was just enough time to hold their attention but also make it worth my trip to downtown to see the show.  As we left, some of the actors were in the lobby to sign the show cards we were given at entrance.  My children waited in line like they were about to meet the biggest celebrity!!  They were in awe when they saw the actors up close and that was a sign to me that they really enjoyed the show.

I love exposing my children to a variety of things and I think Stage One Family Theatre is doing a wonderful service in providing a moderately priced ($12.75) theater show that is of such high quality.  This show can be a great introduction to theater!


Now....you can enter to win tickets!  They have 2 public performances on May 12th!  Click HERE for show info.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Review of Steepleton Playsets

Recently, with the weather warming up, I was really wanting a playset for the kids in the backyard. We just moved into our home last fall and I think they are the perfect age for it.  So, I headed to St. Matthews and visited the Steepleton showroom.  They showed me the different sets at various prices, explaining the differences and the warranty information.  We had been looking online and at your typical places like Costco and Home Depot but we had several concerns about weight limits on those structures, our ability to put it together to that it was safe for the kids and the quality of the materials.  At the Steepleton showroom, I was impressed with the quality of their stock and seeing them up close, I realized there was just no way I wanted to put one of these together, just my husband and I.

I chose an age appropriate set that has a variety of things to climb and explore, one that they can grow into.  I liked that their Woodplay sets have rounded edges on the beams and that all of the screws and bolts are sunken in the wood and not exposed.  I like that I could choose a lighter color slide so it wouldn't get hot and had a choice of colors for the tarp.  And, the swings have the coating on them for a better grip and protecting little fingers.  Then, we had to choose the wood. There was a several hundred dollar price different to go with cedar rather than redwood, so my husband and I chose the cedar to save money and thought the 10 year warranty was absolutely enough for us (redwood has a lifetime warranty).  I was very satisfied with the service and the pricing on the structure.  They had a spring sale going on.  We scheduled the installation for about 2 weeks later. Since this is a popular set, I couldn't get it installed immediately but that was just fine for us.  I should have thought of this back in March and not wasted time looking at so many other places!

On the day of the installation, they told me roughly when they were going to arrive and when they were headed my way, they gave me a call.  Two men arrived with the supplies, surveyed the backyard and discussed with me the orientation of the set and where I wanted it.  They quickly got to work and like the pros that they are, they installed that set in under 3 hours.  I watched them as they got the positioning right to make it level and secured all of the pieces in place.  They had a placement issue in my yard due to a dip in the ground in one area and a small hill in another area, so they conferred with me and got permission to move it slightly and ad a support piece to leave it.  They were very consciencious that the set was installed properly.  This would have taken my husband and I days to do and several follow-up appointments at physical therapy because we totally would have killed our backs!

After 3 hours of watching it be installed, my children ran out to climb, jump and swing! They said it was awesome over and over and asked if they could keep it in the yard forever!  Since the installation, my 5 year old son has finally gotten enough practice and is swinging and pumping his legs on his own. And, we have had numerous picnics up on the playset platform.  Our youngest dog likes to take shelter in the shade under the set.  It's just what we needed to complete our back yard.


Friday, April 27, 2012

WINNERS! Sew Cute by Katie Contest + a Coupon!

We are pleased to announce the two winners of the Sew Cute by Katie prizes!

The winners are Elizabeth Fick Koppen (bowtie & towel) and Alice Baron (necktie and tumblers)

please email info@louisvillefamilyfun.net to claim your prize!

And, Sew Cute by Katie would like to give all of the readers a special discount. Bring this coupon into her Middletown shop to save 15% off one item!  Just in time for Mother's Day!

Click the coupon to go to google documents, then file -> print!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Things to do this weekend around Louisville April 27,28,29

The Kentucky Derby Festival is in full force!  Here's some fabuLOUs LouFamFun picks for things to do this weekend!

Weather permitting, on Friday, you can enjoy the Balloon Glow. It's at the Expo Center, $8 parking, and you get in with your pegasus pin.  Gates open at 6pm, the Glow is at 9pm. And the Great Balloon Race is Saturday morning at 7am at Bowman Field!

The Fest-A-Ville on the Waterfront is also going on now through 5/4/12.  (Celebration Sunday is this weekend with special events from 1pm-11pm)

Apassionata is this weekend! There are multiple shows and you can get buy 3, get 1 free tickets by using the code FAMILY when ordering tickets.

On Friday, there's a Frogs & Toads Hike at EP Tom Sawyer State Park! It's $2 for participants over the age of 5.  It's from 6-8pm.  RIBBIT!

UofL has some FREE admission baseball games this weekend! They play Friday night and on both Saturday and Sunday.

