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Friday, January 4, 2013

Things to do this weekend around Louisville - January 4,5,6

Well HELLO January... nice to see you.  I like a New Year, new motivations to get you enthused about something (even if temporary).  Do you have some family entertainment goals for the year?  Maybe a new family-friendly restaurant to try, a trip you want to plan or new parks to explore?  If you haven't made a little list of places to check out, go for it!

As for this weekend, let me just say....January isssss aaaaa slooooooooooooooooooooow month.  Not that there's nothing to do, but it's just probably the most difficult month to find something different to do.  Let's go back to some basics.

Home Depot has kids workshops of the first Saturday of each month.  What do you know? That's THIS Saturday.  Kids can make a bird house - the birdies must be cold, they need houses.  It's a drop-in workshop from 9am-noon and recommended for kids 5-12, it's free.  Mmmmmm, freeeeee :)

Puppets. Puppets are cool and classic and great for old socks.  But, there's some folks that take it a step further and they have a show this weekend.  The Squallis Puppeteers have a monthly show that's public and it's this Saturday. Lucky you.  It's not "mmmmm, freeeee, yummmy freeeee" - but it's "WOW! I love to support great local arts organizations!"  Details HERE

What about the Library?  We love a good outing to the library.  Endless books to bring home or read together when you are there.  A movie to snag and watch together at home.  All for the whopping price of NOTHING.  Be adventurous.  Try a new library.  You have a card (or you should!) for ALL of the libraries in town so try a different one.  I feel like the library is a place where I don't have to say no as much. When we run errands and I hear "Mom, can I get this?" a thousand times - that equates to me saying "NO!" a million times.  At the library, it's "Sure! That's a great find" and it's really enjoyable.

Have a fabuLOUs weekend

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♥LandOfLaLa♥ said...

Thanks for the tips, I had no idea Home Depot had that!