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Friday, June 29, 2012

Things to do this weekend in and around Louisville June 29,20 and July 1

Remember, these are just my quick picks for things to do this weekend, there are more options on our website calendar!!

Parklands at Floyds Fork movie was posted this week on their Facebook page.

Bass Pro shop free activities- details HERE

Also, some 4th of July events start this weekend, so check those out HERE

Have a great weekend!


Thursday, June 28, 2012

Fun 4th of July activities, games, crafts and treats

Independence Day is approaching and you may want to plan ahead for some really fun things to do with your  family and kids. If you are planning a party or back yard BBQ, here are some links to ideas that I found to make your 4th of July celebration really festive.  If you Google search for these, you'll find a ton of ideas, so I thought I would help you out by picking a few that are good for all ages and simple enough to pull together!

An American Flag relay race

Simple dot to dot printable

May your own patriotic pinwheel

Crazy Statue of Liberty crown

Crafty stars and stripes chair covers

Make patriotic cups for your guests

Spangles sandwich ice cream pops

Star watermelon pops

4th of July Fan

Coffee filter fireworks craft

Teens and tweens can make festive flip flops

Hands and feet flag

Festive bag clip favor for guests

Have a fabuLOUs 4th of July!  Don't forget our post about events to go to help celebrate!


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Review of Thurman-Hutchins Park

PhotobucketPhotobucketA couple of weeks ago a friend of mine and I were looking for a playground we had not taken our kids to yet and decided to check out Thurman-Hutchins Park at 3734 River Rd. near Indian Hills Trail. It is just across River Rd. from Carrie Gaulbert Cox Park, which is along the Ohio River, but always seems more active with families to me when I drive by and the grounds seem better kept too. We found it easily thanks to a large clearly marked sign and drove back towards the playground to park. We loved that we could park right next to and simply walk into the large mostly fenced play area.

PhotobucketPhotobucketTo one side are two play structures, one for younger kiddos and another larger one for the slightly older set, and a small spider web style structure. There is a great plank- like short bridge that connects to the other side, with just enough nature to spark some great imaginative play or you can just walk around and try your balance on the a giant rock and neat varied height large round wooden poles in the ground. To the other side are several unique things for different ages, like swings including ones for baby and those with special needs, balance beams, a bridge you can stand on and rock, and these really cool giant metal circles to hop through. It was great to have traditional equipment paired with these more interesting things to try.

PhotobucketPhotobucketThroughout the play areas are also several small mounds that look great play on, like pretending to be “King of the Hill,” and we noticed a dad and kid playing hide and seek in the small wooded areas to either side. There is so much to do, a ton of ways to get the creative juices flowing, and plenty of room to run and exercise!

There were several benches conveniently located throughout the whole area, and past the playground are wooden picnic tables and what looked from a distance to be a shelter with a grill or two. The restroom I looked at was a little unkempt, but there are more just a short walk across past the picnic tables and probably others. It would have done fine in a pinch though. There are two different height water fountains as well, just outside the restroom. We did spot a little excess pile up of trash, but it looked as if someone had recently enjoyed a large gathering and successfully put at least 95% of their trash in or near the cans, which is much better than having it all scattered about. I am sure it was schedule to be picked up soon.

PhotobucketWhile there we stumbled upon a fun tip. Our kids were trying to collect rocks and needed some sort of container. My smart friend dug in her mom bag and came up with a pair of socks. Our three kids then collected rocks for at least 20 or 30 minutes and only stopped because we said it was almost time to go and that they should bury their treasure. So if you need a little time to sit and chat, bring some old socks to your next playground adventure!

I loved the great balance of sun and a good amount of shade trees so the playground can be enjoyed in a variety of temperatures. It is pretty area too and the very slight buzz of interstate traffic did not take away from the great outdoorsy feel. The parking lot and several of the equipment seems wheelchair accessible and designed with that in mind. Within the park are ball fields to one side and soccer fields to the other, and then a long paved walking path through and in other parts of the park that I read is 0.9 mile. We did not walk over to it this visit, but I have my eye on the and small pond and bridge that look just perfect for photos. I have seen people fishing there with their kids too. Besides the terrific playgrounds, this would also be a great place for walks, with or without your dog, and bikes.

The Patriots Peace Memorial is nearby too, which I read honors members of our armed forces who have given their lives in the line of duty under conditions other than those of declared hostile action. I plan to allow more time next tip to we can visit that too. And we’re thinking of bringing the kids back with their bikes to get in even more fresh-air and exercise before sock rock collecting again!