This weekend is the Cherokee Triangle Art Fair. It is a REALLY GREAT fair!  We went last year, here's the review.  It's Saturday and Sunday from 10am-6pm.


Review of Thunder Over Louisville: the family perspective

The Derby Festival officially kicked off this past weekend with Thunder Over Louisville, which features an extensive air show and North America’s largest annual fireworks show. The first year we lived here I wasn’t sure about staying for both or not, or how to best navigate parking and the huge crowds with my young son. Add to that the drizzly & cold weather and we decided to just watch on TV. We were really impressed by the show, so decided that if the weather was tolerable next time we’d go in person and this year we did.

PhotobucketIt was a cool day, heavy jacket weather, and the rains stopped at least a couple of hours before the air show was set to begin at 2:30pm. I really recommend trying to carpool to make parking easier and more affordable, which we did. We started seeing parking lots while still at least a couple of miles away, for $10 or $15. As we got closer the price went up to $20 for most and a few for $30 or more. We found a private lot that would put us out facing the right way to follow the appropriate express route, where police are in place to help direct traffic. See here for that information. 

We were lucky enough to be with someone who works in one of the many buildings downtown, so we had a home base and place to stow our stuff, but had it all in one back pack that was easy enough to carry had we wanted or needed to. We ate lunch before leaving and so packed our refillable water bottles and lots of snacks, money for dinner, as well as extra clothes for our youngest, our camera, and some small games we could play if we had any down time between shows.

We started at the Belvedere area, a Pegasus Pin only entry, which then lead to a few different private areas. If you did not pre-purchase one, you could buy one for $5 each nearby. These help support this event, as well as other fun Derby Festival activities, and gains you entry into more than 30 festival events & concerts. We had wristband access for the Meijer Family Fun Zone. The gatekeepers were very careful to let only families into this area and there were several activities to do, as well as a good spot for looking up to see the many aircraft that took part in the air show. We could even hear the announcements about the planes when close to the waterfront. There were a couple of inflatables, food samples, and several tables with games where you spin a wheel and answer food related questions to win a variety of small prizes for various aged children. They also passed out fun little light up stick necklaces for later once it got dark. The kids had a really great time here and the smaller crowd was perfect for us. Everyone working in this family zone was friendly and helpful. It was nice and clean. There was a long row of port-a-lets without any waiting in line and the one we looked in was also clean. This alone was worth trying to win or pick up the wrist bands for entry as the lines we saw closer to the main venue were very long. They only give out a certain number of wristbands, so this fun zone stays much less crowded than the main area at Waterfront Park, were we went next.

To get there, we walked on Main and turned on one of the connecting streets to River Rd. to see the steam boats. There were at least a half dozen food vendors in that area with reasonable lines, especially considering it was approaching dinner time. From there we continued to the main area and checked out the Chow Wagon area, which requires a Pegasus Pin to enter. There were many choices of food vendors here and a lot more people. At some points, it was hard to navigate through while still staying together, but not as stressful as I had anticipated. We did encounter people openly smoking as they walked through narrow areas and I wish they had smoking areas set aside, like at most amusement parks.

The next area over is the main viewing venue, which you also need a Pegasus Pin for, and the area was electric with energy from all the people walking talking, and watching the air show. There were people with wacky hats, noisemakers, and we even saw a fun person in a Chewbacca costume who danced and posed for several snapshots.

PhotobucketAfter a while, we made our way back up Main St. back towards the Belvedere area. We played games, drew, ate the food we picked up at one of the vendors, and continued to enjoy the air show, which by now had been happening off and on for 5 or 6 hours!  There was a large selection of air craft throughout, from older smaller planes to modern jets and all sorts of different sizes. We marveled at the stunts they performed earlier in the day and were delighted to watch them as it grew dark. Shortly before the fireworks show, one even looked like it had trails of sparklers coming from it.

They fireworks show started with enormous US flags flying by while patriotic music played. Then the sky lit up over and over again with dazzling colors, sizes, heights, types, and even shapes of fireworks all set to a great soundtrack. We were thoroughly captivated and especially loved the fireworks waterfall off the bridge. The finale was great and the encore was awesome. The whole thing lasted about half an hour and was truly the best pyrotechnic display we have ever seen. Watching it on tv previously was great, but seeing it in person can’t be beat and was well worth the effort. Parts of it, and the air show, obviously can get pretty loud and if you have young or sensitive children with you, you probably want to bring ear plugs and plan where you’ll view this terrific show based on where they predict the smoke will flow.

After we gathered our stuff, we joined the throngs of people heading to their vehicles and could really see how big the crowds had been. There was one incident on our way to the car that was a little scary. Some kids on a hotel balcony were arguing with some kids on the ground and threw some bottles down which barely missed hitting us. I stopped to inform the police officer directing people at the next crosswalk and he said he’d try to let someone know, which was disappointing. The rest of the officers we observed throughout the day had been helpful and seemed to have things in good order though and we are grateful for their hard work. Honestly, I was pleasantly surprised that this had been the first incident we’d noticed, considering the sheer number of people there.

