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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

LouFamFun $10 Challenge - October

One weekend in late September, my roommate from college and her 2 year old son were coming into town.  We both LOVE Fall and thought our children’s age was perfect for introducing them to all the things we love about the season.

 photo ghostpancakes_zpscaf98908.jpgWe started our day with our first Halloween fun – ghost pancakes! It was so simple, yet so cute!  This link has lots of ghost ideas, with the pancakes on it.  COST: $0.50

Then we began our day by going to the Kentucky Science Center because it was National Museum Day.  How can you turn down the opportunity to get into the science center for free?  COST: $0

 photo moonsand_zpsea011a2a.jpgWe headed home for lunch and naptime, and after naps, it was time to celebrate the beginning of Fall!  The first thing we did was make pumpkin moon sand. We had never made it before and it was really fun!  We got a big bag of sand at home depot, with enough to make moon sand a lot! We let the kids help us stir and make it and then we took it outside since it was such a beautiful day. We added spoons and other utensils to help them play with it.  COST: $1.00

Next was probably the hit of the day! We carved pumpkin faces into sweet potatoes (they just happened to be cheaper than regular potatoes when we were buying them). We got out big pieces of paper and orange paint on a plate.  The only thing we had to buy was the potato! If you didn’t have orange paint around the house, you could pick up a cheap tube at Walmart for about a dollar. We got the idea here 
 photo potatopainting2_zpscdde40fb.jpgCOST:  $0.42
 photo leaves_zps80815fdc.jpg
The last craft of the day was making stained glass leaves. It was pretty easy and really cheap. Again, we had a lot of the things we needed to make it already. We just had to buy some good tissue paper and more glue.  COST: $1.33
 photo mummydogs_zps6c794ac8.jpg
It was then time for dinner. We thought we’d kick off the fall season with a Halloween dinner! We made mummy hotdogs, macaroni and cheese, carrots, and oranges (all orange!). For dessert, we had orange flavored Jello pumpkins (got the pumpkin mold on sale at Kroger for 97 cents!).  COST: $5.50 for dinner for 2 toddlers and 3 adults, plus leftovers and a pumpkin mold!

We had a fantastic fall day! We figured the little bit of money we had left over would account for all the little things we used from around the house. There were so many things that we really wanted to do, but ran out of time (and money). If you want some other fall crafts to do, here are some ideas.

Lots of fun ideas for toddlers

By guest contributor: Lauren

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