By guest contributor: Angela

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Review of Papalino's Pizza

On a beautiful Sunday evening the family and I headed to Papalino's Pizza in the Highlands for dinner. I am from New York and hold very high expectations for "New York Style Pizza".

PhotobucketFirst, Papalino's is a pizzeria, not a sit down restaurant (just like NY good start!) I ordered a pizza, a salad, some garlic knots and a couple beers for my husband and I while my husband snagged a table outside on the sidewalk (The total was close to $30). There are 5-6 tables inside but it was steamy in there with the ovens and we enjoy people watching. They provide boosters and high chairs which made sitting with a 2 year old and a 9 month old easier.

PhotobucketWe got to enjoy our drinks and garlic knots until our pizza was ready, which took about 25 minutes. It was the best New York Style Pizza I've had outside of New York (though still not the same, something about that H20 in NYC), thin crust, a little bit greasy, the pepperoni and sausage on top was fabulous and the cheese was melted just like I remember. My 2 year old gave it two thumbs up and so did my husband. And, it was especially affordable with our Seize the Deal voucher!

947 Baxter Avenue Louisville, KY 40204 (502) 749-8525

By guest contributor: Tanya

Monday, June 25, 2012

CONTEST! Seussical the Musical from LouisvilleBestDeals.com


  LouisvilleBestDeals.com is a locally owned website and business that offers great deals throughout the year for fun events, shows and other businesses.  They are sponsoring this contest by offering a family 4 pack of tickets to the Seussical the Musical!! 


The shows are Thursday and Saturday evenings from July 5th through August 4th and you will be able to select your date (given time to send your tickets from their office!)  The shows are at the My Old Kentucky Home State Park Ampitheater, a nice drive from Louisville to the Bardstown area.  You can build in a great day trip before the show!  LouisvilleBestDeals.com sells discount tickets to these shows!!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Personal Opinion NEEDS KIDS!!

We need kids! 
Personal Opinion, a local marketing research group is holding focus groups for children ages 4-10 at their St. Matthews facility. Groups will be held throughout the day on Friday, June 29 and Saturday, June 30, as well as other dates in the future.  The kids get a toy and the moms may be compensated depending on the study. (note: a reader has reported that she called and was told it was only for boys.  I will email to check with them)

PhotobucketIt’s a fun way for kids to earn a great toy and help toy companies understand what kids want. Personal Opinion has been in business for over 50 years and has a great rating through the Better Business Bureau, so you can be assured your information will be kept confidential. Please call 502-899-2400 or e-mail personalopinion@personalopinion.com so your child can be scheduled for this fun and interesting group!

If you need more information about the company, please check out the Web site at: www.personalopinion.com 

 This is a paid advertisement

Saturday, June 23, 2012

WINNERS!!! Big Time Rush and Dinner Out at Old Spaghetti Factory


They are headed to 


 August 3 | 7:00pm Louisville, KY at the KFC Yum! Center

and will dine at the Old Spaghetti Factory and get free entrees!

Who is it???  
Each will get a pair of tickets and a pair of entrees.

Erin Nevitt  (woo hoo for a faithful reader!) 
and Sarah Strange (such a winner!)

email info@louisvillefamilyfun.net to claim

And, TUNE IN FRIDAY JUNE 29th between 8 and 8:30am to The Ramsey Brothers on Lite 106.9FM or stream online for your chance to win more tickets!

Help Upside Therapeutic Riding!!! Cars for Good!

Upside Therapeutic Riding, Inc.  is a FINALIST IN TOYOTA’S 2012 100 CARS FOR GOOD PROGRAM 

As you may know, Toyota is Donating 100 Cars to 100 Nonprofits in 100 Days

Louisville-based Upside Therapeutic Riding, Inc. has been selected as one of 500 nonprofit finalists in Toyota’s 100 Cars for Good program. Upside Therapeutic Riding, Inc. was selected as a finalist from more than 4,000 applications nationwide. They are the only non-profit from Louisville to be a finalist this year.

Each day, beginning back on May 14, 2012, 100 Cars for Good will profile five finalists at www.100carsforgood.com. Individual members of the public will be able to vote for which ever nonprofit they think can do the most good with a new vehicle. The nonprofit with the most votes at the end of each day will win one of six Toyota models.