Getting out of the parking lot took a bit, as did traveling on the express route out of downtown, but people were courteous and friendly overall and I think traffic was moving along as expected since almost everyone poured out of there at one time. It took us about an hour to get home once to our vehicle as opposed to the normal 20-25 minute drive, which I thought was not bad at all.

This was a great fun long day for our whole family, including our young son and our teenager. There were things we did not check out, like the bands or even the other entertainment like the public children’s area, because we preferred to stay in the less crowded more family oriented areas. I am glad there are places for both, so that adults can celebrate the kick off to Derby season while those with younger families can have fun too. We also appreciate the many options of enjoying Thunder, from as little as the $5 cost of a Pegasus Pin per person (you can buy them in advance for less) up to a more expensive and exclusive limited crowd viewing area with other amenities. We hope to be able to again enjoy the Meijer Family Fun Zone. We felt very comfortable and welcome there since we had young kiddos with us and were with others who did too. Once our son is much older, we might explore the larger crowds to see how many friends we run into and to see how it is watching the show shoulder to shoulder with the energy of so many people. After all, variety is the spice of life!

By guest contributor: Angela

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Review of Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt

PhotobucketMy kids and I decided to try out Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt. It's a new frozen yogurt place in Springhurst (and there's one coming soon to Bardstown Road next to Krispy Kreme, there's also a Clarksville location). With 140 stores open, and 90 more planned to open soon, Orange Leaf is taking the country by storm! 

Orange Leaf claims to be so successful because of their mission: "To promote community and family by providing a great tasting, sensible, frozen dessert made just for you, by you, in an environment that is as visually uplifting as it is welcoming."

When we entered the store, we were greeted warmly by the two employees at the register who gave us a stack of sample cups to try out as many flavors as we wanted before deciding which to get. They also gave me a couple laminated sheets that listed all the ingredients on all of their flavors so I could check each flavor for allergens and food dye. Luckily, there were quite a few flavors that fit my son's diet, and off we went to sample. I decided on the Brownie Batter flavor, my son chose vanilla, and my daughter decided after trying almost every single flavor, that she had eaten enough frozen yogurt already! Then we headed to the toppings bar! I have been to other frozen yogurt places, but this bar had more toppings than I've ever seen out at one time. We had chocolate bars, candy, Rice Krispy treats, fruits, nuts, sprinkles, marshmallows, and syrups. I think my son had more toppings than yogurt, and my daughter decided to get toppings in her cup without yogurt. The employees didn't mind her toppings sans yogurt cup, and weighed our three cups together to give me a total of about $5! It was a perfect afternoon treat. 
My kids loved sitting in the funky orange chairs, and all the tables and chairs looked clean. The yogurt tasted great, the flavor and toppings variety was great, and the price was great! We will definitely go back! Orange Leaf also has a frequent rewards card called the "Ounce Back" which can earn you money back toward more Orange Leaf frozen yogurt. Get more information at: http://orangeleafyogurt.com/.

By guest contributor: Caryn

Review of Thunder Preview Party 2012

The Thunder Preview Party is one of the first events kicking off the Kentucky Derby Festival every year and it is definitely one of our favorite family-friendly events.  It's held at Bowman Field on a weekday evening and you can get in with a Pegasus Pin or a Thunder Funder Cup from McDonald's, the event sponsor. (Kids under 6 don't need a pin or a cup to enter!)

 At this event, you and your kids will enjoy exploring a variety of vehicles and aircraft used for Thunder Over Louisville.  Also, there are activities and freebies inside of the hanger like inflatables, face painting, temporary tattoos and more!  It's such a simple event but every year, my kids just love it and have so much fun.  So, if you didn't go this year, consider it for next year!  It's usually early in April, get your Pegasus Pins early and head to Bowman Field!

I recommend getting there right when it starts at 5pm and you will not have traffic/parking issues.  You will be there for about 1-2 hours and then go and grab some dinner (or eat some concessions there!).


Monday, April 23, 2012

CONTEST! Sew Cute by Katie gifts!

We have a fabuLOUs prize pack for two winners this week, you must get in on this contest!  Sew Cute by Katie is an adorable shop in Middletown and you can follow her Facebook page to stay current (please do!).   She has all sorts of creative gifts, the jockey themed ones are my favorite. And, being that it's THAT time of year, Sew Cute by Katie has put together two wonderful Derby-themed prizes for two lucky winners.

Something for the ladies, something for the men!

PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket Photobucket
A polka dot mens bowtie, a rose necktie, a jockey-theme hand towel and a pair of jockey-themed tumblers!

One winner will get the bowtie and the towel, the other winner will get the necktie and the tumblers!

I don't know about you, but I think those tumblers are perfect for Derby day beverages (she also has wine goblets like these!!)

Winners must pick up the prize at her shop! 11603 Main St, Louisville, KY 40243

Follow her on Facebook!  or, shop her Etsy store online!

Good luck!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

WINNERS! Yanni VIP Louisville Palace Tickets / Apassionata

We had two contests running this past week and I am thrilled to announce the winners!

Who gets to be a VIP at the Louisville Palace to see an awesome Yanni concert?? What a date night!
It's Jennifer Kuhle!

Who gets to go with their family to their choice of matinee performances of Apassionata???? (PLUS, LouFamFun will send you $8 for your parking, we know how to take care of you!!)
It's Nancy Hawk!!

Congrats and email info@louisvillefamilyfun.net to claim your prize! (must claim by 4/24 at 5pm)

Review of Austin's Restaurant

PhotobucketMy kids and I decided to try out Austin's Restaurant which is on 42 in the Holiday Manor area. Austin's prides itself on cooking "Southern Contemporary Cuisine." We decided to try the Brunch which is served
every Saturday and Sunday.

PhotobucketPhotobucketThe hostesses greeted us nicely and gave my kids a picture to color that had the kids menu on it. Kids under 12 can hand in their colored picture to enter a monthly coloring contest with a chance to win a free kids meal. The brunch menu and regular menu looked like they had a great selection. They have everything from
salads, pasta, seafood, to grilled items. For brunch, we got the buttermilk pancakes, whole wheat French toast, and Belgian waffle with bacon, scrambled eggs, and a fruit cup as the sides.

We decided to share, and everything was delicious! My kids weren't thrilled with the "healthy" French toast, but they gobbled up everything else. I thought the whole wheat French toast was good, and I felt like I was eating healthier, but the Belgian waffle was definitely my favorite. The wait staff was very attentive, and no one seemed to mind my slightly loud children in the otherwise peaceful room. The prices seemed really reasonable - the 3 of us ate for less than $20. Austin's has a lunch special and dinner special every weeknight, and the brunches on the weekends. I definitely like to head back again and try some of the lunch or dinner menu. For more information, see their website.

By guest contributor: Caryn

Friday, April 20, 2012

Things to do this weekend in and around Louisville April 20,21,22

THUNDER THUNDER THUNDER! Yes, that's the BIG, HUGE event going on this weekend and it's part of the Kentucky Derby Festival.  If the weather cooperates, the air show and all of the hoopla (yes, I typed hoopla!) will be even better!

Here's some other ideas and our picks for activities to fill your weekend with FUN!

You can hang out by the river at a park or restaurant and watch the airshow practice! They will practice the airshow  Friday afternoon.

Girls and Dolls Tea at Sister's Tea Parlor - reservations recommended. Tea, dinner, desserts!

Yes, Thunder Over Louisville as mentioned!

Kids 2 Kids Consignment Sale to benefit the Louisville Mother's of Twins Club - 8:30am-1pm, Immanuel Church of Christ.

Spring Wildflowers Open House at Creasey Mahan Nature Preserve - 10am-2pm with a wildflower walk at 11am!

$2 admission to the Louisville Zoo for Earth Day! Open 10am-5pm

Mighty Kindness Earth Day Hootenanny  at Louisville Nature Center (right by the Zoo!) Music, vendors, kids stuff and more!

Have a THUNDEROUS weekend!


Thursday, April 19, 2012

Kids Eat Free (or cheap!) in and Around Louisville, KY

 photo Kids Eat Free1_zpswkajzhxa.png 

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Are you a business and want to advertise?  Click here

We all know that eating out often can add up! So, in Kentuckiana, it's important to know where the best deals are for Kids Eat Free (or cheap!)

Here's a list of places in Louisville & Southern Indiana that offer specials for kids!

Sponsored by:
 photo Papa Johns kids eat free_zpsegw8louf.jpg 

   photo Gustavo kids meal deal_zpsg8fvpcxr.png

 photo moeskidseatfree_zpsf1ac238f.jpgAt all Kentuckiana locations - Kids Eat FREE* all day on Wednesdays! *1 free kids meal per adult entree purchase of $5 or more.
Click here to like Moe's on Facebook!
These locations are locally owned and operate.
Click here to find one near you.

*note, most places list kids as 12 and under, dine in only* Please check with the restaurant before going as many change their deals! Let us know if you see a new place that we don't have listed or if you know of one that changed their deal!

In Shelby County?  See this list - click HERE.
In Oldham County?  See this list - click HERE.

