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Thursday, August 29, 2013

LouFamFun $10 Challenge - August

I love a good challenge, so when I was asked to have some fun for the August $10 challenge, I wanted to look around for a fun and unique time for my two boys and I before we hit the back to school routine. I decided to try and stretch my newfound funds for as many days of fun as I could. Since we love to be outside, our first stop was a picnic from home and a fun time hiking trails at Bernheim Arboretum and Research Forest. We loaded in the car early, slathered on the sunscreen and bug spray and had a great time walking the two ponds loop. We saw lots of geese, turtles, and fish, as well as the awesome trees and plants that make Bernheim such a cool place to be year round. We walked, we played, and by the time we were headed to the car to dodge a pop up shower, both boys were worn out! To me one of the best parts was that admission to the Arboretum is free from Monday through Friday- so we still had our $10 intact for more fun! Admission is only $5 per carload on weekends and holidays.

 photo Science1_zpsff65c311.jpgThe next idea was sort of an “Oh no! It’s raining!” kind of twist. We’ve all been there- you think you can have a somewhat normal schedule to your day, but before long everyone was climbing the walls! So, I went for a kind of “home chemistry, Pinterest idea, good clean fun” kind of approach. I broke out all of the kitchen staples in the pantry and we tried our hand at as many “homemade” fun things as we could!

We did color exploration with food color and water (“Red and Blue make purple, mommy!”) We made our own super bubble solution and tried out variations to make sure it was THE BEST! We made the well-loved “cornstartch and water oobleck” to play with, and my new purchase to add to the fun was some Borax (around $3 for a big box) for some fun with polymers in the kitchen. We made our own slime, and bouncy balls. (The bouncy balls were kind of a flop for us, but maybe you will have better luck!)

 photo Science2_zpsbadd591e.jpg Last but not least, we mixed together baking soda and vinegar for some foamy fun. We did that a lot. There are a lot of sites out there with great recipes, so if you can’t remember just how to make the PERFECT kitchen volcano, it is easy to find.  We used a lot of sites from http://chemistry.about.com. We also made some paper airplanes, and raced them down the stairs. With the remainder of the money, we made my oldest boy’s day.

My 4 year old son loves planes and rockets, and all things that even resemble them. So the next day when he saw that we were headed to the hobby store, he was beside himself. We went inside and bought something that was a blast from my past, but especially my husband’s past. We found a small water rocket for just over $5. This is the kind that you fill with water, pump up by hand to build pressure, and then “let her rip!” Full of giggles, we picked up my husband and headed to the Douglass Hills neighborhood park to have some fun. 

 photo explorerLane_zps2388da69.jpgWe chose this place, since they have a great water fountain and pump that ended up working very well with the water rocket, and more importantly, open spaces. We spent almost 2 hours giggling and chasing, and making memories.

What fun!  We decided as a family that the remainder of the challenge money change should go in a donation center for Children’s Miracle Network, and Kosair Children’s Hospital. Thank you, Louisville Family Fun! Have fun getting out there and making your own discoveries and memories with those you love!

By guest contributor: Jackie

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