Upside Therapeutic Riding, Inc. will be up for consideration on June 23rd from 10:00 a.m. EST to 11:59 p.m.  Let's help them!!!!

Upside Therapeutic Riding, Inc. provides physical, occupational and speech therapy services to special needs children using hippotherapy (the movement of the horse) as a treatment strategy. Upside currently provides services at the Louisville Equestrian Centerat 2612 South English Station Road. Upside owns their horses, horse trailer and equipment, but not a truck. Last year Upside lost one of their therapy horses, which had taken three years to acquire. He ingested an unknown toxic substance and had to wait five hours to be transported to an equine hospital. He might have been saved if he could have been transported sooner. It was a terrible tragedy

LouFamFun readers!!!  Let's support Upside Therapeutic Riding, Inc. and their quest for a new Toyota Tundra TODAY at www.100carsforgood.com

For more information on Upside Therapeutic Riding, Inc., please visit Upside Therapeutic Riding’s Facebook page at www.facebook.com/UpsideTherapeuticRiding


Friday, June 22, 2012

Things to do this weekend in and around Louisville June 22, 23, 24

WOW! It is HOT!  And, the AC just broke in my black car that has black interior!!!  We won't be riding around in that vehicle this weekend, for sure.  But, we will be getting out since,well, that's my job.  Here's some of my selections.

If you are looking to stay cool, on Friday night, how about a show at the Rauch Planetarium.  They have shows at 8pm, 9pm and late shows, so there's something for everyone but probably not for kids 3 and under, or even preschoolers. I definitely think tweens/teens would dig this.  Pricing info HERE.  They have Saturday & Sunday shows also, during the day!

If you want to beat the heat from the inside out, how about heading to Westport Village and grabbing some Comfy Cow ice cream and then hang out for their summer concert on Friday night that starts at 7pm.

Saturday, there's the Festival in the Upper Highlands on the Atherton high school lawn.  Here's the FLYER for all that will be there. It kicks off at 11am and runs through 4pm with all the usual fun and fabuLOUs festival stuff.   What pops out on the flyer to me is a lot of FREE FREE FREE!


Then, on Sunday, I highly recommend you find some water, you run to it, you dive in and you cool off.  Whether is be a local pool like the Oldham Aquatic Center or CLICK HERE for other options, Spraygrounds around town, a visit to Atlantis Water Park, a day trip to Deam Lake or good-old sitting in a baby pool in the yard - FIND WATER, DIVE IN!  Or, find water and dump it on your head.

Whatever you do, make it fabuLOUs for you and your family!


Thursday, June 21, 2012

5 Tips for Easy Car Shopping with Kids

For the parent with young children, car shopping can often be a difficult experience. Fortunately, there are ways to make it a pleasant outing. It all begins with a positive attitude and a plan.

1. Do Some Research
Hit the computer before you head out to the dealerships. This will eliminate time from being wasted, as you will have a better idea about preferences in terms of style, color, options and the like. This will also give you an opportunity to call the dealerships ahead of time and ask if they have a designated “kids area” with a TV and DVD’s to keep your little ones entertained during the administrative processes. If not, scratch them off your list. Online resources such as DealerRater exist to help consumers find reputable dealers and sales consultants. Use them!

2. Timing Is Critical
Both the parent and kids must be in a good mood, before heading out to the dealerships. If you have young children, go after nap time. No one enjoys shopping with a sleepy little one. If you and your child’s schedules simply won’t mesh, consider getting a babysitter so that you can test drive without worry.

3. Don’t Forget The Lovies
Bring your child’s favorite toy or blanky along to the dealership. This will keep them busy when observing body styles, interiors and having discussions with the salesperson.

4. Pack A Snack
Hungry kids are often cranky and crankiness could only lead to further frustration.

 5. Use Technology To Your Advantage
Consider bringing a portable DVD player and the kids' favorite movie, IPad or portable gaming devices just to keep the little ones entertained for a good amount of time.

The above tips will ensure a calmer car shopping experience. The benefit is a more focused and sharp consumer, which will help you choose the best vehicle for your family at the best possible price.

For the really busy parent, the Car Buying Concierge at the Honda Owner’s Club of Louisville offers many convenient online services such as online credit application approvals to vehicle demonstrations at your home or office.