Bearno's - Kids eat free. Dine in only. All locations.
Big Four Burgers (Jeffersonville) - Kids eat free with purchase of an adult meal. Dine in only.
Bistro 42 - One free kid's meal with purchase of an adult entree.
Citizen 7 - Free kid's meal with purchase of an adult entree. Mondays and Tuesdays. 
Christie's Cafe - Free kid's meal with purchase of an adult meal. 4 - 9 p.m.    
Fat Jimmy's (Middletown) - $2 Kid's Buffet every Monday and Tuesday.
Gustavo's (All locations) - Kids meals are $2.99 on Mondays.
Havana Rumba - Kids eat free with adult entree purchase. Dine in only. Monday - Thursday. 
Hometown Pizza - Kids enjoy a free individual one-topping pizza or kid's spaghetti dinner with the purchase of any medium or large pizza at regular menu price. Limit two children per pizza. Dine in only. Mondays and Tuesdays.
Macaroni Grill - One free kid's meal with the purchase of an adult meal. All day Monday & Tuesday.
McAlister's Deli - Free kid's meal with the purchase an adult meal. Dine in only. Monday - Thursday. 4 p.m. - close.  
Mellow Mushroom St. Matthews - Kids eat for 99 cents with adult pizza purchase.  
Molly Malone's (Highlands & St. Matthews) Kids eat free with purchase of an adult meal. 4 - 8 p.m.
O'Charley's - Free kid's meal all day every day. One kids meal per adult entree. Drink not included.
Shiraz MG - Free kid's meal with adult entree. Chamberlain Lane location. 4 p.m. - close.
Steak and Shake - One free kids plate for every $9 spent! Age 12 and under. All day, every day. Dine in only.
Texas Roadhouse - Kids eat for free or 99 cents. Some Louisville area locations. (Middletown and Clarksville Kid's Night is Tuesday). Call ahead as price, hours and date vary by location.  
The Spaghetti Shop - Free kids meal with purchase of a full size adult entree. Dine-in only. 
W.W. Cousins - Free kid's meal with the purchase of an adult meal. 4 p.m. - close. Monday & Tuesday.

Applebee's - One free kids meal per adult entree purchased throughout the day. Kids can upgrade to a larger meal for $1. Louisville, LaGrange & Southern IN locations.  (Some locations have closed, call ahead)
Bearno's - Kids eat free. Dine in only. All locations.
Bob Evans - Kids eat free with purchase of adult entree. 4 p.m. - close.
Chick-fil-A Glenmary - Free kid's meal (excludes 6 pc) with purchase of a value meal. 5 - 8 p.m.
Citizen 7- Free kid's meal with purchase of an adult entree. Mondays and Tuesdays. 
Denny's (Dutchmans Ln., Eastern Pkwy.Clarksville), kids eat free - 4 - 10 pm  
Fat Jimmy's (Middletown) - kids eat for $2 on Tuesdays, all day 
Fazoli's -3 kids eat for 99 cents with purchase of adult entree. 5 - 8 p.m.
Finn's Southern Kitchen - During lunch and dinner hours, one free kids meal per purchase of adult entree.
Havana Rumba - Kids eat free with adult entree purchase. Dine in only. Monday - Thursday.
Home Run Burgers - Family Night. 1/2 Price burgers and dogs. 
Hometown Pizza - Kids enjoy a free individual one-topping pizza or kid's spaghetti dinner with the purchase of any medium or large pizza at regular menu price. Limit two children per pizza. Dine in only. Mondays and Tuesdays. 
KingFish (KY & So. IN) - $1 kids meals. Up to two per adult meal purchased. Dine in only.   
Loui Loui's - Kids 10 and under eat free with purchase of adult meal.
Mark's Feed Store - All locations. Kids eat free with purchase of an adult entree.
Macaroni Grill - One free kid's meal with the purchase of an adult meal. All day Monday & Tuesday.
McAlister's Deli - Free kid's meal with the purchase an adult meal. Dine in only. Monday - Thursday. 4 p.m. - close.
O'Charley's - Free kid's meal all day every day. One kids meal per adult entree. Drink not included. 
Old Chicago (both locations) - Kids meals or kids make their own pizza for $1.99. 4 - 9 p.m.
Shiraz MG - Free kid's meal with adult entree. Chamberlain Lane location. 4 p.m. - close.
Steak and Shake - One free kids plate for every $9 spent! Age 12 and under. All day, every day. Dine in only.
Texas Roadhouse Clarksville and Middletown: Kids eat for $2.99 at Clarksville and $1.99 at Middletown with the purchase of an adult meal. Other Louisville area stores have Kids Night on Monday. Call ahead as price, hours and date vary by location.  
W.W. Cousins - Free kid's meal with the purchase of an adult meal. 4 p.m. - close. Monday & Tuesday.