PhotobucketBy guest contributor: Matt DiCapua

This is a sponsored informative post

Review of Texican's BBQ Pitt

PhotobucketWe recently went to Texican's BBQ Pitt for the first time. On our way in, one of the employees was walking out to add wood to the smoker that sits on the edge of the parking lot. My kids thought it was big excitement to watch him add the wood, and he told the kids about what he was doing and about the wonderful smell of cherry wood that adds such great flavor to their pork.

When we stepped inside, there was a counter with a menu overhead with options to order. I was debating between the pulled pork or the cherry ribs, so he offered a sample of the cherry ribs. It paid off, because the ribs and cherry sauce were so good, my husband and I both ordered the cherry rib meal. It was $9 for the ribs and 2 sides, plus we ordered a small fountain soda (the fountain machine is in the dinning room to allow for refills). I got potato salad and chips and my husband ordered the home style tators and cinnamon apples. The kids went with a hot dog and chips. Everything was absolutely delicious! We shared all of our sides because they were so good. I think the meal was pretty equivalent to a half rack of ribs, making it very reasonably priced (especially since we had a Seize the Deal voucher!)

PhotobucketI did feel like I could have eaten more, but only because everything was so good, not because I needed it. However, I may be returning on a Thursday for all you can eat cherry rib dinner with 2 sides and a drink for only $13! Texican's BBQ Pitt also has 2 high chairs and 2 booster chairs available, as well as a large table outside on the porch for your louder kids :) There are 3 kids meal options (BBQ sandwich, ribs or chicken) and kids (under 12) eat free on Mondays with an adult meal purchase! Texican's BBQ Pitt also offers family sized packs and catering. Texican's was cozy, delicious, and well priced. We will definitely be going back!

By guest contributor: Caryn

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Review of KaZoing Party & Play Mother's Day Out and Summer Camps

PhotobucketMany folks in Louisville know about KaZoing! Party & Play because of their fabuLOUs birthday parties.  Yes, they do host great parties but for my family, we love KaZoing! because it is my lifesaver of a place for dropping of my kids when I know I have so much work to do.  They have Mother's Day Out programs and Day Camp during the summer that you can use for one day or week here and there, it's totally flexible and it works really well for my family's schedule.

PhotobucketKaZoing! Party and Play is conveniently located on Chamberlain Lane right off the Gene Snyder at the Westport Rd. exit.  I schedule the kids online and pay online.  Then, when we arrive, they are expecting us and greet my kids by name. I pack a lunch for them and dress them in comfy clothes because the staff keeps the kids really active and they do crafts so I make sure they wear play clothes for painting and such.  I sign them in and the kids get their wristband with their names on them and we leave their shoes and lunches in the cart for the staff.  Kids should definitely wear socks.  Then, my kids run with so much excitement back with the staff member and I leave to get some work done!

There are staff members assigned to small groups of children. During the few hours they are there, they play games, bounce, do crafts, eat their lunch, take potty breaks and do some quieter play in the toy room.  Every time I pick up my kids they report on the staff member. They really like the girls that work there!  They also have a craft to take home and they have eaten most of their lunch. To me, this is important. Sometimes I have dropped my kids off places and their lunch comes back like they didn't even touch it. It seems that at KaZoing!, they are really attentive and my kids actually eat!  When I pick them up, I sign them out, the staff gets them from the back and the kids are always so sweaty and happy.

PhotobucketPhotobucket My kids call it "Bounce Bounce Camp" and always ask to go there.  This program (Mother's Day Out during the school year, day Camps during the summer) is perfect for a day to get things done with out the kids, appointments, errands etc.  It is affordable and they take kids walking and older; there's not a lot of places that do that.  Mother's Day Out is $20 for the first child and $10 for additional children and it's Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 10:30-1:30 and Wednesdays from 12:30-3:30.   Day camps are daily during the summer through August 17th. Kids can go full day ($40/day or $180/week) or half day (AM 9-1pm or PM 1-5pm $22/day or $90/week).

Give it a try and tell them I sent you!  Maybe we'll run into each other, seems I'm always there!