Adrienne & Co. Bakery Cafe- Kids eat free with adult meal purchase. 10:30 a.m - 3 p.m.
BoomBozz Craft Pizza (Westport Village only) - Two free kid's meals per adult meal.
Bungalow Joe's - Kids eat free with purchase of adult entree. 5 p.m. to close.
Clucker's - 99 cent kid's Chicken Ring Basket with adult entree purchase.
Havana Rumba - Kids eat free with adult entree purchase. Dine in only. Monday - Thursday.
Logan's Roadhouse - Kids 12 and under, 1 free kid's meal with purchase of adult meal.
McAlister's Deli - Free kid's meal with the purchase an adult meal. Dine in only. Monday - Thursday. 4 p.m. - close.  
Moe's - Free kid's meal (entree, drink & cookie) with purchase of an adult entree (valued at $5 or more). Valid all day at Louisville, KY and Clarksville, IN locations.
O'Charley's - Free kid's meal all day every day. One kids meal per adult entree. Drink not included.
SeƱor Iguanas One free kid's meal with the purchase of an adult meal. All locations.
Shiraz MG - Free kid's meal with adult entree. Chamberlain Lane location. 4 p.m. - close.
Steak and Shake - One free kids plate for every $9 spent! Age 12 and under. All day, every day. Dine in only.
Topp't Handcrafted Pizzas + Chopped Salads - Kids eat free with the purchase of any full size pizza, salad, or wrap.

Chick-fil-A - at Jefferson Commons - Kids eat free with adult meal. 5 - 8 p.m. 
Havana Rumba - Kids eat free with adult entree purchase. Dine in only. Monday - Thursday. 
McAlister's Deli - Free kid's meal with the purchase an adult meal. Dine in only. Monday - Thursday. 4 p.m. - close.
O'Charley's - Kids eat free all day every day. One kids meal per adult entree. Drink not included.
Shiraz MG - Free kid's meal with adult entree. Chamberlain Lane location. 4 p.m. - close.
Steak and Shake - One free kids plate for every $9 spent! Age 12 and under. All day, every day. Dine in only.

O'Charley's - Free kid's meal all day every day. One kids meal per adult entree. Drink not included.
Steak and Shake - One free kids plate for every $9 spent! Age 12 and under. All day, every day. Dine in only.

O'Charley's - Free kid's meal all day every day. One kids meal per adult entree. Drink not included.
Steak and Shake - One free kids plate for every $9 spent! Age 12 and under. All day, every day. Dine in only.
The Spaghetti Shop - (Saturday) Free kids meal per adult meal purchase. Dine-in only.

Dickey's BBQ - Kids eat free with purchase. Dine in only.
Firehouse Subs - Kids eat for 99 cents with purchase of an adult meal.
Lenny’s Subs- Kids eat free with purchase of an adult meal.
O'Charley's - Free kid's meal all day every day. One kids meal per adult entree. Drink not included.
Shiraz MG - Free kid's meal with adult entree. Chamberlain Lane location. All day Sunday.
Steak and Shake - One free kids plate for every $9 spent! Age 12 and under. All day, every day. Dine in only.
Tumbleweed Southwest Grill  - One free kids meal per adult meal purchased. Dine in only.

Published April 19, 2012. Updated 2/1/17 It is the reader's responsibility to verify the deal as a restaurant may change or drop their program any day! If you know of a restaurant that has changed or added a "Kids Eat Free" option, please email info@louisvillefamilyfun.net and let us know!

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Review of University of Louisville Baseball Game

PhotobucketAlways happy to find wholesome and affordable family fun, my family and I recently attended a free University of Louisville baseball game at Jim Patterson Stadium. They have various promotional themes and every Sunday home game is Dr. Bizer’s Vision World Family Fun Day. The web description reads that they feature inflatables, have select players signing autographs on the field, that kids can run the bases after the game, and they sell a special family meal deal, as well as other entertainment and activities. It was a gorgeous outside and we had the afternoon free, so we were happy to have a great day to go.

The baseball stadium is on the corner of 3rd and Central, just behind Papa John Cardinal Stadium. I was relieved that parking was available right next to the stadium since it was a Sunday. With no tickets or fees to worry about, we just strolled right in and purchased the family meal deal right away, also without any wait. For $20 we got four hot dogs, four 12oz. sodas, and a tub of popcorn- perfect for a small lunch and enough popcorn to snack on for a while. The drinks were small compared to the giant souvenir cups we saw, but it was just enough soda for us and we later rinsed them to refill with water.

I noted other prices were reasonable enough for a ball park too for pretzels, Cracker Jacks, candy and more. They have dollar hot dogs on Tuesdays and dollar soda and coffee on Fridays. We saw a separate concession stand offering personal sized Papa John pizzas and an ice cream stand.  We checked out the souvenir stand briefly too and prices seemed mostly comparable to what you’d expect at a ball park and not much more than in a specialty store.
We easily found four seats together not far from home plate with a great unobstructed view for my five year old. It was a nice sized crowd that had enough people to create a fun energy without feeling packed and the stadium had plenty of seats still available, even a few innings into the game. My son has been to one baseball game before so we knew he’d watch for a bit even after the food was gone, but then would want to get up to move around some. At the top of the fourth inning, he and I took a short walk around the concourse to the inflatable area behind first base.

PhotobucketWe could see from a distance that there were two inflatables and my son was excited to jump. He was a little disappointed when we got close up and saw they were not “jumpies” as the website described, but rather inflatable ball games. There was a little chaos about taking turns since no adult seemed to be manning the inflatables, but once he got a turn my son had fun using a whiffle bat to hit a plastic ball that was suspended on air, sort of like a tee ball. The other inflatable was a fast pitch game and he only tried it once before the line confusion started again. I suggested going to play on the cool looking playground rather than try to wait it out another time.

The playground behind third base (from Steepleton) was large, in good condition, and had plenty of ways to climb and move around. It is right next to a seating area, some of which is covered, so parents can monitor their kids while still enjoying the game. We noticed a concession stand nearby as well, which is also convenient for parents. The restrooms were a bit of a walk away at the front, so you might want to stop before heading out to the play area. We did and it was clean and well kept.

PhotobucketWe heard a couple of different family activities happening on or next to the field, like a children’s hula hoop contest and a quick Happy Birthday song to a fan. I was happy to see some other traditional ball park activities, like various fan contests, crowd clapping songs, and players being announced, as well as some free stuff, like peanuts, periodically being thrown into the crowd. While none of this was on the same scale as minor league games I’ve attended, it was still entertaining and engaging. The game moved slowly, even for baseball, so we ended up having to leave and did not get a chance to let our little guy run the bases at the end. I am sure it is a lot of fun for them to do that, so we’ll try again another time and allow more time to be there or maybe even arrive later since a whole game can be a lot for a five year old, even with a great playground to pass some time.

Overall, this was a great family activity. You can’t beat free and it is a perfect way to introduce young kids to baseball games. They can take a break by playing at the playground, and on Sundays, have fun with whatever inflatables are there. If they still cannot handle staying a whole game, you do not lose any money by heading out before it is over or coming late to begin with. Since the game begins at 1pm, you could easily eat lunch beforehand or just enjoy the flat price of the family meal deal. I can see the costs adding up quickly going a la carte or buying souvenirs, so you can make this a free, inexpensive, or big day out depending on your preference.

See the game by game promotions by clicking HERE.  All games this season are free, except the April 24th game vs. Kentucky, which is $10 reserved seating to accommodate the high demand. Parking at the Stadium is only allowed on Saturdays and Sundays, so see parking directions HERE if you go another day. Hope your family has as much fun as we did!

By guest contributor: Angela

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Parent's Night Out: Take the kids to My Gym & Eat out at Taco Punk!

PhotobucketPhotobucketAt My Gym in Louisville, you can drop your kids off for a Parent's Night Out 2 Fridays a month.  It is very reasonably priced ($25/$35/$40 for 1/2/3 kids 16mo to 8years) and they play and have dinner!  We dropped our kids off recently and they ran off and were thrilled to be there.  It started at 5pm.  Then, after running some errands (alone!), I picked my husband up and we headed to the Nulu area of Louisville and hit Taco Punk, a new quick-serve gourmet taco restaurant.

PhotobucketWe were able to park right off of Market and walk to Taco Punk. It was a nice evening and people were seated outside and inside. What's cool about this location is that it can be open air, so they had the front open.  It's casual without wait staff and we took a while to read the menu.  I chose the barbeercoa taco and the pineapple pork taco and got the beans on the side.  It also came with chips.  My husband got a chorizo taco and a barbeercoa taco with queso to go with his chips.  We chose simple toppings like cilantro , onions and jalepeno peppers. There are many options, some of which you pay extra for.  We both got a drink (mine was free from the text club I joined right then!) and it totally just over $20.  We used a Seize the Deal voucher!

PhotobucketThen, my favorite part, we went to the salsa bar. They had several unique salsas to choose from.  I got a small container or each. We sat and enjoyed our meal, fresh air, people walking by and everyone relaxing in this nice atmosphere. I did notice that they do have little buckets of flashcards and crayons for kids if you come with the family (kids eat free on Tuesdays)!  I liked my pineapple pork taco the best and I LOVED, LOVED the pineapple habenero salsa.  It was sweet with a kick, like nothing I have had.  I put some of the salsa verde on my bareercoa taco and my husband enjoyed his queso too!  It was really good food in a casual relaxed serve setting.