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Review of the new play area at the Summit Shopping Center

Photobucket       Photobucket        Photobucket

PhotobucketThe Summit shopping center mall in northeast Louisville recently added a new play area. It's located right behind the main Summit sign in the center shopping area. It's right by Qudoba, Starbucks, and 32 degrees frozen yogurt. There are tables with umbrellas in the area, and benches to sit on inside the play area. Most of the play area is covered, but some areas are in direct sunlight. It's definitely a younger kids' play area - the sign says 42" and under. It has a small slide and several small things to climb on. But it is a great location and will definitely make shopping with your younger kids easier!
By guest contributor: Caryn

Monday, June 18, 2012

CONTEST! Big Time Rush - Big Time Summer Tour 2012 at the KFC Yum! Center



 August 3 | 7:00pm Louisville, KY at the KFC Yum! Center

PhotobucketWe have MANY MANY tickets to giveaway.  This week, we are kicking off this fabuLOUs set of giveaways with an added bonus, dinner out at The Old Spaghetti Factory.  The entry form below is for a chance to win a pair of tickets to this show and two free entrees at The Old Spaghetti Factory in downtown Louisville. Dinner and a concert with your special tween/teen! We wrote a review about this restaurant, here's the link.

Good Luck!


Saturday, June 16, 2012

WINNER! Kentucky Renaissance Fair tickets from LouisvilleBestDeals.com


  LouisvilleBestDeals.com is a locally owned website and business that offers great deals throughout the year for fun events, shows and other businesses.  They sponsored our last contest by offering a family 4 pack of tickets to the Kentucky Renaissance Fair (2 adults, 2 children).   Note: children under 5 are free anyway!!

The fair has SIX THEMED WEEKENDS June 2nd - July 8th Rain or Shine 10am - 7pm in Eminence, KY - just 25 miles from east Louisville. You can purchase the fair tickets at a discount on LouisvilleBestDeals.com (they said there are limited children's tickets left!!!)

The winner of this week's contest is BILL HOUGHTON!  Email info@louisvillefamilyfun.net to claim your prize!

Review of Uptown Art Kids Camp (Summer camp)

Recently, I took my six yr old son to Uptown Art for a weekday Kids Camp. The program was scheduled to begin at 10 AM but the website said the doors opened at 9. We arrived at 9:40 and there were a few children there and others coming in. The space was large, colorfully decorated and organized. We were greeted promptly and I signed in while my son put on a painting shirt and wrote out his name tag. Then we grabbed a canvas and selected a stool near the front of the room. The rest of the kids trickled in (about 15 total) and camp began promptly at 10 AM.

PhotobucketThe scheduled activities included a special craft, a canvas painting and lunch. They began with the special craft which varies daily. On this day it was decorating an umbrella. The umbrella and all supplies were included in the cost. The first step was to open the umbrella. My son had a little trouble and one of the teachers promptly noticed and helped him. There were 2 teachers present and they seemed friendly and energetic.
I left when the decorating began.

Most of the other parents were already gone by then. The camp lasted until 2:30, so at 4.5 hrs, I’d call it a half-day. It allowed plenty of time for me to go home, complete few tasks and spend some one-on-one time with my younger child. When I arrived at 2:15 for pick up, all of the painting was complete and the mess was cleaned up. The kids were sitting at the tables drawing pictures. I was so excited to see my son’s “interpretation” of Kandinsky’s Circles!

Photobucket On the way home, my son filled me in on all the details. They decorated the umbrellas with paint, markers, glow-in-the-dark art daubers and jewels. Then they painted the sides and background of their canvas. They were introduced to the different sized brushes as “Big Daddy”, “Big Mama”, “Big Sister” and “Baby Brother”. Then they washed up and took a break for Papa John’s cheese pizza and soda/water. After lunch, they played a little game before heading back to the tables to paint their circles. This was his favorite part of the class because they got to mix colors. He was quizzing me about it on the way home, “Mom, what do you think you get if you mix red and white with a little dot of blue?” Clearly it was fun as well as educational!

PhotobucketPhotobucket His final verdict was that it he enjoyed the class and would love to go back. He did mention that he would like to bring a friend next time, as some of the other kids brought a friend, cousin or sibling. He also said that he got a little tired toward the end. The class is for ages 5 - 12, so he was towards the bottom of that range. From my point of view, it was a fabulous camp! The cost is $55 for 4.5 hrs of kid-free time. Plus my child got to make artwork for our wall and a special project. Not to mention the fact that he learned things and they fed him lunch. For more information, visit http://www.uptownart.com/ 

By guest contributor: Brandy

Friday, June 15, 2012

Things to do this weekend in and around Louisville June 15, 16, 17

Wow, here we are, the middle of June.  It's halfway through 2012!

Here are my picks for making your weekend fabuLOUs and guess what....everything I am listing is FREE!

FRIDAY: Check out a summer concert. There are a bunch of options. New Albany, Jeffersonville (2 options) and at Westport Village.  We have all of the details on our summer concert post!

SATURDAY: Had to the Creasey Mahan Nature Preserve for their Slithering Snake Saturday Open House that runs from 10am-2pm.  There's special demonstrations at 11 and 12:15.  Then Kids 12 and under can grab a FREE fountain beverage at Thornton's from 12-4pm on the way home!

SUNDAY: Don't ask me, ask Dad what he wants to do!


Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Anchor Mom - What is Claudia Coffey up to?

Claudia Coffey recently contacted me to do a piece on what it's like to be a professional mommy blogger and aired it on the WHAS11 News. While we were chatting, I welcomed her to write for LouisvilleFamilyFun.net because I have gotten to "know" her via twitter mostly and have seen that she does a lot for the community and during her busy life, her son is always her first priority.  I thought, wouldn't it be nice to have her perspective on LouisvilleFamilyFun.net.  Here's Claudia's first piece! - Stephanie

When Stephanie asked me to write a guest blog, I thought at first “What in the world do I have to share with readers?” Well, I love my son and all the fun and sometimes free things we get to do together. So why not give you a peek into our lives . And no it’s not that different from yours. Yes I’m on TV and people stop me in Walmart, Kroger and at gas stations. Please keep doing it, because I want to meet our viewers. What’s funny is that Jack is soooo over it. When people approach us, he usually interrupts and says stuff like,” I’m five and I’m cool,” Seriously. So, our life is a fun adventure but not too different from anyone else’s.

Photobucket From time to time I’ll pass along an idea, deal, event or place that we’ve tried and see if you like it as well. So here’s what we’re doing this weekend. Saturday June 16th , I will be at Mike Lennigs. Don’t they have the best fish? All day, they will have bands playing as part of their Music Fest. It’s also U of L day so wear your red. Go Cards! The event is free to public so stop by. I’ll be there at 6pm to talk about my fundraising campaign for the Kentuckiana Heart Walk. Jack is the face of this year’s campaign and we have set a lofty goal of raising $2,500. The walk itself is September 22. I’ll raffle off a gift package that will support our Heart Walk Team as well stick around to meet our viewers, sign some autographs and take pictures. Hope you can make it. To donate to the Heart walk or start your own fundraising team go to my website at Claudiacoffeyheartproject.org To find out more about the free entertainment all weekend at Mike Linnigs go to their website at http://www.mikelinnigsrestaurant.com/ Contact me anytime on facebook at facebook.com/missclaudiacoffey and twitter @cclaudiacoffey

By guest contributor: Claudia

Review of Rocksport

PhotobucketI have two very active boys, ages 3 and 5, and I’m always looking for new ways to burn off some of their energy. Recently someone suggested rock climbing, so we headed over to Rocksport on Plantside Drive to check it out.

 When we first arrived, I was delighted to see kids and teens of all ages working cooperatively together and encouraging each other in the climbing facility. There was another family there with kids the same age as mine who were all taking turns climbing all the way to the top without struggle. There is no age limit, as the website says; you must only have the desire to reach the top.

My kids had a blast. Each time they attempted to climb they made it a little bit higher. They really enjoyed trying different walls, and my oldest was ecstatic when we allowed him to try the bouldering wall. Even my husband got to take a few turns, and he made it all the way to the top three times even though he hasn’t climbed in 15 years. Rock climbing is a great team-building and confidence-building sport, which makes it great for families. It’s also great exercise- you can burn over 700 calories per hour rock climbing!

PhotobucketPhotobucketThere are certain requirements for climbing. First, be prepared to belay for your child. You must be at least 16 to belay and you must complete a yearly course on belaying techniques. The refresher course takes about 20 minutes and costs approximately $15. Anyone can climb with the proper equipment. Wear comfortable clothes and well-fitting athletic shoes, or you can rent special climbing shoes for $5. You can rent harnesses for $3 and a day pass is $12. Memberships are available. Download the waiver from their website before you go to save some time once you get there: www.climbrocksport.com .

 Rocksport offers many classes and services, from summer camp to birthday parties to mobile wall rental. The facility is open Monday-Friday 3-10 pm, Saturday 12-10 pm, and Sunday 12-8 pm. They are located at 10901 Plantside Drive Louisville KY 40299 Phone: 502-266-5833.