PhotobucketAfter the meal, we took a stroll around the East Market area and browsed in windows and saw some restaurants we want to try one our next date night.  Then, we had some time before we had to pick up the kids so we ran an errand and arrived at My Gym at around 8:30.   My kids were so happy and sweaty!  They gave us a full report of the pizza, juice, ball pits and climbing endeavors.  It was such an easy drop off and pick up, we will be taking them to My Gym again!


Monday, April 16, 2012

CONTESTS! TWO! Apassionata tickets and VIP Yanni tickets (Louisville Palace)

One for the family and one for a date night or night out with a friend!

Enter each contest separately please!

First, Apassionata at Freedom Hall!  Enter to win 4 tickets to your choice of matinee + $8 from LouFamFun.net to cover your parking.


Second, 2 VIP tickets to see Yanni at the Louisville Palace. Our good friends at the Louisville Palace want to hook you up with a fabuLOUs VIP experience and show. No matter your musical preference, this night will be awesome!  What's the VIP package, you ask??? Palace Box Seats (first row in the balcony) and, best seats in the house! VIP tickets also include access to the Marquee Lounge and private bar (no waiting in line!). Complimentary light fare and apps served in the Marquee Lounge throughout the show.  Sounds fabuLOUs to me.

Good luck!


Sunday, April 15, 2012

Review of the Rides/Attractions Package at the Louisville Zoo (Tram, Carousel, Dora & Diego 4-D Ride and Dinosaurs Alive)

PhotobucketI was so excited to see two new features come to the Louisville Zoo that I just knew my kids would enjoy.  They have always liked Dora and Diego and the love dinosaurs so I thought I would try the attraction package they have and make an entire day of it.  With my membership, it was $12.50 for each of us and it got us unlimited rides on the tram and carousel as well as admission to the dinosaur area and the Dora and Diego 4-D ride.

PhotobucketWe took the tram down to the dinosaur area (near the lower playground).  This exhibit run through July. You walk up the path and there is a docent that greeted the kids. She showed the kids some fossilized rocks and dinosaur bones and told them the history behind the pieces.  She was very enthusiastic and the kids listed to her and asked questions.  Then, we heard the roars for the dinosaurs that she just couldn't hold them back any more! My kids HAD to see those dinos!  You walk through a short pay in the woods and there are about a dozen dinosaurs.  They all move and make noise. In my opinion, they were not too loud. My kids are 5 and 3.5 and they were not afraid of them but there was another little boy we saw that was very afraid. So, it could go either way. That mom told me that her son loved that exhibit last year but this year, he's afraid.  Most of the kids were not afraid.

Photobucket        Photobucket        Photobucket

PhotobucketWe looked at all of the dinos and read some of the information about them.  Then, just on the last turn, there is a dino that sprays water and that did startle my daughter enough that she didn't want to walk next to it, so I picked her up and she was fine. The last set has a large T-Rex who has mauled a a Triceratops.  I thought it was a little graphic and they could have taught about the violent tendencies of these creatures in a more subtle way.  But, I explained to my children that some animals in our world have to be mean to other animals and attack them to survive and that dinosaurs were the same way.  My son yelled at the T-Rex "Mr. T-Rex, YOU ARE NOT BEING VERY NICE!"  So, I take it he got the message.

PhotobucketPhotobucket Then, we finished up with some playing in the small dino dig area.  It is not a large sand area, just a simple digging spot. And, there's a nice photo opp spot too.  We took a walk up to glacier run to see some animals and picnic by the sea lions.

PhotobucketPhotobucketWe rode the tram to the 4-D ride and only had to wait about 7 minutes to go on the new Dora and Diego ride/movie.  This was my children's first experience with 3-D glasses.  The show fits a small number of people and they move people in and out quickly.  It was less than 15minutes long but it was ADORABLE.  My kids absolutely loved it and I was squealing along with them.  The 4-D is so much fun with the chairs bumping when Diego lands from a jump, the wind blowing as you swing from vines and a surprise splash when you hit the ocean!  I will definitely be taking them to more 3-D movies now because their expressions and laughter was priceless.

PhotobucketThen, we walked over to the carousel and rode just about every animal on the carousel.  Since we had the unlimited pass, we just got on over and over and over. The kids were in heaven. Finally, we finished our day with visits by the giraffes, elephants and zebras and finished with some time at a playground and a tram ride back to the entrance.

For a special and full day at the zoo, the attractions package was worth it. We normally go to the Louisville Zoo for less than 3 hours at a time and roam around and play. But, with the special additions they have right now, it was nice to have an option to do all of them and save.