By guest contributor: Maggie

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Review of Menchie's St. Matthews

PhotobucketIf you are a regular reader of this website, you know that I am on a tour de froyo.  Slowly but surely, my kids and I are hitting all of the frozen yogurt spots and reporting on them.  Menchie's in Shelbyville Rd. Plaza in St. Matthews was one of those recent stops.  We went there on a day when they had some special programming (found that on their Facebook page) and had a really nice time.

The floor plan of the shop was simple but flows really well. It is circular and it kept my kids moving along the build-your-froyo path.  We picked up our cups on the right  (they also have waffle bowls!) and we each chose our flavors. We went with some standard favorites of vanilla and chocolate. They had a flavor for everyone, I think I counted 12.

PhotobucketPhotobucket Then, it was on to the toppings. They have toppings in covered containers with scoops and then some buffet style that needed to be chilled like fruits or special chocolate candies.  Finally, you can top it with whipped cream or chocolate sauce and more.  You return back to the central counter to weigh and pay.  The staff was friendly and offered a fold-able cardboard car to each of my kids. We also picked out our cute spoons. I know, silly to get all excited about spoons but I have to say, they are some darn cute spoons with their little Menchie character on them.  It's 44cents and ounce and $1 for a waffle bowl.  We were modest with our portions and spent around $8 for the three of us.  Like other places, it can get pricey fast but I just let my kids pick 3 toppings and I regulate how much frozen yogurt they pump into their cup.

PhotobucketPhotobucket They have seating outside and inside. It was quite warm that day, so we stayed inside.  The kids assembled their cars and ate their frozen yogurt.  I thought this frozen yogurt was particularly creamy and smooth. It didn't seem to melt as fast as others and I think that helps to measure how nice and thick it is!  We are every last bit and then the kids did some coloring on the chalk board and we headed outside where they were giving kids free t-shirts to decorate with fabric markers.  Usually, when we stop for frozen yogurt, my son finishes before my daughter and he gets anxious waiting for her and causes trouble! We didn't have that problem at Menchie's because he played with his new cardboard card and drew on the chalk board!

It was great to see a shop doing something different and offering a family friendly activity for their patrons. All of the kids were loving coloring the shirts.  I would definitely go back to this frozen yogurt shop, especially if they had another craft!

They post promos on their Facebook page too, free waffle bowl days, double reward points (they have a reward card) etc. And, they are opening another shop on Chamberlain Lane near the Moe's just off of the Gene Snyder at Brownsboro Rd.


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Printable Grocery Store - Supermarket Bingo

I just got back from a trip and we had a travel bingo game for the kids and they really loved it. It occupied them for a long time and they were so excited to spot the things on the game board.  I thought, why can't I adapt this to other things?  THE GROCERY STORE!  I need them to stay out of trouble and let me shop.  I made a grocery store bingo game and I thought I would share it with you so you can try it out.

There are four boards, all with the same photos, that are all jumbled up. Print them and give them the papers on clip boards with a pen, crayon, market etc.  Each time you go to the store they can play!  You can make it a competition or you can say everyone gets a reward if they get a row. With my kids, they just like to find all of them and they simply get a lollipop for a job well done.  It can evolve as they get older.

If you don't want to print it every time, you can put the paper in a plastic sleeve and clip that to the clip board and they can use a dry erase marker.

You can adapt this for older children by having them create game boards for each other before the grocery trip. They can create bigger ones, draw in the images or use the computer even specify brands or flavors.

Mix it up by entering the grocery store on a different side each time or starting in different aisles.

Here's a sample image!

You can print all of the boards!

Family Fun can happen in the most unlikely places!


Monday, June 11, 2012

CONTEST! Family 4 pack of tickets to the Kentucky Renaissance Fair


  LouisvilleBestDeals.com is a locally owned website and business that offers great deals throughout the year for fun events, shows and other businesses.  They are sponsoring this contest by offering a family 4 pack of tickets to the Kentucky Renaissance Fair (2 adults, 2 children).   Note: children under 5 are free anyway!!

The fair has SIX THEMED WEEKENDS June 2nd - July 8th Rain or Shine 10am - 7pm in Eminence, KY - just 25 miles from east Louisville. You can purchase the fair tickets at a discount on LouisvilleBestDeals.com (they said there are limited children's tickets left!!!)